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How to make a little worm pump like a big worm

Georg von Samson-Himmelstjerna, Alexander P. Gerhard, Jürgen Krücken, Claude Charvet & cedric neveu

A reversal in sensory processing accompanies ongoing ecological divergence and speciation in Rhagoletis pomonella

Cheyenne Tait, Hinal Kharva, Marco Schubert, Daniel Kritsch, Andy Sombke, Jürgen Rybak, Jeffrey Feder & Shannon Olsson
Changes in behavior often drive rapid adaptive evolution and speciation. However, the mechanistic basis for behavioral shifts is largely unknown. The tephritid fruit fly Rhagoletis pomonella is an example of ecological specialization and speciation in action via a recent host plant shift from hawthorn to apple. These flies primarily utilize specific odors to locate fruit, and because they mate only on or near host fruit, changes in odor preference for apples versus hawthorns translate directly...

Zum Aufstieg des autoritären Populismus. Michael Zürn im Gespräch mit Bernhard Zangl

Michael Zürn
Autoritär-populistische Parteien haben in fast allen liberalen Demokratien in Westeuropa ein Wählerpotential von ca. 20 Prozent der Stimmen. Viel wichtiger noch: Ein erheblicher Anteil der Weltbevölkerung wird von autoritären Populisten regiert. Die bekanntesten Namen sind Bolsonaro, Modi, Erdogan, Orban, Kaczyński, Maduro, Putin und bis vor Kurzem allen voran Trump. Das sind fast alles große Länder, was den autoritären Populismus so wirkmächtig für die internationale Ordnung macht. Der autoritäre Populismus hat sich in relativ kurzer Zeit...

Intravital quantification reveals dynamic calcium concentration changes across B cell differentiation stages

Carolin Ulbricht, Ruth Leben, Asylkhan Rakhymzhan, Frank Kirchhoff, Lars Nitschke, Helena Radbruch, Raluca Niesner & Anja Hauser
Calcium is a universal second messenger present in all eukaryotic cells. The mobilization and storage of Ca2+ ions drives a number of signaling-related processes, stress-responses or metabolic changes, all of which are relevant for the development of immune cells and their adaption to pathogens. Here, we introduce the FRET-reporter mouse YellowCaB expressing the genetically encoded calcium indicator TN-XXL in B lymphocytes. Calcium-induced conformation change of TN-XXL results in FRET-donor quenching measurable by two-photon fluorescence lifetime...

Global change shifts trade-offs among ecosystem functions in woodlands restored for multifunctionality

Sebastian Fiedler, José Monteiro, Kristin Hulvey, Rachel Standish, Michael Perring & Britta Tietjen
1. Ecological restoration increasingly aims at improving ecosystem multifunctionality and making landscapes resilient to future threats, especially in biodiversity hotspots such as Mediterranean-type ecosystems. Plants and their traits play a major role in the functioning of an ecosystem. Therefore, successful restoration towards long-term multifunctionality requires a fundamental mechanistic understanding of this link under changing climate. An integrated approach of empirical research and simulation modelling with a focus on plant traits can allow this understanding. 2....

Data from: Spatial and topical imbalances in biodiversity research

Laura Tydecks, Jonathan Jeschke, Max Wolf, Gabriel Singer, Klement Tockner & Jonathan M. Jeschke
The rapid erosion of biodiversity is among the biggest challenges human society is facing. Concurrently, major efforts are in place to quantify changes in biodiversity, to understand the consequences for ecosystem functioning and human wellbeing, and to develop sustainable management strategies. Based on comprehensive bibliometric analyses covering 134,321 publications, we report systematic spatial biases in biodiversity-related research. Research is dominated by wealthy countries, while major research deficits occur in regions with disproportionately high biodiversity as...

Large-scale drivers of relationships between soil microbial properties and organic carbon across Europe

Linnea C Smith, Alberto Orgiazzi, Nico Eisenhauer, Simone Cesarz, Alfred Lochner, Arwyn Jones, Felipe Bastida, Guillaume Patoine, Thomas Reitz, François Buscot, Matthias Rillig, Anna Heintz-Buschart, Anika Lehmann & Carlos Guerra
The aim of this study was to quantify direct and indirect relationships between soil microbial community properties (potential basal respiration, microbial biomass) and abiotic factors (soil, climate) in three major land-cover types. Location: Europe Time period: 2018 Major taxa studied: Microbial community (fungi and bacteria) We collected 881 soil samples from across Europe in the framework of the Land Use/Land Cover Area Frame Survey (LUCAS). We measured potential soil basal respiration at 20ºC and microbial...

