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Data analysis from: Demographic consequences of changing body size in a terrestrial salamander

Raisa Hernández-Pacheco, Floriane Plard, Kristine L. Grayson & Ulrich K. Steiner
Changes in climate can alter individual body size, and the resulting shifts in reproduction and survival are expected to impact population dynamics and viability. However, appropriate methods to account for size-dependent demographic changes are needed, especially in understudied yet threatened groups such as amphibians. We investigated individual and population-level demographic effects of changes in body size for a terrestrial salamander using capture-mark-recapture data. For our analysis, we implemented an integral projection model parameterized with capture-recapture...

Root trait responses to drought are more heterogeneous than leaf trait responses

Yudi M. Lozano, Yudi Lozano, Carlos Aguilar-Trigueros, Isabelle Flaig & Matthias Rillig
Drought can strongly modify plant diversity and ecosystem processes. As droughts are expected to intensify in the future, it is important to better understand plant responses to this global driver. Root traits are an overlooked but powerful predictor of plant responses to drought because they are in direct contact with the soil environment and are responsible for taking up nutrients and water. Here, we determine which root traits are sensitive to drought and the magnitude...

How biological invasions affect animal behaviour: a global, cross-taxonomic analysis

Florian Ruland & Jonathan Jeschke
1. In the Anthropocene, species are faced with drastic challenges due to rapid, human-induced changes, such as habitat destruction, pollution and biological invasions. In the case of invasions, native species may change their behaviour to minimise the impacts they sustain from invasive species, and invaders may also adapt to the conditions in their new environment in order to survive and establish self-sustaining populations. 2. We aimed at giving an overview of which changes in behaviour...

Plant communities, grazing intensity, soil properties and decomposers in grasslands across elevation in the Eastern Carpathians in Ukraine

Oksana Buzhdygan & Svitlana Rudenko
This data set contains information on plant community properties, grazing intensity, elevation, soil properties and density of soil decomposers collected in 2006 and 2007 from the 31 semi-natural grasslands exposed to cattle grazing along elevation gradient at large topographic scale ranging from the Carpathian Mountains, across the adjacent foothills to the plain areas. Plant community properties are represented by the following variables for each of the 31 study grassland: number of species (species number 100...

Post-embryonic development of Fritzolenellus suggests the ancestral morphology of the early developmental stages in Trilobita

Lukáš Laibl, Jörg Maletz & Pascal Olschewski
Trilobite development has been intensively explored during past decades, but information about ancestral character combinations in the early developmental stages of trilobites remains virtually unknown. Trilobites of the superfamily Olenelloidea are one of the earliest diverging groups. Study of their development coupled with the development of other early diverging trilobite groups can provide crucial information about the ancestral morphology of trilobite early stages. Herein we describe numerous well-preserved specimens of the olenelloid trilobite Fritzolenellus lapworthi....

Data from: Phylogenetic diversity of two geographically overlapping species in the lichen genus Sticta (Ascomycota: Peltigeraceae): Isolation by distance, environment, or fragmentation?

Robert Lücking, Bibiana Moncada & H. Thorsten Lumbsch
Aim: To test whether the degree of phylogenetic diversity differs in two congeneric, morphologically similar lichens that are both widespread and with a similar geographical range (Neotropics and Hawaii), but differ in altitudinal and habitat preferences, and whether the two species underwent isolation by distance (IBD), environment (IBE), or fragmentation (IBF). Location: South and Central America, Caribbean, Hawaii, Azores. Taxon: Sticta (Peltigeraceae). Methods: Analysis of 395 specimens across the study area; ITS barcoding marker; maximum...

Vulkanismus im Planetensystem. Ein Überblick

Ralf Jaumann
Vulkanismus ist schon auf unserem Planeten ein faszinierendes Phänomen. Nimmt man auch noch andere Himmelskörper in den Blick, dann zeigt sich, dass Vulkanismus ein grundlegender Prozess in unserem Sonnensystem ist.

Experimental tools for addressing effects of complex substance mixtures in soil

Matthias C. Rillig

Situationsspezifische mathematische Kompetenzen von (angehenden) frühpädagogischen Fachkräften.

Aljoscha Jegodtka & Joana Landwehr
Der Beitrag fokussiert die mathematischen Kompetenzen von Fachkräften, die im Rahmen der Pro-Komma-Studie erhoben wurden. Es werden die mathematikbezogenen Dispositionen von (angehenden) Fachkräften mit unterschiedlichen Qualifikationsstufen durch eine qualitative Inhaltsanalyse von Gruppendiskussionen analysiert und verglichen. Dabei wurden die Situationswahrnehmung und die Handlungsplanung fokussiert. Es konnten Unterschiede in den inhaltlichen Argumentationen der Fachkräfte aufgezeigt werden. Diese beziehen sich auf die Elaboriertheit der Aussagen und des einbezogenen Wissens und den Zusammenhang zwischen den anwendungsorientierten Überzeugungen und den...

