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Extraordinarily precise nematode sex ratios: adaptive responses to vanishingly rare mating opportunities

Justin Van Goor
Sex ratio theory predicts both mean sex ratio and variance under a range of population structures. Here, we compare two genera of phoretic nematodes (Parasitodiplogaster and Ficophagus spp.) associated with twelve fig-pollinating wasp species in Panama. The host wasps exhibit classic Local Mate Competition: only inseminated females disperse from natal figs, and their offspring form mating pools that consist of scores of the adult offspring contributed by one or a few foundress mothers. In contrast,...

Assessment of Deep Façade Retrofit Solutions for Housing

Ming Hu
Knowledge and research tying the environmental impact to operating energy efficiency improvement is a largely unexplored area in higher performance retrofit projects. It is a challenge to choose the façade renovation option that represents the optimal trade-offs among different performance objectives. This paper aims to test a multi-objective envelope optimization method to quantify and compare the deep retrofit façade techniques and their induced environmental impact. An integrated life cycle energy (LCE), life cycle assessment (LCA)...

Novel Medicine

Andrew Schonebaum
By examining the dynamic interplay between discourses of fiction and medicine, Novel Medicine demonstrates how fiction incorporated, created, and disseminated medical knowledge in China, beginning in the sixteenth century. Critical readings of fictional and medical texts provide a counterpoint to prevailing narratives that focus only on the “literati” aspects of the novel, showing that these texts were not merely read, but were used by a wide variety of readers for a range of purposes. The...

Data on monitoring the formation of chemical cocktails in urban streams in response to Freshwater Salinization Syndrome

Sujay Kaushal
Data include the concentration of base cations and nutrients over time and over space in urban streams near the University of Maryland campus in College Park, Maryland, USA. Data were collected longitudinally along streams and over 24-hour time periods. Data on the retention and release of base cations and trace elements were also collected through incubation experiments.

Encoding laboratory testing data: Case studies of the national implementation of HHS requirements and related standards in five laboratories

Raja Cholan, Gregory Pappas, Greg Rehwoldt, Andrew Sills, Elizabeth Korte, I. Khalil Appleton, Natalie Scott, Wendy Rubinstein, Sara Brenner, Riki Merrick, Wilbur Hadden, Keith Campbell & Michael Waters
OBJECTIVE: Assess the effectiveness of providing Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC®)-to-In Vitro Diagnostic (LIVD) coding specification, required by the Department of Health and Human Services for SARS-CoV-2 reporting, in medical center laboratories, and utilize findings to inform future Food and Drug Administration policy on the use of real-world evidence in regulatory decisions. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We compared gaps and similarities between diagnostic test manufacturers’ recommended LOINC® codes and the LOINC® codes used in...

Genome-wide sequence data show no evidence of hybridization and introgression among pollinator wasps associated with a community of Panamanian strangler figs

Jordan Satler, Allen Herre, Tracy Heath, Carlos Machado, Adalberto Gomez & John Nason
The specificity of pollinator host choice influences opportunities for reproductive isolation in their host plants. Similarly, host plants can influence opportunities for reproductive isolation in their pollinators. For example, in the fig and fig wasp mutualism, offspring of fig pollinator wasps mate inside the inflorescence that the mothers pollinate. Although often host specific, multiple fig pollinator species are sometimes associated with the same fig species, potentially enabling hybridization between wasp species. Here we study the...

Experimental tests of pollinator dependence in Avicennia germinans, the black mangrove

Mayda Nathan
Avicennia germinans (L.) L. (Black Mangrove) is a common, sometimes dominant member of intertidal vegetation in tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas and West Africa. Its flowers are known to be attractive to animals – there are records of a variety of floral visitors – and it is widely believed to be zoophilous, but the degree to which it relies on pollinators for full fruit set is not entirely clear. Molecular methods have revealed...

Mesoscale stereo retrievals from Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai Eruption of 15 January 2022

James Carr, Akos Horvath, Dong Wu & Mariel Friberg
Stereo methods using GOES-17 and Himawari-8 applied to the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcanic plume on 15 January 2022 show overshooting tops reaching 50-55 km altitude, a record in the satellite era. Plume height is important to understand dispersal and transport in the stratosphere and climate impacts. Stereo methods, using geostationary satellite pairs, offer the ability to accurately capture the evolution of plume top morphology quasi-continuously over long periods. Manual photogrammetry estimates plume height during the...

Negotiation and Conflict Management: Two Valuable Tools in the Public Relations Toolbox

James Grunig
This introductory essay summarizes my research and theorizing over more than 50 years about the nature of public relations, how and why it is practiced in different ways, and how it can be practiced most effectively and ethically. I have concluded that public relations will be most ethical and have the most value for publics, organizations, and society when the function is involved in the strategic management processes of organizations and is practiced with a...

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