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List of differentially expressed genes for \"Basigin is necessary for normal decidualization of human uterine stromal cells\"

Romana Nowak, Shuhong Yang, Kailiang Li, Jiajia Bi & Jenny Drnevich
List of differentially expressed genes in human endometrial stromal cells with knockdown of Basigin (BSG) gene expression during decidualization. The BSG siRNA or negative scrambled control siRNA were transfected into human endometrial stromal cells (HESCs) following the protocol of siLentFect™ Lipid (Bio-Rad, Hercules, CA. Following complete knock down of BSG in HESCs (72 hours after adding siRNA), HESCs were treated with medium containing estrogen, progesterone and cAMP to induce decidualization. BSG siRNA and negative control...

Illinois Coastal Zone Water Quality Database (ICoastalDB)

Elias Getahun, Atticus Zavelle & Laura Keefer
ICoastalDB, which was developed using Microsoft structured query language (SQL) Server, consists of water quality and related data in the Illinois coastal zone that were collected by various organizations. The information in the dataset includes, but is not limited to, sample data type, method of data sampling, location, time and date of sampling and data units.

Multi-State Survey of State Enterprise Zone Laws (Last Updated Jan. 20, 2022)

Michelle Layser
This dataset provides a 50-state (and DC) survey of state-level enterprise zone laws, including summaries and analyses of zone eligibility criteria, eligible investments, incentives to invest in human capital and affordable housing, and taxpayer eligibility.

Multi-State Survey of State New Markets Tax Credit Laws (Last Updated Jan. 19, 2022)

Michelle Layser
This dataset provides a 50-state (and DC) survey of state-level tax credits modeled after the federal New Markets Tax Credit program, including summaries of the tax credit amount and credit periods, key definitions, eligibility criteria, application process, and degree of conformity to federal law.


Maximilian Allen
Dataset associated with Allen et al. (In Review): Food caching by a solitary large carnivore supports optimal foraging theory If using this dataset, please cite this manuscript.

Time-lapse Fluorescence Microscopy Images and Gene Expression Data of Single T-Cells Infected with a Minimal HIV Feedback Circuit under 1,806 Drug Treatments

Yiyang Lu, Kathrin Bohn-Wippert, Patrick J. Pazerunas, Jennifer M. Moy, Harpal Singh & Roy D. Dar
Upon treatment removal, spontaneous and random reactivation of latently infected T cells remains a major barrier toward curing HIV. Due to its stochastic nature, fluctuations in gene expression (or “noise”) can bias HIV reactivation from latency, and conventional drug screens for mean gene expression neglect compounds that modulate noise. Here we present a time-lapse fluorescence microscopy image set obtained from a Jurkat T-cell line, infected with a minimal HIV gene circuit, treated with 1,806 small...

Data from: Long-term yields in annual and perennial bioenergy crops in the Midwestern USA

Ilsa Kantola, Michael Masters, Elena Blanc-Betes, Nuria Gomez-Casanovas & Evan DeLucia
Data sets relating to the manuscript “Long-term yields in annual and perennial bioenergy crops in the Midwestern USA” published in Global Change Biology Bioenergy. Field data, including annual peak biomass and harvest yields from maize/soy, miscanthus, switchgrass, and prairie field trials from 2008-2018 are included. Peak and harvest biomass for fertilized and unfertilized miscanthus are included from 2014-2018.

Plantar osteochondral fragments in young Standardbreds are associated with minimal joint inflammation at the time of surgical removal

Annette McCoy, Erica Secor, Patrick Roady, Sarah Gray, Julie Klein & Santiago Gutierrez-Nibeyro
Raw arthroscopic scores, histologic scores, cytokine measurements, and performance data for the study cohort described in the accompanying publication.

Data for: Food flows between counties in the Unites States from 2007 to 2017

Deniz Berfin Karakoc, Junren Wang & Megan Konar
This dataset provides estimates of agricultural and food commodity flows [kg] between all county pairs within the United States for the years 2007, 2012, and 2017. The database provides 206.3 million data points, since pairwise information is provided between 3134 counties, for 7 commodity categories, and 3 time periods. The commodity categories correspond to the Standardized Classification of Transported Goods and are: - SCTG 1: Iive animals and fish - SCTG 2: cereal grains -...

Burton Endo electron micrograph library

Nathan Schroeder
The data are original electron micrographs from the lab of the late Dr. Burt Endo of the USDA. These data were digitized from photographic prints and glass plate negatives at 600 DPI as 16 bit TIFF files. This third version added 12 new ZIP files from the Endo data collection. "Endo folder database.xlsx" is updated to reflect the addition. Information in "ReadmeFile name formatting.docx" remains the same as in V2.

