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Skin cancer diagnosis and surgical management in general practice

Clare Heal

How do coral reef fishes develop into athletes?

Adam Tyler Downie

The impacts of microcredit on rural Vietnamese households

Chung Thanh Phan

Ranaviral infection in Australian freshwater turtles

Wytamma Wirth

Conservation of Birds in Fragmented Landscapes Requires Protected Areas

Robert Timmers, Marijke Van Kuijk, Pita Verweij, Jaboury Ghazoul, Yann Hautier, William Laurance, Stefan Arriaga-Weiss, Robert Askins, Corrado Battisti, Åke Berg, Gretchen Daily, Cristián Estades, Beatrice Frank, Reiko Kurosawa, Rosamund Pojar, John Woinarski & Merel Soons
For successful conservation of biodiversity, it is vital to know whether protected areas in increasingly fragmented landscapes effectively conserve species. However, how large habitat fragments must be and what level of protection is required to sustain species, remains poorly known. We compiled a global dataset on almost 2000 bird species in 741 forest fragments varying in size and protection status, and show that protection is associated with higher bird occurrence, especially for threatened species. Protection...

Photochemical transformations of quinones under batch and continuous-flow conditions

Madyan Adnan Yaseen

Current approaches in managing food allergy in Australian settings

Michael John Sheridan

Enhancing diabetes self-management through mobile phone application

Damilola Mary Adu

Diversity, phylogeography and taxonomy of hard corals in the genus Porites

Tullia Terraneo

The anti-colitic properties of hookworm protein Na-AIP-1

Geraldine Buitrago

A grammar of Mursi, a Nilo-Saharan language

Firew Girma Worku

A grammar model and curriculum resource for stereoscopic 3-D film production techniques

David Patrick Crowe

Phylogenomics, origin and diversification of anthozoans (Phylum Cnidaria)

Catherine McFadden, Andrea Quattrini, Mercer Brugler, Peter Cowman, Luisa Dueñas, Marcelo Kitahara, David Paz-García, James Reimer & Estefania Rodríguez
Anthozoan cnidarians (corals and sea anemones) include some of the world's most important foundation species, capable of building massive reef complexes that support entire ecosystems. Although previous molecular phylogenetic analyses have revealed widespread homoplasy of the morphological characters traditionally used to define orders and families of anthozoans, analyses using mitochondrial genes or rDNA have failed to resolve many key nodes in the phylogeny. With a fully resolved, time-calibrated phylogeny for 234 species constructed from hundreds...

Behavioural repertoire of high-shore littorinid snails reveals novel adaptations to an extreme environment

Terence Ng, Sarah Lau, Mark Davies, Richard Stafford, Laurent Seuront, Neil Hutchinson, Tin Yan Hui & Gray Williams
Species that inhabit high-shore environments on rocky shores survive prolonged periods of emersion and thermal stress. Using two Hong Kong high-shore littorinids (Echinolittorina malaccana and E. radiata) as models, we examined their behavioural repertoire to survive these variable and extreme conditions. Environmental temperatures ranged from 4 ℃ in the cool season to 55.5 ℃ in the hot season, with strong seasonal and daily fluctuations. In the hot season, both species allocated >35 % of their...

A grammar of Eibela: a language of the Western Province, Papua New Guinea

Grant William Aiton

Space use by fishes on coral reefs: establishment, fidelity and reef resilience

Robert Streit

The viability of coral populations in the Anthropocene

Andreas Dietzel

Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) in Queensland, Australia – Epidemiology and predictors of outcome

Katherine Elizabeth Pemberton

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