Evidence for reduced immune gene diversity and activity during the evolution of termites

Shulin He, Thorben Sieksmeyer, Yanli Che, M. Alejandra Esparza Mora, Ronald Banasiak, Mark C. Harrison, Petr Stiblik, Šobotník Jan, Zongqing Wang, Paul Johnston, Dino P. McMahon, Jan Šobotník & Paul R. Johnston
This dataset contains data from a termite immunity related study described in the paper: “He Shulin, Sieksmeyer Thorben, Che Yanli, Mora M. Alejandra Esparza, Stiblik Petr, Banasiak Ronald, Harrison Mark C., Šobotník Jan, Wang Zongqing, Johnston Paul R. and McMahon Dino P. 2021Evidence for reduced immune gene diversity and activity during the evolution of termitesProc. R. Soc. B.288:20203168.http://doi.org/10.1098/rspb.2020.3168”. The study investigates the evolution of termite molecular immune system: evolution of immune gene family along a...

Data from: Expanding the toolbox of nutrient limitation studies: novel method of soil microbial in-growth bags to evaluate nutrient demands in tropical forests

Tessa Camenzind, Stefan Scheu & Matthias C. Rillig
1.Ecosystem processes and the organisms involved are generally limited by the availability of one or more element in soil, an important phenomenon to consider for our understanding of ecosystem functioning and future changes. Especially in tropical forests, typically growing on nutrient depleted soils, nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) or other limitations are assumed. However, large‐scale nutrient manipulation experiments revealed complex site‐specific patterns and several authors raised the need for novel approaches to reveal deeper mechanistic insights...

Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung. Ein einleitender Gastbeitrag von Gerhard de Haan

Gerhard de Haan
Nationaler Bildungsbericht Luxemburg 2021

Phenomenoconnectomics and the Neural Correlates of Altered Consciousness. An interview with Timo Torsten Schmidt by George Fejer

Timo Torsten Schmidt & George Fejer
In this interview, Timo Torsten Schmidt provides details about his efforts to compile a comprehensive database of all psychometric measures gathered from controlled experiments investigating altered states of consciousness induced by pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods. He also introduces the paradigm of Phenomenoconnectomics which aims to systematically investigate the phenomenology and functional connectivity of altered states of consciousness to identify commonalities and differences, to ultimately identify the necessary neuronal correlates of specific experiences as they occur...

Multidimensional Measurement of Mobile Media Use

Roland Toth
Just like all types of media use, mobile media use is usually measured using retrospective, self-reported indications of quantity in the form of duration and frequency. This is not only problematic due to the fact that people misjudge their own use to a great extent, but also because theoretical approaches predominantly suggest that mere contact is not sufficient for the description of media use. This especially holds for mobile media use, as specific contact episodes...

On Engagement: A Postscript on Critical Practice in Times of Crisis

Sonja Pyykkö

Timing of sediment aggradation and settlement dynamics in the Pergamon micro-region (SedSetPerg)

Fabian Becker, Felix Pirson & Bernhard Ludwig
Simulated ages of sediment layers (sediment aggradation) and chronology (periods) of archaeological finds from the Western Lower Bakırçay Plain and the surrounding mountains, Pergamon micro-region, Turkey.

LI@Geo.X – A Laboratory Infrastructure Search Portal for the Geo.X Network

Manja Luzi-Helbing , Christopher Hamann , Kirsten Elger , Damian Ulbricht , Florian Ott , Marc Hanisch , Nils Brinckmann , Hannes Fuchs , Hildegard Gödde , Roland Bertelmann & Lutz Hecht
Geo.X is the research network for geosciences in the Berlin and Potsdam metropolitan region and integrates five universities and six extramural research institutions. Our partners are committed to a FAIR and sustainable handling of research data and infrastructures. For this purpose, we established a search portal for the geoscientific laboratory infrastructure and related research data of the network partners (LI@Geo.X). The portal aims to increase the visibility and accessibility of the partner institutions’ infrastructures, data,...

Von wandernden Objekten. Anmerkungen zum Inventarium (1628) der Reißkammer Landgraf Philipps III. von Hessen-Butzbach

Sebastian Fitzner
Einen spannenden und aufschlussreichen Einblick in das Sammeln und Zirkulieren von Objekten gibt das handschriftliche Inventarium der Reißkammer von Landgraf Philipp III. von Hessen-Butzbach (1581–1643). Nicht nur werden in dem schmalen Bändchen Bücher, Modelle, Grafiken und Instrumente gelistet, sondern diese vielfach annotiert. Anhand der Beischriften lassen sich Ein- und Ausgänge von Objekten aus der Sammlung erschließen und wird eine vielfältige fürstliche Gabenkultur greifbar. Zudem lässt sich ein bislang nur wenig beachteter wie bekannter Sammlungs- und...

A global rate of denudation from cosmogenic nuclides in the Earth’s largest rivers

Hella Wittmann , Marcus Oelze , Jerome Gaillardet , Eduardo Garzanti & Friedhelm von Blanckenburg
Cosmogenic nuclide analysis in sediment from the Earth’s largest rivers yields mean denudation rates of the sediment-producing areas that average out local variations commonly found in small rivers. Using this approach, we measured in situ cosmogenic 26Al and 10Be in sand of >50 large rivers over a range of climatic and tectonic regimes covering 32% of the Earth’s terrestrial surface. In 35% of the analyzed rivers, 26Al/10Be ratios are significantly lower than these nuclides´ surface-production-rate...