Data From: Shifts in morphological covariation and evolutionary rates across multiple acquisitions of the trap-jaw mechanism in Strumigenys

Philip Anderson
A long-standing question in comparative biology is how the evolution of biomechanical systems influence morphological evolution. The need for functional fidelity implies that the evolution of such systems should be associated with tighter morphological covariation, which may promote or dampen rates of morphological evolution. I examine this question across multiple evolutionary origins of the trap-jaw mechanism in the genus Strumigenys. Trap-jaw ants have latch-mediated, spring actuated systems that amplify the power output of their mandibles....

More soil organic carbon is sequestered through the mycelium-pathway than through the root-pathway under nitrogen enrichment in an alpine forest

Xiaomin Zhu, Ziliang Zhang, Qitong Wang, Josep Peñuelas, Jordi Sardans, Na Li, Qing Liu, Huajun Yin, Zhanfeng Liu & Hans Lambers
Plant roots and associated mycorrhizae exert a large influence on soil carbon (C) cycling. Yet, little was known whether and how roots and ectomycorrhizal extraradical mycelia differentially contribute to soil organic C (SOC) accumulation in alpine forests under increasing nitrogen (N) deposition. Using ingrowth cores, the relative contributions of the root-pathway (RP) (i.e., roots and rhizosphere processes) and mycelium-pathway (MP) (i.e., extraradical mycelia and hyphosphere processes) to SOC accumulation were distinguished and quantified in an...

Alternative approaches for uncovering phytoplasma biodiversity and vector associations

Valeria Trivellone, Yanghui Cao & Christopher Dietrich
This dataset contains nucleotide sequences of 16S rRNA gene from phytoplasmas and other bacteria detected in phloem-feeding insects (Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha). The datasets were used to compare traditional Sanger sequencing with a next-generation sequencing method, Anchored Hybrid Enrichment (AHE) for detecting and characterizing phytoplasmas in insect DNA samples. The file “Trivellone_etal_SangerSequencing.fas”, comprising 1397 positions (the longest sequence), includes 35 not aligned bacterial 16S rRNA sequences (16 phytoplasmas and 19 other bacterial strains) yielded using Sanger sequencing....

The Salt Controversy Systematic Review Reports and Primary Study Reports Network Dataset

Yuanxi Fu, Tzu-Kun Hsiao & Manasi Ballal Joshi
The salt controversy is the public health debate about whether a population-level salt reduction is beneficial. This dataset covers 82 publications--14 systematic review reports (SRRs) and 68 primary study reports (PSRs)--addressing the effect of sodium intake on cerebrocardiovascular disease or mortality. These present a snapshot of the status of the salt controversy as of September 2014 according to previous work by epidemiologists: The reports and their opinion classification (for, against, and inconclusive) were from Trinquart...

Data for Quantifying transportation energy vulnerability and its spatial patterns in the United States

Shanshan Liu & Eleftheria Kontou
This data set contains all the map data used for "Quantifying transportation energy vulnerability and its spatial patterns in the United States". The multiple dimensions (i.e., exposure, sensitivity, adaptive capacity) of transportation energy vulnerability (TEV) at the census tract level in the United States, the changes in TEV with electric vehicles adoption, and the detailed data for Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York are in the dataset.

A Prototype Gutenberg-HathiTrust Sentence-level Parallel Corpus

Ming Jiang, Ryan Dubnicek, Glen Worthey, Ted Underwood & J. Stephen Downie
This is a sentence-level parallel corpus in support of research on OCR quality. The source data comes from: (1) Project Gutenberg for human-proofread "clean" sentences; and, (2) HathiTrust Digital Library for the paired sentences with OCR errors. In total, this corpus contains 167,079 sentence pairs from 189 sampled books in four domains (i.e., agriculture, fiction, social science, world war history) published from 1793 to 1984. There are 36,337 sentences that have two OCR views paired...

Data for A biopsychosocial examination of chronic back pain, limitations on usual activities, and treatment in Brazil, 2019

Flavia Andrade
This dataset was created based on the publicly available microdata from PNS-2019, a national health survey conducted by the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica (IBGE, Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics). IBGE is a federal agency responsible for the official collection of statistical information in Brazil – essentially, the Brazilian census bureau. Data on selected variables focusing on biopsychosocial domains related to pain prevalence, limitations and treatment are available. The Fundação Instituto Oswaldo Cruz...

