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Data for publication \"Evaluating natural variation, heritability, and genetic advance of photosynthetic traits in rice (Oryza sativa)\"

Stephen Patrick Long & Liana Gabriella Acevedo-Siaca
1. Rice H2 - Destructive Harvest - These data are for the destructive harvest (above-ground biomass) of 30 diverse indica rice genotypes that were grown to evaluate natural variation as well as the heritability of photosynthesis-related traits. Traits measured include: plant height, leaf area, plant fresh and dry weights, and tiller number. 2. Rice H2 - ACi Response Summary - These data characterize the response of CO2 uptake to change in intercellular CO2 concentration in...

SABER Intra-annual Data

Gary Swenson
Atomic oxygen densities in the MLT, averaged for 2002-2018 for 26, 14 day periods, beginning January 1.

SCIAMACHY IAV Oxygen data, 2002-2012

Gary Swenson
Atomic oxygen data from SCIAMACHY, for the MLT, 2002-2012, averaged for 26, 14 day periods, beginning January 1.

Data from determining vegetation metric robustness to environmental and methodological variables

Jessica Stern, Brook D. Herman & Jeffrey Matthews
We studied vegetation metric robustness to environmental (season, interannual, and regional) and methodological (observer) variables, as well as adequate sample size for vegetation metrics across four regions of the United States.

Implementation of dynamic ageing of carbonaceous aerosols in regional climate model RegCM

Sudipta Ghosh, Nicole Riemer, Graziano Giuliani, Filippo Giorgi , Dilip Ganguly & Sagnik Dey
This dataset contains the RegCM4 simulations used in the article " Implementation of dynamic ageing of carbonaceous aerosols in regional climate model RegCM". This dataset was used to investigate the impact of a new aging parameterisation scheme implemented in a regional climate model RegCM4. The dataset contains two sets of simulations: Expt_fix and Expt_dyn. It consists of the seasonal mean and daily mean values of the variables that were used to create the visualizations of...

Data for Institutional Data Repository Development, a Moving Target

Colleen Fallaw
This dataset contains data used in publication "Institutional Data Repository Development, a Moving Target" submitted to Code4Lib Journal. It is a tabular data file describing attributes of data files in datasets published in Illinois Data Bank 2016-04-01 to 2021-04-01.

Metabolics of weaning and maternal immune activation in 22 day old pigs

Bruce Southey & Sandra Rodriguez-Zas
Metabolite identifications and profiles of liver samples from 22 day old male and female pigs from gilt that exposed to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (P) or not (C) that were weaned at 21 days of age (W) or not (N). Profiles were obtained by University of Illinois Carver Metabolomics Center. Spectrum for each sample was acquired using a gas chromatography mass spectrometry system consisting of an Agilent 7890 gas chromatograph, an Agilent 5975...

Maize and Sorghum Establishment and Yield following Pre-Emergence Waterlogging

Adam C. von Haden, Evan H. DeLucia, Wendy Yang & Mark Burnham
In 2020, early-season extreme precipitation events occurred following the planting of Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench and Zea mays L. in central Illinois that caused ponding. Following the first rainfall event 50m transects were established to assess the waterlogging effects on seedling emergence and crop yields. Soil moisture, emergence, stem and tiller count, LAI, and yield were measured at various points in the season along these transects.

The influence of biogeographical and evolutionary histories on morphological trait-matching and resource specialization in mutualistic hummingbird-plant networks

Bo Dalsgaard, Pietro Maruyama, Jesper Sonne, Katrine Hansen, Thais Zanata, Stefan Abrahamczyk, Ruben Alarcon, Andréa Araujo, Francielle Araújo, Silvana Buzato, Edgar Chávez-González, Aline Coelho, Pete Cotton, Román Díaz-Valenzuela, Maria Dufke, Paula Enríquez, Manoel Martins Dias Filho, Erich Fischer, Glauco Kohler, Carlos Lara, Flor Maria Las-Casas, Liliana Rosero Lasprilla, Adriana Machado, Caio Machado, Maria Maglianesi … & Ana M. Martín González
Functional traits can determine pairwise species interactions, such as those between plants and pollinators. However, the effects of biogeography and evolutionary history on trait-matching and trait-mediated resource specialization remain poorly understood. We compiled a database of 93 mutualistic hummingbird-plant networks (including 181 hummingbird and 1,256 plant species), complemented by morphological measures of hummingbird bill and floral corolla length. We divided the hummingbirds into their principal clades and used knowledge on hummingbird biogeography to divide the...