Global Diversification Dynamics Since the Jurassic: Low Dispersal and Habitat-Dependent Evolution Explain Hotspots of Diversity and Shell Disparity in River Snails (Viviparidae)

Björn Stelbrink, Romy Richter, Frank Köhler, Frank Riedel, Ellen Strong, Bert Van Bocxlaer, Christian Albrecht, Torsten Hauffe, Timothy Page, David Aldridge, Arthur Bogan, Li-Na Du, Marivene Manuel-Santos, Ristiyanti Marwoto, Alena Shirokaya & Thomas Von Rintelen
The Viviparidae, commonly known as River Snails, is a dominant group of freshwater snails with a nearly worldwide distribution that reaches its highest taxonomic and morphological diversity in Southeast Asia. The rich fossil record is indicative of a probable Middle Jurassic origin on the Laurasian supercontinent where the group started to diversify during the Cretaceous. However, it remains uncertain when and how the biodiversity hotspot in Southeast Asia was formed. Here, we used a comprehensive...

Attitudes of White South Africans Towards the Truth and Reconciliation Commission 1996

Gunnar Theissen & Brandon Hamber

Geophysical Survey at Morgantina

Stephen Kay, Monika Trümper , Michael Heinzelmann & Elena Pomar
Geophysical surveys were conducted at Morgantina in 1970, 2012 and 2018, with the objective of better understanding the city plan of the Archaic city on the Cittadella Hill and the Classical and Hellenistic city on the Serra Orlando Ridge. This paper focuses on the results of the 2018 survey conducted over three sectors on the Serra Orlando Ridge. It demonstrates that magnetometry was successful in rapidly recording subsurface archaeological features across the site, including the...

Demmin, Germany (October 2015) - An EnMAP Preparatory Flight Campaign

Maximilian Brell, Daniel Spengler, Thomas Ruhtz, Kathrin Ward, Sabine Chabrillat, Karl Segl, Saskia Foerster & Sibylle Itzerott
The dataset is composed of Hyspex (VNIR/SWIR) hyperspectral imagery acquired during airplane overflights on October 1, 2015 within the Demmin Research Area. The acquisition conditions were cloud free. The dataset includes two mosaics generated based on 9 HySpex flight lines. The dataset also includes Level 2A EnMAP-like imagery simulated using the end-to-end Simulation tool (EeteS). Additionally, a soil database focusing on the soil organic carbon content (SOC) with geographic coordinates, SOC content, texture and spectral...

Increased immune marker variance in a population of invasive birds

Hanna Prüter, Mathias Franz, Sönke Twietmeyer, Niklas Böhm, Gudrun Middendorff, Ruben Portas, Jörg Melzheimer, Holger Kolberg, Georg Von Samson‐Himmelstjerna, Alex D. Greenwood, Dörte Lüchow, Kristin Mühldorfer & Gábor Árpád Czirják
Immunity and parasites have been linked to the success of invasive species. Especially lower parasite burden in invasive populations has been suggested to enable a general downregulation of immune investment (Enemy Release and Evolution of Increased Competitive Ability Hypotheses). Simultaneously, keeping high immune competence towards potentially newly acquired parasites in the invasive range is essential to allow population growth. To investigate the variation of immune effectors of invasive species, we compared the mean and variance...

Measurements of fecal cortisol metabolites (fGMC) and activity budget of male spotted hyenas in the Ngorongoro Crater (Tanzania)

Eve Davidian, Bettina Wachter, Ilja Heckmann, Martin Dehnhard, Heribert Hofer & Oliver P Höner
This excel table contains 3 sheets:
(1) fGMC, with the fecal cortisol metabolite concentrations and associated activity of male spotted hyenas,
(2) Activity Budget, with the proportion of sightings where males engaged in each of 4 categories of activities
(3) Quality of courted females, with the mean social rank of the females that were courted by males.

These data were used for the original publication: "The interplay between social rank, physiological constraints and investment...

Data from: Insectivorous birds can see and smell systemically herbivore-induced pines

Elina Mäntylä, Silke Kipper & Monika Hilker
Several studies have shown that insectivorous birds are attracted to herbivore-damaged trees even when they cannot see or smell the actual herbivores or their faeces. However, it often remained an open question whether birds are attracted by herbivore-induced changes in leaf odour or in leaf light reflectance or by both types of changes. Our study addressed this question by investigating the response of great tits (Parus major) and blue tits (Cyanistes caeruleus) to Scots pine...

