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Checklist to Support the Helmholtz Centers in Implementing Policies on Sustainable Research Software

Reinhard Messerschmidt, Heinz Pampel, Felix Bach, Wolfgang zu Castell, Michael Denker, Ants Finke, Bernadette Fritzsch, Martin Hammitzsch, Uwe Konrad, Yvonne Leifels, Christoph Möhl, Marco Nolden, Markus Scheinert, Tobias Schlauch, Thomas Schnicke & Dirk Steglich
As the digitalization of research and teaching progresses, the number of software solutions developed at scientific institutions and used for the purpose of knowledge production is increasing. The accessibility and reuse of scientific results called for under the heading “open science” can be ensured in many fields only if, in addition to research data, program code is also made openly accessible. The present guide is addressed to decision-makers at the Helmholtz Centers who deal with...

Checkliste zur Unterstützung der Helmholtz-Zentren bei der Implementierung von Richtlinien für nachhaltige Forschungssoftware

Reinhard Messerschmidt, Heinz Pampel, Felix Bach, Wolfgang zu Castell, Michael Denker, Ants Finke, Bernadette Fritzsch, Martin Hammitzsch, Uwe Konrad, Yvonne Leifels, Christoph Möhl, Marco Nolden, Markus Scheinert, Tobias Schlauch, Thomas Schnicke & Dirk Steglich
Mit der voranschreitenden Digitalisierung von Forschung und Lehre steigt die Zahl an Software-Lösungen, die an wissenschaftlichen Einrichtungen entstehen und zur Erkenntnisgewinnung genutzt werden. Die – unter dem Stichwort Open Science geforderte – Zugänglichkeit und Nachnutzung von wissenschaftlichen Ergebnissen kann in vielen Fachgebieten nur sichergestellt werden, wenn neben Forschungsdaten auch Programmcode offen zugänglich gemacht wird. Die vorliegende Handreichung richtet sich an Entscheider*innen in den Helmholtz-Zentren, die sich mit der Implementierung von Richtlinien für nachhaltige Forschungssoftware befassen....

Aircraft Noise: The major sources, modelling capabilities, and reduction possibilities

Lothar Bertsch
In October 2014, the first ”Joint DLR & TU Delft Aviation Noise Workshop” was organized. This publication is the executive summary of this event. Overall, 38 invited participants from industry, academia, and research institutions have discussed the specific topic of this first 3 day workshop, i.e ”Aircraft Noise Reduction at the Source”. Four specific tasks were formulated in order to address the problem, i.e. (1) identification of main aircraft noise sources on-board of a given...

Firebird MSC - Level 0 Multispectral Images

The FireBIRD mission consists of two small satellites, TET-1 and BIROS. Together, the two satellites are on an Earth observation mission that aims to detect forest fires, or high-temperature events, from space. The new infrared system provides high-quality data that is capable of measuring the spread of the fire and the amount of heat generated with great accuracy very early on - almost in real time - meaning that FireBIRD can serve as an early...

Land Cover DE - Sentinel-2 - Germany, 2015

Matthias Weigand & Michael Wurm
This land cover classfication of Germany was created using Sentinel-2 imagery from the years 2015 to 2017 and LUCAS 2015 in-situ reference data (https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/web/lucas). It contains seven land cover types: (1) artificial land, (2) open soil, (3) high seasonal vegetation, (4) high perennial vegetation, (5) low seasonal vegetation, (6) low perennial vegetation and (7) water with a spatial resolution of 10m x 10m.

Untersuchung injektorgekoppelter Verbrennungsinstabilitäten in einer kryogenen Raketenbrennkammer

Wolfgang Armbruster

Aerodynamic Design of Active Flow Control on the Vertical Tail

Anna Gebhardt

Physical interaction effects of out of plane waviness and impact damages of fiber composite structures

Nagham Al-Kathemi

SCMaP - Landsat - Germany, 1984-2014

Uta Heiden
The Soil Composite Mapping Processor (SCMaP) is a new approach designed to make use of per-pixel compositing to overcome the issue of limited soil exposure due to vegetation. Three primary product levels are generated that will allow for a long term assessment and distribution of soils that include the distribution of exposed soils, a statistical information related to soil use and intensity and the generation of exposed soil reflectance image composites. The resulting composite maps...

High-energy quasi-monoenergetic neutron fields: existing facilities and future needs

S. Pomp, D.T. Bartlett, S. Mayer, G. Reitz, S. Röttger, M. Silari, F.D. Smit, H. Vincke & H. Yasuda
Abstract: High-energy neutrons are the dominant component of the prompt radiation field present outside the shielding of high-energy accelerators, and are a significant component of the cosmic radiation fields in aircraft and in spacecraft. In radiotherapy using high-energy medical accelerators, high-energy neutrons are a secondary component of the fields in the beam delivery system and in the patient’s body. The range of neutron energies in these fields extends from thermal energies to several GeV, and...