Code and data for: Interpolant-based demosaicing routines for dual-mode visible/near-infrared imaging systems

Steven Blair & Viktor Gruev
Dual-mode visible/near-infrared imaging systems, including a bioinspired six-channel design and more conventional four-channel implementations, have transitioned from a niche in surveillance to general use in machine vision. However, the demosaicing routines that transform the raw images from these sensors into processed images that can be consumed by humans or computers rely on assumptions that may not be appropriate when the two portions of the spectrum contribute different information about a scene. A solution can be...

Data on \"Evaluation of CO2 sealing potential of heterogeneous Eau Claire shale\"

Hyunbin Kim & Roman Makhnenko
This dataset is provided to support the statements in Kim, H., and R.Y. Makhnenko. 2022. "Evaluation of CO2 sealing potential of heterogeneous Eau Claire shale". Journal of the Geological Society. In geologic carbon dioxide (CO2) storage in deep saline aquifers, buoyant CO2 tends to float upwards in the reservoirs overlaid by low permeable formations called caprocks. Caprocks should serve as barriers to potential CO2 leakage that can happen through a diffusion loss and permeation through...

Dataset for: An optimisation approach for designing wildlife corridors with ecological and spatial considerations

Yicheng Wang, Peng Qin & Hayri Önal
The fragmentation of wildlife habitats caused by anthropogenic activities has reduced biodiversity and impaired key ecosystem functions. Wildlife corridors play an important role in linking detached habitats. The optimal design of such corridors considering spatial, ecological, and economic factors is addressed in this paper. We present a novel graph-theoretic optimisation approach and a mixed-integer linear programming model to determine an optimal wildlife corridor connecting two given habitat patches. The model maximises the total quality of...

High levels of inbreeding with spatial and host-associated structure in lice of an endangered freshwater seal

Stephany Virrueta Herrera, Tommi Nyman, Kevin Johnson, Andrew Sweet, Eeva Ylinen & Mervi Kunnasranta
Host-specialist parasites of endangered large vertebrates are in many cases more endangered than their hosts. In particular, low host population densities and reduced among-host transmission rates are expected to lead to inbreeding within parasite infrapopulations living on single host individuals. Furthermore, spatial population structures of directly-transmitted parasites should be concordant with those of their hosts. Using population genomic approaches, we investigated inbreeding and population structure in a host-specialist seal louse (Echinophthirius horridus) infesting the Saimaa...

Litter decomposition rates across tropical montane and lowland forests are controlled foremost by climate

Rebecca Ostertag, Carla Restrepo, Iveren Abeim, Roxana Aragón, Michelle Ataroff, Hazel Chapman, Belen Fadrique, Grizelle González, Achim Häger, Jürgen Homeier, Luis Daniel Llambí, Rikke Reese Næsborg, Laura Nohemy Poma López, Jorge Andrés Ramirez Correa, Klara Scharnagl, Conrado Tobón, James W. Dalling, Patrick H. Martin, Iveren Abiem, Shin‐Ichiro Aiba, Esteban Alvarez‐Dávila, Augusta Y. Cueva‐Agila, Romina D. Fernández, Sybil G. Gotsch, Carlos Iñiguez‐Armijos … & Cameron B. Williams
The “hierarchy of factors” hypothesis states that decomposition rates are controlled primarily by climatic, followed by biological and soil variables. Tropical montane forests (TMF) are globally important ecosystems, yet there have been limited efforts to provide a biome-scale characterization of litter decomposition. We designed a common litter decomposition experiment replicated in 23 tropical montane sites across the Americas, Asia, and Africa and combined these results with a previous study of 23 sites in tropical lowland...

Images and annotated counts for aerial pollen samples from the Barro Colorado Island megaplot, Panama (1994 – 2010)

Derek Haselhorst, J. Enrique Moreno, David K. Tcheng & Surangi W. Punyasena
This dataset includes images and annotated counts for 150 airborne pollen samples from the Center for Tropical Forest Science 50 ha forest dynamics plot on Barro Colorado Island, Panama. Samples were collected once a year from April 1994 to June 2010.

SBKS - Chemical Not Found Entity Mentions

Jacob Jett
This dataset is derived from the raw entity mention dataset (https://doi.org/10.13012/B2IDB-4163883_V1) for checmical entities and represents those that were determined to be chemicals (i.e., were not noisy entities) but for which no corresponding concept could be found in the ChEBI ontology.

SBKS - Chemical Noisy Entity Mentions

Jacob Jett
This dataset is derived from the raw dataset (https://doi.org/10.13012/B2IDB-4163883_V1) and collects entity mentions that were manually determined to be noisy, non-chemical entities.

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