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Data from: The genetic architecture of freezing tolerance varies across the range of Arabidopsis thaliana

Matthew W. Horton, Glenda Willems, Eriko Sasaki, Maarten Koornneef & Magnus Nordborg
The capacity to tolerate freezing temperatures limits the geographical distribution of many plants, including several species of agricultural importance. However, the genes involved in freezing tolerance remain largely unknown. Here, we describe the variation in constitutive freezing tolerance that occurs among worldwide accessions of Arabidopsis thaliana. We found that although plants from high latitudes tend to be more freezing tolerant than plants from low latitudes, the environmental factors that shape cold adaptation differ across the...

Data from: Rapid and inexpensive whole-genome genotyping-by-sequencing for crossover localization and fine-scale genetic mapping.

Beth A. Rowan, Vipul Patel, Detlef Weigel & Korbinian Schneeberger
The reshuffling of existing genetic variation during meiosis is important both during evolution and in breeding. The reassortment of genetic variants relies on the formation of crossovers (COs) between homologous chromosomes. The pattern of genome-wide CO distributions can be rapidly and precisely established by the short-read sequencing of individuals from F2 populations, which in turn are useful for quantitative trait locus (QTL) mapping. Although sequencing costs have decreased precipitously in recent years, the costs of...

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  • 2016

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  • Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research
  • Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology
  • University of Zurich
  • Austrian Academy of Sciences
  • University of Southern California