Comparison of Codes Assessing Radiation Exposure of Aircraft Crew due to Galactic Cosmic Radiation

J.F. Bottolier-Depois, P. Beck, M. Latocha, V. Mares, D. Matthiä, W. Rühm & F. Wissmann
Abstract: The aim of this report is to compare the doses and dose rates calculatedby various codes assessing radiation exposure of aircraft crew due to cosmic radiation. Some of the codes are used routinely for radiation protection purposes while others are purely for scientific use. The calculations were done using a set of representative, real flight routes around the globe. The results are presented in an anonymous way. This comparison is of major importance since...

Wie grün sind deutsche Städte?

Gotthard Meinel, Tobias Krüger, Lisa Eichler, Michael Wurm, Julia Tenikl, Annett Frick, Kathrin Wagner & Stefan Fina

Data from: Take-off engine particle emission indices for in-service aircraft at Los Angeles International Airport

Richard H. Moore, Michael A. Shook, Luke D. Ziemba, Joshua P. DiGangi, Edward L. Winstead, Bastian Rauch, Tina Jurkat, Kenneth L. Thornhill, Ewan C. Crosbie, Claire Robinson, Taylor J. Shingler & Bruce E. Anderson
We present ground-based, advected aircraft engine emissions from flights taking off at Los Angeles International Airport. 275 discrete engine take-off plumes were observed on 18 and 25 May 2014 at a distance of 400 m downwind of the runway. CO2 measurements are used to convert the aerosol data into plume-average emissions indices that are suitable for modelling aircraft emissions. Total and non-volatile particle number EIs are of order 1016–1017 kg−1 and 1014–1016 kg−1, respectively. Black-carbon-equivalent...

Evaluation of the Impact of the New ICRU Operational Quantities and Recommendations for their Practical Application

P. Gilvin, M. Caresana, J.-F. Bottollier-Depois, V. Chumak, I. Clairand, J. Eakins, P. Ferrari, O. Hupe, P. Olko, A. Röttger, R.J. Tanner, F. Vanhavere, E. Bakhanova, V. Bandalo, D. Ekendahl, H. Hödlmoser, D. Matthiä, G. Reitz, M. Latocha, P. Beck, D. Thomas & R. Behrens
Abstract: The International Commissions on Radiation Units and Measurements (ICRU) and on Radiological Protection (ICRP) have published a joint report, as ICRU Report 95, recommending new operational quantities for use in radiological protection. The new quantities have been devised to address known problems with the existing ones, including the need to cover a wider range of radiation types and energies, for example arising from the increasing use of proton therapy in clinical procedures. Also related...

Covid-19. Veränderungen des Mobilitätsverhaltens

Claudia Nobis
Zwischen der Mobilität von Personen und der Verbreitung des Corona-Virus besteht ein enger Zusammenhang. Nur durch das Zurücklegen von Wegen und den dabei vor allem am Zielort entstehenden zwischenmenschlichen Kontakten findet das Virus neue Wirte, um am Leben zu bleiben.

FireBIRD sieht Waldbrände mit Adleraugen

Dieter Oertel, Thomas Terzibaschian & Winfried Halle
Vegetationsfeuer werden aus dem Orbit erfasst und bewertet, um ihre Rolle für das Klima zu verstehen und um diese Feuer effektiver zu bekämpfen. Die FireBiRD-Mission des DLR ist aber auch deshalb interessant, weil man von ihr eine Menge über die Welt der Satelliten lernen kann, ohne die in der heutigen Gesellschaft vieles nicht mehr funktionieren würde.

Noise Prediction within Conceptual Aircraft Design

Lothar Bertsch
Motivation for the presented activities is the integration of noise as an additional objective in conceptual aircraft design. Therefore, the Parametric Aircraft Noise Analysis Module (PANAM) is developed to account for individual noise sources depending on their geometry and operating conditions. Each major noise source is modeled with an individual semi-empirical noise source model. These models capture the major relevant correlations, can still be executed on a standard desktop PC, and provide comprehensive simulation results....

Irradiations at the High-Energy Neutron Facility at iThemba LABS

A. Buffler, G. Reitz, S. Röttger, F. D. Smit & F. Wissmann
Abstract: Secondary high-energy neutrons are produced when high-energy particles (of several GeV) interact with matter as it is the case for cosmic radiation impinging on the Earth’s atmosphere, during ion-beam therapy or on shielding at high-energy particle accelerators. Especially, after traversing a large amount of matter, the residual neutron energy spectrum exhibits two energy regions which mainly contribute to the total ambient dose equivalent: around 1 MeV (evaporation peak) and around 100 MeV. Particle detectors...