Data from Retreat, detour, or advance? Understanding the movements of birds confronting the Gulf of Mexico.

T. J. Zenzal, Michael Ward, Rob Diehl, Jeffrey Buler, Jaclyn Smolinsky, Jill Deppe, Rachel Bolus, Antonio Celis-Murillo & Frank Moore
Dataset associated with Zenzal et al. Oikos submission: Retreat, detour, or advance? Understanding the movements of birds confronting the Gulf of Mexico. https://doi.org/10.1111/oik.07834 Four CSV files were used for analysis and are related to the following subsections under the “Statistics” heading in the “Materials and Methods” section of the journal article: 1. Departing the Edge = “AIC Analysis.csv” 2. Comparing Retreating to Advancing = “Advance and Retreat Analysis.csv” and “Wind Data at Departure.csv” 3. Food...

ApproxTuner DNN Models

Yifan Zhao, Hashim Sharif, Vikram Adve & Sasa Misailovic
DNN weights used in the evaluation of the ApproxTuner system. Link to paper: https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3437801.3446108

Southeastern South America Soil Moisture Alteration Experiment Using CESM2

Carolina A. Bieri & Francina Dominguez
This dataset contains model output from the Community Earth System Model, Version 2 (CESM2; Danabasoglu et al. 2020). These data were used for analysis in Impacts of Large-Scale Soil Moisture Anomalies in Southeastern South America, published in the Journal of Hydrometeorology (DOI: 10.1175/JHM-D-20-0116.1). See this publication for details of the model simulations that created these data. Four NetCDF (.nc) files are included in this dataset. Two files correspond to the control simulation (FHIST_SP_control) and two...

Translocated nuisance American black bear capture histories

Javan M Bauder & Maximilian L. Allen
These data were used in the survival and cause-specific mortality analyses of translocated nuisance American black bear in Wisconsin published in Animal Conservation (Bauder, J.M., N.M. Roberts, D. Ruid, B. Kohn, and M.L. Allen. Accepted. Lower survival of nuisance American black bears (Ursus americanus) is not due to translocation. Animal Conservation). Included are CSV files including each bear's capture history and associated covariates and meta-data for each CSV file. Also included is an example R...

Scopus API Scripts for Data Reuse Project

William Mischo
To generate the bibliographic and survey data to support a data reuse study conducted by several Library faculty and accepted for publication in the Journal of Academic Librarianship, the project team utilized a series of web-based online scripts that employed several different endpoints from the Scopus API. The related dataset: "Data for: An Examination of Data Reuse Practices within Highly Cited Articles of Faculty at a Research University" contains survey design and results.

Temperate and chronic virus competition

Zoi Rapti
All code in Matlab .m scripts or functions (version R2019b) Affiliated with article “Temperate and chronic virus competition leads to low lysogen frequency” published in the Journal of Theoretical Biology (2021) Codes simulate and plot the solutions of an Ordinary Differential Equations model and generate bifurcation diagrams.

Data for \"Crop-specific exposure to extreme temperature and moisture for the globe for the last half century\"

Nicole Jackson, Megan Konar, Peter Debaere & Justin Sheffield
Global assessments of climate extremes typically do not account for the unique characteristics of individual crops. A consistent definition of the exposure of specific crops to extreme weather would enable agriculturally-relevant hazard quantification. We introduce the Agriculturally-Relevant Exposure to Shocks (ARES) model, a novel database of both the temperature and moisture extremes facing individual crops by explicitly accounting for crop characteristics. Specifically, we estimate crop-specific temperature and moisture shocks during the growing season for a...

Data for Dynamics of data availability in disease modeling: An example evaluating the trade-offs of ultra-fine-scale factors to human West Nile virus disease models in the Chicago area, USA

Johnny Uelmen
West Nile virus data, aggregated by 55 1-km hexagons, within the NWMAD jurisdiction Cook County, IL. The data incorporates deidentified human illness, mosquito infection and abundance, socio-economic data, and other abiotic and biotic predictors by epi-weeks 18-38 for the years 2005-2016.

An Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change in Illinois

D Wuebbles, J Angel, K Petersen & A.M. Lemke
Please cite as: Wuebbles, D., J. Angel, K. Petersen, and A.M. Lemke, (Eds.), 2021: An Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change in Illinois. The Nature Conservancy, Illinois, USA. https://doi.org/10.13012/B2IDB-1260194_V1 Climate change is a major environmental challenge that is likely to affect many aspects of life in Illinois, ranging from human and environmental health to the economy. Illinois is already experiencing impacts from the changing climate and, as climate change progresses and temperatures continue to...

MAGUS+eHMMs: Improved Multiple Sequence Alignment Accuracy for Fragmentary Sequences

Chengze Shen, Paul Zaharias & Tandy Warnow
This dataset contains 1) the cleaned version of 11 CRW datasets, 2) RNASim10k dataset in high fragmentation and 3) three CRW datasets (16S.3, 16S.T, 16S.B.ALL) in high fragmentation.

Crayfish behavior and isotope data from six Wisconsin lakes in summer 2018

Amaryllis Adey & Eric Larson
Adey_Larson_Behavior.csv: Results of behavioral assays for rusty crayfish Faxonius rusticus collected from six lakes in Vilas County, Wisconsin in summer 2018. Crayfish_ID is an individual crayfish ID or identifier that matches to individuals in Adey_Larson_Isotope. Collection is how organisms were collected (trapped = baited trapping, snorkel = by hand). Lake is the study lake crayfish were collected from. Length is crayfish carapace length in mm. CPUE is crayfish catch-per-unit effort from baited trapping in that...

Data for Do rusty crayfish (Faxonius rusticus) invasions affect water clarity in north temperate lakes?

Daniel Szydlowski, Melissa Daniels & Eric Larson
Data associated with the manuscript "Do rusty crayfish invasions affect water clarity in north temperate lakes?" by Daniel K. Szydlowski, Melissa K. Daniels, and Eric R. lARSON

Global multi-model projections of urban daily temperatures

Zhonghua Zheng, Lei Zhao & Keith Oleson
This dataset contains the emulated global multi-model urban daily temperature projections under RCP 8.5 scenario. The dataset is derived from the study "Large model structural uncertainty in global projections of urban heat waves" (XXXX). Details about this dataset and the local urban climate emulator are described in the article. This dataset documents the global urban daily temperatures of 17 CMIP5 Earth system models for 2006-2015 and 2061-2070. This dataset may be useful for multiple communities...

Use of legumes and yeast as novel dietary protein sources in extruded canine diets

Maria Cattai de Godoy
- The objective of this study was to evaluate macronutrient apparent total tract digestibility (ATTD), gastrointestinal tolerance, and fermentative end-products in extruded, canine diets.
- Five diets were formulated to be isocaloric and isonitrogenous with either garbanzo beans (GBD), green lentils (GLD), peanut flour (PFD), dried yeast (DYD), or poultry by-product meal (CON) as the primary protein sources. Ten adult, intact, female beagles (mean age: 4.2 ± 1.1 yr, mean 28 weight: 11.9 ± 1.3...

Data from: \"Inferring Species Trees from Gene-Family with Duplication and Loss using Multi-Copy Gene-Family Tree Decomposition\"

James Willson, Mrinmoy Saha Roddur, Liu Baqiao, Paul Zaharias & Tandy Warnow
Data sets from "Inferring Species Trees from Gene-Family with Duplication and Loss using Multi-Copy Gene-Family Tree Decomposition." It contains trees and sequences simulated with gene duplication and loss under a variety of different conditions. Note: - trees.tar.gz contains the simulated gene-family trees used in our experiments (both true trees from SimPhy as well as trees estimated from alignements). - sequences.tar.gz contains simulated sequence data used for estimating the gene-family trees as well as the concatenation...

Prenatal auditory learning in avian vocal learners and non-learners

Diane Colombelli-Negrel, Mark Hauber, Christine Evans, Andrew Katsis, Lyanne Brouwer, Nicolas Adreani & Sonia Kleindorfer
Understanding when learning begins is critical for identifying the factors that shape both the developmental course and the function of information acquisition. Until recently, sufficient development of the neural substrates for any sort of vocal learning to begin in songbirds was thought to be reached well after hatching. New research shows that embryonic gene activation and the outcome of vocal learning can be modulated by sound exposure in ovo. We tested whether avian embryos across...

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