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Data from: Flexibility of fetal tolerance: Immune function during pregnancy varies between ecologically distinct populations

Carmen Hové, Benjamin Trumble, Amy Anderson, Jonathan Stieglitz, Hillard Kaplan, Michael Gurven & Aaron Blackwell
Background and objectives: Among placental mammals, females undergo immunological shifts during pregnancy to accommodate the fetus (i.e. fetal tolerance). Fetal tolerance has primarily been characterized within post-industrial populations experiencing evolutionarily novel conditions (e.g. reduced pathogen exposure), which may shape maternal response to fetal antigens. This study investigates how ecological conditions affect maternal immune status during pregnancy by comparing the direction and magnitude of immunological changes associated with each trimester among the Tsimane (a subsistence population...

Effects of natal habitat preference induction on juvenile loon movements

Brian Hoover
NHPI develops in natural systems. Here, we tested for NHPI in juvenile common loons (Gavia immer) that foraged on lakes in the vicinity of their natal lake after fledging. Juveniles visited lakes similar in pH to their natal lakes, and this significant effect persisted after controlling for spatial autocorrelation. On the other hand, juveniles showed no preference for foraging lakes of similar size to their natal one. When lakes were assigned to discrete classes based...

Loon Project Database

Walter Piper
Data collected since 1993 in Oneida County, Wisconsin, on the breeding and territorial behavior of the common loon, Gavia immer. This study population is marked with USGS metal bands and colored leg bands for individual identification. It includes many individuals banded as chicks, whose life histories are known thoroughly. Data are collected from April through August of most years on this migratory species. Data are in the form of a MS-Access file, with many individual...

Data from: Mother's social status is associated with child health in a horticulturalist population

Sarah Alami, Christopher Von Rueden, Edmond Seabright, Thomas S. Kraft, Aaron D. Blackwell, Jonathan Stieglitz, Hillard Kaplan & Michael Gurven
High social status is often associated with greater mating opportunities and fertility for men, but do women also obtain fitness benefits of high status? Greater resource access and child survivorship may be principal pathways through which social status increases women’s fitness. Here we examine whether peer-rankings of women’s social status (indicated by political influence, project leadership and respect) positively covaries with child nutritional status and health in a community of Amazonian horticulturalists. We find that...

Tsimane physiological dysregulation data

Thomas Kraft, Jonathan Stieglitz, Benjamin Trumble, Angela Garcia, Hillard Kaplan & Michael Gurven
Humans have the longest post-reproductive lifespans and lowest rates of actuarial aging among primates. Understanding the links between slow actuarial aging and physiological change is critical for improving the human “healthspan”. Physiological dysregulation may be a key feature of aging in industrialized populations with high burdens of chronic “diseases of civilization”, but little is known about age trajectories of physiological condition in subsistence populations with limited access to public health infrastructure. To better characterize human...

Spatio-temporal persistence of zooplankton communities in the Gulf of Alaska

Brian Hoover & Marisol Garcia-Reyes
Spatial structuring of mid-trophic level forage communities in the Gulf of Alaska (GoA) is poorly understood, even though it has clear implications for the health of fisheries and marine wildlife populations. Here, we test the hypothesis that summertime (May-August) mesozooplankton communities are spatially-persistent across years of varying ocean conditions, including during the marine heatwave of 2014-2016. We use spatial ordinations and hierarchical clustering of Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) sampling over 17 years (2000-2016) to (1)...

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