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Natural radionuclide concentrations in soil, water, sediment and biota in England and Wales

N.A. Beresford, C.L. Barnett, D.G. Jones, M.D. Wood, J.D. Appleton, N. Breward & D. Copplestone
Data comprise estimates of activity concentrations of naturally occurring radionuclides (40K, 238U and 232Th series radionuclides) in environmental media (soil and stream sediments and waters) and non-human biota (focusing on the ICRP Reference Animals and Plants). For soil, stream sediments and stream waters data were derived from total K, U and Th concentrations mainly from the ongoing geochemical survey of the United Kingdom (G-BASE), conducted by the British Geological Survey. The geochemical survey data are...

Data from: The influence of data resolution on predicted distribution and estimates of extent of current protection of three ‘listed’ deep-sea habitats

Lauren K. Ross, Rebecca E. Ross, Heather A. Stewart & Kerry L. Howell
Modelling approaches have the potential to significantly contribute to the spatial management of the deep-sea ecosystem in a cost effective manner. However, we currently have little understanding of the accuracy of such models, developed using limited data, of varying resolution. The aim of this study was to investigate the performance of predictive models constructed using non-simulated (real world) data of different resolution. Predicted distribution maps for three deep-sea habitats were constructed using MaxEnt modelling methods...

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  • 2015

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  • British Geological Survey
  • Plymouth University
  • Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
  • UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
  • University of Salford