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Using mosquito excreta to enhance mosquito-borne disease surveillance

Ana L. Ramírez

Enhancing diabetes self-management through mobile phone application

Damilola Mary Adu

Diversity, phylogeography and taxonomy of hard corals in the genus Porites

Tullia Terraneo

Using mathematical models to develop tuberculosis control strategies in Bangladesh

Md Abdul Kuddus

Photochemical transformations of quinones under batch and continuous-flow conditions

Madyan Adnan Yaseen

Molecular profiling of immunity to infectious disease using human challenge models

Martha Maria Cooper

Connectivity Matrices from biophysical modelling studies for A. millepora coral larvae in the Great Barrier Reef (Australia); present day and future scenarios

Christopher Thomas, Joana Figueiredo, Eric Deleersnijder, Jonathan Lambrechts, Andrew Baird, Sean Connolly & Emmanuel Hanert
These data contain connectivity matrices from biophysical modelling simulations of the dispersal of Acropora millepora coral larvae in the southern Great Barrier Reef (Australia), under present-day and future climate scenarios. The connectivity matrices represent modelled strength of larval transfer from one reef to another, and were obtained using a coupled reef-scale, high-resolution, depth-integrated finite element hydrodynamic model (SLIM) of water currents in the Great Barrier Reef, and Individual-Based particle tracking module. Biological parameters to model...

Sleep, watch, and extended cognition in Spenserian epic and Shakespearean drama

Stephanie Rhea Dawn Schierhuber

The anti-colitic properties of hookworm protein Na-AIP-1

Geraldine Buitrago

The impacts of microcredit on rural Vietnamese households

Chung Thanh Phan

Pornography's influence on men's sexual relationships and attitudes toward women

Daniel Miller

Conservation of Birds in Fragmented Landscapes Requires Protected Areas

Robert Timmers, Marijke Van Kuijk, Pita Verweij, Jaboury Ghazoul, Yann Hautier, William Laurance, Stefan Arriaga-Weiss, Robert Askins, Corrado Battisti, Åke Berg, Gretchen Daily, Cristián Estades, Beatrice Frank, Reiko Kurosawa, Rosamund Pojar, John Woinarski & Merel Soons
For successful conservation of biodiversity, it is vital to know whether protected areas in increasingly fragmented landscapes effectively conserve species. However, how large habitat fragments must be and what level of protection is required to sustain species, remains poorly known. We compiled a global dataset on almost 2000 bird species in 741 forest fragments varying in size and protection status, and show that protection is associated with higher bird occurrence, especially for threatened species. Protection...

Housing the Homeless: housing crisis and caravan parks – a Bourdieusian perspective

Geraldine Mallinson

How do coral reef fishes develop into athletes?

Adam Tyler Downie

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