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Teaching and Exposing Grey Literature: What the Information Profession Needs to Know

Julia Gelfand
GL takes on new meanings with publishers and individuals creating new products and releasing information in different ways. With several choices of release usually available in different formats, the difficulty once associated with publishing GL and the enormous expenses predicted for a relatively low volume, electronic publishing via html and pdf has created new models and opportunities. Information access in the global economy forces the information professional to be better aware of a wider spectrum...

Fibrin fiber fluctuation

Qingda Hu & Elliot Botvinick
Understanding force propagation through the fibrous extracellular matrix can elucidate how cells interact mechanically with their surrounding tissue. Presumably, due to elastic nonlinearities of the constituent filaments and their random connection topology, force propagation in fiber networks is quite complex, and the basic problem of force propagation in structurally heterogeneous networks remains unsolved. We report on a new technique to detect displacements through such networks in response to a localized force, using a fibrin hydrogel...

One-to-one orthologs between Danaus plexippus and other insect species

Jose Ranz, Pablo Gonzalez & Cei Abreu-Goodger
Ortholog identification was performed between the gene models annotated in Danaus plexippus, Bombyx mori, and Drosophila melanogaster. The D. plexippus sequences are from an assembly obtained from an individual that belonged to a monarch population found in Irapuato, Mexico. 1-to-1 orthologs were delineated as part of an analysis devised to determining the proportion of gene models with homology support in other Lepidoptera and D. melanogaster, and in relation to a previously published gene annotation of...

Methyl bromide atmosphere-ocean box model code, inputs, and outputs

Melinda Nicewonger & Eric Saltzman
This dataset contains the source code and necessary inputs to run the 6-box atmosphere ocean model described in Saltzman et al., 2021 and Nicewonger et al., 2021. The model outputs described in Saltzman et al. are also described.

A study of gene expression, structure, and contractility of iPSC-Derived Cardiac Myocytes from a family with heart disease due to LMNA mutation

Mehrsa Mehrabi, Tessa A. Morris, Zixuan Cang, Cecilia H. H. Nguyen, Yutong Sha, Mira N. Asad, Nyree Khachikyan, Taylor L. Greene, Danielle M. Becker, Qing Nie, Michael V. Zaragoza & Anna Grosberg
Genetic mutations to the Lamin A/C gene (LMNA) can cause heart disease, but the mechanisms making cardiac tissues uniquely vulnerable to the mutations remain largely unknown. Further, patients with LMNA mutations have highly variable presentation of heart disease progression and type. In vitro patient-specific experiments could provide a powerful platform for studying this phenomenon, but the use of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (iPSC-CM) introduces heterogeneity in maturity and function thus complicating the interpretation of...

Data from: Drivers and cascading ecological consequences of Gambusia affinis trait variation

Zachary Wood, Laura Lopez, Celia Symons, Rebecca Robinson, Eric Palkovacs & Michael Kinnison
Phenotypic trait differences among populations can shape ecological outcomes for communities and ecosystems. However, few studies have mechanistically linked heritable and plastic components of trait variation to generalizable processes of ecology, such as trophic cascades. Here we assess morphological and behavioral trait variation in nine populations of common-garden reared western mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) from three distinct ancestral predator environments (three populations per environment), each reared in the presence and absence of predator cues. We then...

Plain-text conversions of U.S. Final Environmental Impact Statements from 2013-2020

Tyler Scott, Nicholas Marantz & Nicola Ulibarri
Administrative procedures are intended to increase transparency and help agencies make better decisions. However, these requirements also increase agency workload. Understanding how public agencies satisfy procedural requirements is a critical facet of agency performance. This analysis focuses on the language agencies use in Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) required by the U.S. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) – specifically, the reuse of similar text within and between assessments. We synthesize theories of institutional isomorphism and bureaucratic...

Circular RNA circVRK1 suppresses the proliferation, migration and invasion of osteosarcoma cells by regulating zinc finger protein ZNF652 expression via microRNA miR-337-3p

Cheng Cheng, Haoping Zhang, Zhipeng Dai & Jia Zheng
Circular RNA is an innovative kind of endogenous non-coding RNA, which could take part in tumorigenesis. Nonetheless, the potential molecular mechanisms of circVRK1 in the progression of osteosarcoma remain unresolved. In the current study, we initially investigated circVRK1 levels in osteosarcoma clinical samples and cell lines by qRT-PCR analysis and northern blot assay. RNase R treatments, RNA stability assay and nucleoplasmic separation assay were conducted to identify the characteristics of circVRK1. We adopted CCK-8, colony...

Long non-coding RNA LINC00958 promotes colorectal cancer progression by enhancing the expression of LEM domain containing 1 via microRNA miR-3064-5p

Zhaoxia Luo, Shunxin Hao, Jian Yuan, Kai Zhu, Shuo Liu, Jing Zhang & Lei Yao
Colorectal cancer is a common cause of cancer-related death worldwide. Thus, there is an urgent need to determine the mechanism of progression of colorectal cancer. In this study, we investigated the function and mechanism of long non-coding RNA LINC00958, providing a new biomarker for colorectal cancer. The expression of LINC00958, miR-3064-5p, and LEM domain containing 1 (LEMD1) in colorectal cancer tissues and cell lines was analyzed using reverse transcription quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR). The...

