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Data from: Multifaceted, cross-generational costs of hybridization in sibling Drosophila species

Erin M. Myers, Tiffany I. Harwell, Elizabeth L. Yale, Abigail M. Lamb & W. Anthony Frankino
Maladaptive hybridization, as determined by the pattern and intensity of selection against hybrid individuals, is an important factor contributing to the evolution of prezygotic reproductive isolation. To identify the consequences of hybridization between Drosophila pseudoobscura and D. persimilis, we estimated multiple fitness components for F1 hybrids and backcross progeny and used these to compare the relative fitness of parental species and their hybrids across two generations. We document many sources of intrinsic (developmental) and extrinsic...

Data from: Evolutionary history and genetic parallelism affect correlated responses to evolution

Mickael Le Gac, Tim F. Cooper, St├ęphane Cruveiller, Claudine M├ędigue & Dominique Schneider
We investigated the relationship between genomic and phenotypic evolution among replicate populations of Escherichia coli evolved for 1000 generations in four different environments. By re-sequencing evolved genomes, we identified parallel changes in genes encoding transcription regulators within and between environments. Depending on both the environment and the altered gene, genetic parallelism at the gene level involved mutations that either repeatedly affected identical codons or domains or were more widely distributed within the relevant genes. Evolved...

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  • 2013

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