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NMR Studies of Natural Gas Hydrates Exposed to Thermally Controlled CO2 Exchange

Abraham Rojas Zuniga

An investigation into the contribution of executive function to anxiety preservation vulnerability

Georgina Mann

Downslope Pipeline Walking and Soil Variables

Adriano Condez Gondarem Castelo

Neural information extraction on technical short text: from theory to practical applications

Michael Stewart

Negotiation Success—An Application of the Halpert et al. Path Model

Ray Fells

Interactions between belowground traits and rhizosheath fungal and bacterial communities for phosphorus acquisition

Nicolas Honvault, David Houben, Stéphane Firmin, Hacene Maglouli, Frédéric Laruelle, Joël Fontaine, Anissa Lounes, Arnaud Coutu, Hans Lambers & Michel-Pierre Faucon
1. Plant-soil microbes interactions play a central role in plant nutrient acquisition and thus ecosystem functioning and nutrient availability in agroecosystems. Adjustments in root morphology, root exudation and associations with microorganisms such as arbuscular mychorrizal fungi are common for phosphorus acquisition. Yet how plant belowground functional traits interact with microbial communities for P-acquisition remains largely unknown, limiting our understanding of phosphorus availability in agroecosystems. 2. Interactions between belowground functional traits and rhizosheath soil microbial communities...

Recreational fishers and no-take marine reserves: attitudes, beliefs and welfare impacts

Matthew Navarro

Gut passage time and viability of seeds consumed by Australian marsupials

Gabrielle Beca, Bryony Palmer, Leonie Valentine, Todd Erickson & Richard Hobbs

Micromachining porous silicon Fabry–Pérot filters operating in the long wavelength infrared range

Yaman Afandi

Total Synthesis of Bioactive peri-Hydroxyquinone Natural Products

Glenn Pullella

Improving Patient Care in Young People With Type 1 Diabetes Using Advances in Technology

Marie-Anne Burckhardt

In search of honour: a case study analysis of honour killings in Jordan

Carol Kaplanian

Spatial Analysis of Farm Animal Wastes in Australia

, Marit Kragt, Fiona Dempster & Audrey Tascon

Rethinking the Future of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Chinese Craft Production

Yawen Xu

Translation in and of David Grossman's To the end of the land: 'Copious Notes'

Niva Kaspi

E-learning in a Singapore University Context: Efficacy and Challenges

Kin Chew Lim

Amborella pangenome and supplementary tables v4

, Ricky Hu, Armin Patrick Scheben, Brent Verpaalen, Soodeh Tirnaz, Jacqueline Batley, Douglas E. Soltis, Dave Edwards & Richard G.J. Hodel

Acacia House (novel): Caring texts: ethics, literature, and care for the dying (dissertation)

Vivien Stuart

The value of corporate social responsibility (CSR) during financial restatements

Lu Zhang

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