Environmental heterogeneity predicts global species richness patterns better than area

Kristy Udy, Matthias Fritsch, Katrin Meyer, Ingo Grass, Sebastian Hanß, Florian Hartig, Thomas Kneib, Hoger Kreft, Collins Kukuna, Guy Pe'er, Hannah Reininghaus, Britta Tietjen, Clara-Sophie Van Waveren, Kerstin Wiegand & Teja Tscharntke
Aim: It is widely accepted that biodiversity can be determined by niche-relate processes and by pure area effects from local to global scales. Their relative importance, however, is still disputed, and empirical tests are still surprisingly scarce at the global scale. We compare the explanatory power of area and environmental heterogeneity as a proxy for niche-related processes as drivers of native mammal species richnessworldwide and with biogeographical regions. Location: Global Time Period: Data was collated...

Data of \"An experimental study of fungal olivine weathering\"

Ruben Gerrits
This file contains all the data used for the figures shown in the Dissertation of Ruben Gerrits with the title "An experimental study of fungal olivine weathering".

Social norms and cultural diversity in the development of third-party punishment

Bailey House, Patricia Kanngiesser, H. Clark Barrett, Süheyla Yilmaz, Andrew Marcus Smith, Carla Sebastian-Enesco, Alejandro Erut & Joan Silk
Human cooperation is likely supported by our tendency to punish selfishness in others. Social norms play an important role in motivating third-party punishment, and also in explaining societal differences in prosocial behavior. However, there has been little work directly linking social norms to the development of third-party punishment across societies. In this study, we explored the impact of normative information on the development of third-party punishment in 603 children aged 4-14 years, across six diverse...

Below- and aboveground traits explain local abundance, and regional, continental and global occurrence frequencies of grassland plants

Tom Lachaise, Joana Bergmann, Matthias Rillig & Mark Van Kleunen
1. Plants vary widely in how common or rare they are, but whether commonness of species is associated with functional traits is still debated. This might partly be because commonness can be measured at different spatial scales, and because most studies focus solely on aboveground functional traits. 2. We measured five root traits and seed mass on 241 Central European grassland species, and extracted their specific leaf area, height, mycorrhizal status and bud-bank size from...

Das Hokkaido Universum. Buch und Film

Mayke Wagner & Pavel E. Tarasov
Mitmach- und Entdeckerbücher zur ostasiatischen Archäologie 3

Marsvulkan Olympus Mons. Der größte Vulkan unseres Sonnensystems

Oliver Jorzik & Dierk Spreen
Der Olympus Mons auf dem Mars ist der größte und beeindruckendste Vulkan im Sonnensystem. Er gehört zum Typus der Schildvulkane und liegt über einem „Hotspot“. Er gilt als erloschen, vielleicht ruht er aber auch bloß. Wie auch auf der Erde, spielen Vulkane auf dem Mars eine wichtige Rolle in der Planetengeschichte. Dennoch ist diese Geschichte völlig anders verlaufen.

Data from: Higher dominance rank is associated with lower glucocorticoids in wild female baboons: A rank metric comparison

Emily Levy, Laurence Gesquiere, Emily McLean, Mathias Franz, J Kinyua Warutere, Serah Sayialel, Raphael Mututua, Tim Wango, Vivian Oudu, Jeanne Altmann, Elizabeth Archie & Susan Alberts
In vertebrates, glucocorticoid secretion occurs in response to energetic and psychosocial stressors that trigger the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. Measuring glucocorticoid concentrations can therefore shed light on the stressors associated with different social and environmental variables, including dominance rank. Using 14,172 fecal samples from 237 wild female baboons, we test the hypothesis that high-ranking females experience fewer psychosocial and/or energetic stressors than lower-ranking females. We predicted that high-ranking females would have lower fecal glucocorticoid (fGC) concentrations...

Selinunt, Italien. Selinunt. Die Arbeiten des Jahres 2019

Ortwin Dally, Jon Albers, Heike Bücherl, Sophie Helas, Agnes Henning, Frédéric Mège, Arnaud Coutelas, Alf Lindroos & Jesper Olsen
The report contains the results of various research and excavation activities of the DAI Rome and its cooperation partners in Selinunt from the year 2019. The third and final campaign took place in the Agora, work continued on temples A and O, floor examinations were carried out in various houses on the Acropolis, a new DFG project was started in the east port, and in the Baglio Florio of the Parco Archeologico di Selinunte at...

Data from: Seeing the wood despite the trees: exploring the impact of human disturbance on plant diversity, community structure, and standing biomass in fragmented high Andean forests

Mariasole Calbi
High Andean forests harbor a remarkably high biodiversity and play a key role in providing vital ecosystem services for neighboring cities and settlements. However, they are among the most fragmented and threatened ecosystems in the neotropics. To preserve their unique biodiversity, a deeper understanding of the effects of anthropogenic perturbations on them is urgently needed. Here, we characterized the plant communities of high Andean forest remnants in the hinterland of Bogotá in 32 0.04 ha...

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