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Nitrogen economies and trapping capacities of Australian tropical Drosera

Irwan Lovadi

Self-management of diabetes by people in Indonesia: a grounded theory

Titan Ligita

Leaf, stem, and root stable carbon isotope ratios and gas exchange data for 452 plants

Lucas Cernusak
This dataset contains a compilation of stable carbon isotope ratios in leaves, stems, and roots for tree saplings and associated gas exchange data. It was used in a book chapter to test whether the relationship between carbon isotope discrimination and the ratio of intercellular to ambient carbon dioxide concentrations differs between leaves and woody tissues. The book chapter is entitled 'Carbon isotope effects in relation to CO2 assimilation by tree canopies' authored by Lucas A....

Investigating the immunomodulatory properties of the hookworm recombinant secretome

Stephanie Margaret Ryan

Geophysical and geochemical evidence for a new mafic magmatic province within the Northwest Shelf of Australia: Supplementary material

Christopher Yule & Carl Spandler
Buried magmatic provinces are rarely identified and difficult to classify. The Northwest Shelf of Australia contains large volumes of potentially interconnected mafic igneous material across several sedimentary basins. However, limited study and a lack of surface exposure have prevented detailed description and classification of these rocks. In this study, the distribution and composition of these mafic igneous rocks is described using an integrated geophysical and geochemical approach, which included over 10,000 km of 2D historical...

Weaving the future of Asian city tourism: drivers and implications

Louisa Yee-Sum Lee

Neonatal skin injuries from mechanical forces: a multicentre, mixed methods study

Deanne August

The impact of weeds and prescribed fire on faunal diversity

Rickard Abom

Modelling and infrared thermal imagery of hot particle curtains

Sepideh Afshar

Molecular bases of soft coral reproduction

Wiebke Wessels

Estimating the extended and hidden species diversity from environmental DNA in hyper-diverse regions

Jean-Baptiste Juhel, Virginie Marques, Rizkie Utama, Indra Vimono, Hagi Sugeha, Kadarusman Kadarusman, Christophe Cochet, Tony Dejean, Andrew Hoey, David Mouillot, Régis Hocdé & Laurent Pouyaud
Species inventories are the building blocks of our assessment of biodiversity patterns and human impact. Yet, historical inventories based on visual observations are often incomplete impairing subsequent analyses of ecological mechanisms, extinction risk and management success. Environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding is an emerging tool that can provide wider biodiversity assessments than classical visual-based surveys. However, eDNA-based inventories remain limited by sampling effort and reference database incompleteness. In this study, we propose a new framework coupling...

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