Impact of asylum interviews on the mental health of traumatized asylum seekers

Katrin Schock, Rita Rosner & Christine Knaevelsrud
Asylum interviews within the asylum procedure are associated with psychological stress for traumatized asylum seekers. This study investigates the impact of asylum interviews on the mental health in a sample of 40 traumatized asylum seekers. The comparison group consisted of refugees (N=10) that had not been invited to an asylum interview. Additionally, the moderating effects of trial-related variables such as perceived justice of the trial, stress of giving testimony, and stress of waiting for the...

Additional file 1 of Timing matters: age-dependent impacts of the social environment and host selection on the avian gut microbiota

Öncü Maraci, Anna Antonatou-Papaioannou, Sebastian Jünemann, Kathrin Engel, Omar Castillo-Gutiérrez, Tobias Busche, Jörn Kalinowski & Barbara A. Caspers
Additional file 1. Sample numbers used in the study.

Additional file 2 of Timing matters: age-dependent impacts of the social environment and host selection on the avian gut microbiota

Öncü Maraci, Anna Antonatou-Papaioannou, Sebastian Jünemann, Kathrin Engel, Omar Castillo-Gutiérrez, Tobias Busche, Jörn Kalinowski & Barbara A. Caspers
Additional file 2. LMM investigating alpha diversity in zebra finches across ontogenetic stages. P-values ≤ 0.05 are shown in bold.

The dissociative subtype of PTSD in trauma-exposed individuals: a latent class analysis and examination of clinical covariates

Aljosha Deen, Sarah V. Biedermann, Annett Lotzin, Antje Krüger-Gottschalk, Anne Dyer, Christine Knaevelsrud, Heinrich Rau, Julia Schellong, Thomas Ehring & Ingo Schäfer
A dissociative subtype of posttraumatic stress disorder (D-PTSD) was introduced into the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) but latent profiles and clinical correlates of D-PTSD remain controversial. The aims of our study were to identify subgroups of individuals with distinct patterns of PTSD symptoms, including dissociative symptoms, by means of latent class analyses (LCA), to compare these results with the categorization of D-PTSD vs. PTSD without dissociative features...

Re-evaluation of Cerebropollenites thiergartii Eberh.Schulz 1967 and related taxa: priority of Sciadopityspollenites and nomenclatural novelties

Julia Gravendyck, Clément Coiffard, Julien B. Bachelier & Wolfram Kürschner
The important marker species for the base of the Jurassic, Cerebropollenites thiergartii, occurs contemporaneously with at least nine related taxa. However, their distinction is difficult and has been confused in the past. In addition, a long history of numerous recombinations with different genus names (e.g. Tsugaepollenites and Sciadopityspollenites), and inconsistent classifications or synonymisations, further complicate the taxonomic framework of Cerebropollenites thiergartii. A comprehensive study of these ten taxa, summarising their crucial distinctive characteristics and potential...

Supplemental Material - Do narcissistic admiration and rivalry matter for the mental health of romantic partners? Insights from actor-partner interdependence models

Leopold Maria Lautenbacher, Michael Eid & David Richter
Supplemental Material for Do narcissistic admiration and rivalry matter for the mental health of romantic partners? Insights from actor-partner interdependence models by Leopold Maria Lautenbacher, Michael Eid, and David Richter in Journal of Social and Personal Relationships

Disentangling Different Aspects of Change in Tests with the D-Diffusion Model

Jochen Ranger, Anett Wolgast, Sören Much, Augustin Mutak, Robert Krause & Steffi Pohl
Diffusion-based item response theory models are measurement models that link parameters of the diffusion model (drift rate, boundary separation) to latent traits of test takers. Similar to standard latent trait models, they assume the invariance of the test takers’ latent traits during a test. Previous research, however, suggests that traits change as test takers learn or decrease their effort. In this paper, we combine the diffusion-based item response theory model with a latent growth curve...

MEDICC2: whole-genome doubling aware copy-number phylogenies for cancer evolution.

Tom L Kaufmann, Marina Petkovic, Thomas BK Watkins, Emma C Colliver, Sofya Laskina, Nisha Thapa, Darlan C Minussi, Nicholas Navin, Charles Swanton, Peter Van Loo, Kerstin Haase, Maxime Tarabichi & Roland F Schwarz
Aneuploidy, chromosomal instability, somatic copy-number alterations, and whole-genome doubling (WGD) play key roles in cancer evolution and provide information for the complex task of phylogenetic inference. We present MEDICC2, a method for inferring evolutionary trees and WGD using haplotype-specific somatic copy-number alterations from single-cell or bulk data. MEDICC2 eschews simplifications such as the infinite sites assumption, allowing multiple mutations and parallel evolution, and does not treat adjacent loci as independent, allowing overlapping copy-number events. Using...

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