Data from: Long-term use benefits of personal frequency-modulated systems for speech in noise perception in patients with stroke with auditory processing deficits: a non-randomised controlled trial study

Nehzat Koohi, Deborah Vickers, Jason Warren, David Werring & Doris-Eva Bamiou
Objectives: Approximately one in five stroke survivors suffer from difficulties with speech reception in noise, despite normal audiometry. These deficits are treatable with personal Frequency Modulated systems (FMs). This study aimed to evaluate long term benefits in speech reception in noise, after daily 10 week use of personal FMs, in non-aphasic stroke patients with auditory processing deficits. Design: This was a prospective non randomised controlled trial study. Patients were allocated to an intervention care group...

Registration Year

  • 2017

Resource Types

  • Dataset


  • University College London
  • National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery