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Audacious leadership: one school's journey to achieve educational equality for Indigenous students

Eleanor Louise Wilkinson

Laying low: Rugged lowland rainforest preferred by feral cats in the Australian wet tropics

Tom Bruce, Stephen Williams, Rajan Amin, Felicity L’Hotellier & Ben Hirsch
Invasive mesopredators are responsible for the decline of many species of native mammals worldwide. Feral cats have been causally linked to multiple extinctions of Australian mammals since European colonisation. While feral cats are found throughout Australia, most research has been undertaken in arid habitats, thus there is a limited understanding of feral cat distribution, abundance, and ecology in Australian tropical rainforests. We carried out camera-trapping surveys at 108 locations across seven study sites, spanning 200...

Understandings and experiences of dementia in Fiji

Karen Johnston

Effects of climate change and light limitation on Acropora millepora coral recruits (NESP 5.2, AIMS, JCU and AIMS@JCU)

Christopher Brunner, Gerard Ricardo, Sven Uthicke, Andrew Negri & Mia Hoogenboom

Ecology of chital deer in north Queensland

Catherine Lindsay Kelly

Reef Rescue Marine Monitoring Program - Assessment of Terrestrial Run-off entering the Reef

Stephen Lewis, Jane Waterhouse, Caroline Petus & Cassandra James
The Reef 2050 WQIP Marine Monitoring Program (MMP) is a key component in the assessment of long term improvements in inshore water quality and marine ecosystem health that are expected to occur with improved land management practices. Data from the MMP is combined with monitoring and modelling data produced at paddock and catchment scales to produce a summary of the health of the GBR and its catchments. This component of the program assesses the spatial...

Family Production (Prawn Industrial Transformation Research Hub)

Dean Jerry
Location for the backend data storage associated with a database VM as established in relation to the prawn ITRH work.

Cultural resources in science learning: research with Torres Strait Islander middle school students

Philemon Tatenda Chigeza

Human rights and first Australians' well-being

Gracelyn Smallwood

Living with the Munpitch: the history of Mitchell River Mission, 1905 - 1967

Philip L. Freier

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