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Data from: Single-molecule imaging and quantification of the immune-variant adhesin VAR2CSA on knobs of Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes

Cecilia P. Sanchez, Christos Karathanasis, Rodrigo Sanchez, Marek Cyrklaff, Julia Jäger, Bernd Buchholz, Ulrich S. Schwarz, Mike Heilemann & Michael Lanzer
PfEMP1 (erythrocyte membrane protein 1) adhesins play a pivotal role in the pathophysiology of falciparum malaria, by mediating sequestration of Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes in the microvasculature. PfEMP1 variants are expressed by var genes and are presented on membrane elevations, termed knobs. However, the organization of PfEMP1 on knobs is largely unclear. Here, we use super-resolution microscopy and genetically altered parasites expressing a modified var2csa gene in which the coding sequence of the photoactivatable mEOS2 was...

Epidermal Growth Factor signaling promotes sleep through a combined series and parallel neural circuit

Jan Konietzka, Maximilian Fritz, Silvan Spiri, Rebecca McWhirter, Andreas Leha, Sierra Palumbos, Wagner Steuer Costa, Alexandra Oranth, Alexander Gottschalk, , Alex Hajnal & Henrik Bringmann
Sleep requires sleep-active neurons that depolarize to inhibit wake circuits. Sleep-active neurons are under the control of homeostatic mechanisms that determine sleep need. However, little is known about the molecular and circuit mechanisms that translate sleep need into the depolarization of sleep-active neurons. During many stages and conditions in C. elegans, sleep requires a sleep-active neuron called RIS. Here, we defined the transcriptome of RIS to discover that genes of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor...

Data from: Endemic plant species are more palatable to introduced herbivores than non-endemics

Jonay Cubas, Severin Irl, Rafael Villafuerte, Víctor Bello-Rodríguez, Juan Rodríguez-Luengo, Marcelino Del Arco, José Martín-Esquivel & Juana González-Mancebo
Islands harbour a spectacular diversity and unique species composition. This uniqueness is mainly a result of endemic species that have evolved in-situ in the absence of mammal herbivores. However, island endemism is under severe threat by introduced herbivores. We test the assumption that endemic species are particularly vulnerable to generalist introduced herbivores (European rabbit) using an unprecedented dataset covering an entire island with enormous topographic, climatic and biological diversity (Tenerife, Canary Islands). With increasing endemism,...

Die Ästhetik herrschaftserhaltenden Regierens : Zur Einordnung persistenter machtpolitischer, rhetorischer Strategien in Machiavellis Il Principe

Daphne Tokas
Anti-democratic resistance is not uncommonly relied on critical theorems which design a model against domination. A look at the conditions of the sphere of influence in which Niccolò Machiavelli’s „Principe“ moved, who has become famous in political theory, must be astonishing in this context: it was different from today’s political sphere of influence of democratic states, but it produced similar political behavioral preferences – the stategical preservation of power. Whether it is a democratic system...

Data from: Challenges in the conservation of wide-ranging nomadic species

Dejid Nandintsetseg, Chloe Bracis, Kirk A. Olson, Katrin Böhning-Gaese, Justin M. Calabrese, Buyanaa Chimeddorj, William F. Fagan, Christen H. Fleming, Michael Heiner, Petra Kaczensky, Peter Leimgruber, Dalannast Munkhnast, Theresa Stratmann & Thomas Mueller
1. Conservation of nomadic ungulates presents significant conservation challenges because of unpredictability in their movements and space use. Long-term studies on nomadic ungulates offering insights into the variability in space use within and between years are largely missing but are necessary to develop effective conservation strategies. 2. We examined the temporal variability in space-use of 22 Mongolian gazelle, tracked for one to three years with GPS and used the resulting movement patterns to evaluate conservation...

Data from: The influence of the fetal leg position on the outcome in vaginally intended deliveries out of breech presentation at term – a FRABAT prospective cohort study

Lukas Jennewein, Roman Allert, Charlotte J Möllmann, Bettina Paul, Ulrikke Kielland-Kaisen, Florian J Raimann, Dörthe Brüggmann & Frank Louwen
Introduction: Vaginal delivery out of a breech presentation in pregnancies at term are being re-implemented into clinical practice. Still, recommendations regarding exclusion criteria leading to caesarean sections are based on expert opinions, not on evidence based guidelines. The difference in perinatal outcome and course of delivery in births with babies in frank breech position and babies in incomplete or complete breech presentation never has been investigated in a large patient cohort. Objective: To compare perinatal...

Differential contributions of the two human cerebral hemispheres to action timing

Florian Gompf, Anja Pflug, Muthuraman Muthuraman, Sergiu Groppa & Christian Alexander Kell
Rhythmic actions benefit from synchronization with external events. Auditory-paced finger tapping studies indicate the two cerebral hemispheres preferentially control different rhythms. It is unclear whether left-lateralized processing of faster rhythms and right-lateralized processing of slower rhythms bases upon hemispheric timing differences that arise in the motor or sensory system or whether asymmetry results from lateralized sensorimotor interactions. We measured fMRI and MEG during symmetric finger tapping, in which fast tapping was defined as auditory-motor synchronization...

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