Model Policy on Sustainable Software at the Helmholtz Centers

Felix Bach, Oliver Bertuch, C. Busse, Wolfgang zu Castell, S. Celo, M. Denker, S. Dinkelacker, Stephan Druskat, C. Faber, A. Finke, B. Fritzsch, Martin Hammitzsch, J. Haseleu, U. Konrad, J. Krupa, Y. Leifels, K. Mohns-Pöschke, M. Moravcikova, J. Nöller, C. Möhl, M. Nolden, M. Scheinert, U. Schelhaas, Kaja Scheliga, T. Schlauch … & D. Wortmann
The Model Policy was drawn up by the Research Software Task Group with the assistance of other experts from the Helmholtz Association and was agreed with the Technology Transfer and Commercial Legal Protection Working Group and the Legal Affairs Working Group. The present version was adopted by the Open Science Working Group on November 21, 2019.

Grounding line of Denman Glacier, East Antarctica from satellite radar interferometry

Virginia Brancato, Eric Rignot, Pietro Milillo, Mathieu Morlighem, Jeremie Mouginot, Lu An, Bernd Scheuchl, Seong Su Jeong, Paola Rizzoli, Jose Luiz Bueso Bello & Pau Prats-Iraola
Grounding line, elevation changes, and melt rates maps of Denman Glacier, East Antarctica. Using satellite radar interferometry from the COSMO-SkyMed mission we map the grounding line of Denman Glacier, East Antarctica. We complement these data with some historical interferometric radar acquisition from the European satellite ERS-1/2. We present new maps of elevation changes on the grounded and floating portions of Denman Glacier obtained by temporally differencing TanDEM-X Digital Elevation Models.

Data from: Electromyography data for non-invasive naturally controlled robotic hand prostheses

Manfredo Atzori, Arjan Gijsberts, Claudio Castellini, Barbara Caputo, Anne-Gabrielle Mittaz Hager, Simone Elsig, Giorgio Giatsidis, Franco Bassetto & Henning Müller
Recent advances in rehabilitation robotics suggest that it may be possible for hand-amputated subjects to recover at least a significant part of the lost hand functionality. The control of robotic prosthetic hands using non-invasive techniques is still a challenge in real life: myoelectric prostheses give limited control capabilities, the control is often unnatural and must be learned through long training times. Meanwhile, scientific literature results are promising but they are still far from fulfilling real-life...

Data from: Winter coat color polymorphisms identify global hotspots for evolutionary rescue from climate change

L. Scott Mills, Eugenia V. Bragina, Alexander V. Kumar, Marketa Zimova, Diana J.R. Lafferty, Jennifer Feltner, Brandon M. Davis, Klaus Hacklander, Paulo C. Alves, Jeffrey M. Good, Jose Melo-Ferreira, Andreas Dietz, Alexei V. Abramov, Natalia Lopatina & Kairsten Fay
Maintenance of biodiversity in a rapidly changing climate will depend on the efficacy of evolutionary rescue, whereby population declines due to abrupt environmental change are reversed by shifts in genetically-driven adaptive traits. However, a lack of traits known to be under direct selection by anthropogenic climate change has limited the incorporation of evolutionary processes into global conservation efforts. In 22 vertebrate species, some individuals undergo a seasonal color molt from summer brown to winter white...

Foundations of research software publication

Tobias Schlauch

Helmholtz Open Science Briefing. Helmholtz Open Science Forum Forschungssoftware. Report

Heinz Pampel, Nina Leonie Weisweiler, Roland Bertelmann, Wolfgang zu Castell, Suenje Dallmeier-Tiessen, Ronny Gey, Tobias Huste, Nicole Jung, Amir Kalali , Uwe Konrad, Christian Meeßen, Sebastian Müller, Dennis Oliveira & Tobias Schlauch
Das Helmholtz Forum Forschungssoftware, welches gemeinsam von der Task Group Forschungssoftware des AK Open Science und dem HIFIS Software Cluster getragen wird, veranstaltete am 7. April 2022 ein Helmholtz Open Science Forum zum Thema Forschungssoftware. Die Veranstaltung wurde vom Helmholtz Open Science Office organisiert. Das virtuelle Forum widmete sich drei Aspekten beim offenen und nachhaltigen Umgang mit Forschungssoftware in der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft: Policy, Praxis sowie Infrastrukturen und Tools. Die Veranstaltung war die zweite einer Reihe von...

Evaluating EU cohesion policy using satellite data

Julia Bachtrögler-Unger, Mathias Dolls, Paul Schüle, Hannes Taubenböck & Matthias Weigand
In December 2020, the Council of the European Union adopted the EU’s long-term budget for the years 2021 to 2027. With a share of 31 percent of the total budget (around 330 billion Euro), cohesion policy remains an important priority area. Given the large amount of resources dedicated to reduce economic and social disparities between European regions, it is essential to learn about the impact of different funding instruments in previous budgetary periods. In this...

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