Data from: Unraveling the ecological and evolutionary impacts of a plant invader on the pollination of a native plant

Wilnelia Recart & Diane Campbell
Interactions between a native plant species and its pollinators, herbivores, or microbiome can be affected by the presence of non-native plant species. Non-native plant species are altering plant-pollinator interactions, yet we know little about how these non-native species influence natural selection. In addition, year-to-year variation in flowering could influence the impacts of non-native species on reproductive success in native plants and the strength and direction of pollinator-mediated selection. We examined whether the presence of the...

The effects of adaptation to urea on feeding rates and growth in Drosophila larvae

Laurence Mueller, Kathreen Bitner, Grant Rutledge & James Kezos
A collection of forty populations were used to study the phenotypic adaptation of Drosophila melanogaster larvae to urea laced food. A long-term goal of this research is to map genes responsible for these phenotypes. This mapping requires large numbers of populations. Thus, we studied fifteen populations subjected to direct selection for urea tolerance and five controls. In addition, we studied another twenty populations which had not been exposed to urea but were subjected to stress...

Climate-driven limits to future carbon storage in California's wildland ecosystems

Shane Coffield, Kyle Hemes, Charles Koven, Michael Goulden & James Randerson
Enhanced ecosystem carbon storage is a key component of many climate mitigation pathways. The State of California has set an ambitious goal of carbon neutrality by 2045, relying in part on enhanced carbon sequestration in natural and working lands. We used statistical modeling, including random forests and climate analogues, to explore the climate-driven challenges and uncertainties associated with the goal of long-term carbon sequestration in forests and shrublands. We found that seasonal patterns of temperature...

Impact assessment of coastal marine range shifts to support proactive management

Amy Henry & Cascade Sorte
Climate change is reshuffling Earth’s biota as species ranges shift to track increasing habitat temperatures. While redistribution may be necessary for species persistence, there can also be impacts on existing communities upon arrival of novel, range-shifting species. Anticipating the beneficial versus deleterious impacts of range-shifting species is essential for determining whether active management is needed, which could include employing strategies from facilitation (eg managed relocation) to suppression (eg prevention/control). We employ an impact assessment protocol...

Permeability of H2 in ice Ih

John Patterson & Eric Saltazman
Reconstructions of paleoatmospheric H2 using polar firn air and ice cores would lead to a better understanding of the H2 biogeochemical cycle and how it is influenced by climate change and human activity. H2 is a small, highly diffusive molecule, and its mobility in the ice matrix must be accounted for when intepreting polar firn air and ice core measurements. Previous work on the mobility of H2 in ice has focused on warm (272-273 K),...

Grey Literature : Plausible Applications for Distance Education Practices

Julia Gelfand
With distance education among the most dynamic elements in post-secondary education today and with changes in emerging instruction technologies breaking frontiers, new interpretations of copyright and creative site licensing of information, grey literature has an equally new potential for use in these structures. The "Innovation Diffusion" common in distance education is a parallel structure to developments in electronic publishing and alternative ways to distribute and treat grey literature. Connectivity remains the major challenge as distance...

Every Quantifier Isn't the Same: Informativity Matters for Ambiguity Resolution in Quantifier-Negation Sentences

Noa Attali, Gregory Scontras & Lisa S. Pearl

Data from: Selection of floral traits by pollinators and seed predators during sequential life history stages

Diane Campbell, Mascha Bischoff, Robert Raguso, Heather Briggs & Paula Sosenski
Organismal traits often influence fitness via interactions with multiple species. That selection is not necessarily predictable from pairwise interactions, such as when interactions occur during different lifecycle stages. Theoretically, directional selection during two sequential episodes, e.g., pollination and seed survival, can generate quadratic or correlational selection for a set of traits that passes both selective filters. We compared strength of selection during pollination versus seed predation in the field and tested whether interactions with multiple...

H2 in firn air from Megadunes, Antarctica

Eric Saltzman
This dataset contains two items: 1) firn air measurements of H2 from Megadunes, Antarctica. 2) atmospheric surface flask air measurements of H2 from NOAA GML, CSIRO, and AGAGE from 1991-2003 adjusted to a common calibration scale. Firn air was sampled at the Megadunes site in central Antarctica (80.78 °S, 124.49 °E, Alt: 2,283 m) Antarctica during January of 2004. A 3” diameter hole was bored to a depth of 70 m using an ice core...

Spatiotemporal analysis of wildfires in California from 2000 to 2019

Shu Li & Tirtha Banerjee
The environmental pollution, property losses and casualties caused by wildfires in California are getting worse by the year. To minimize the interference of wildfires on economic and social development, and formulate targeted mitigation strategies, it is imperative to understand the scale and extent of previous wildfire occurrences. In this study, we first investigated the temporal distributions of past wildfires in California divided by size and causes and analyzed the changes observed in the past two...

Data from: True UV color vision in a female butterfly with two UV opsins

Adriana D. Briscoe & Susan D. Finkbeiner
In true color vision animals discriminate between light wavelengths, regardless of intensity, using at least two photoreceptors with different spectral sensitivity peaks. Heliconius butterflies have duplicate UV opsin genes, which encode ultraviolet and violet photoreceptors, respectively. In H. erato, only females express the ultraviolet photoreceptor, suggesting females (but not males) can discriminate between UV wavelengths. We tested the ability of H. erato, and two species lacking the violet receptor, H. melpomene and Eueides isabella, to...

The effects of different parity and delivery mode on wheezing disorders in the children—a retrospective cohort study in Fujian, China

Haiyan Gao, Chong Miao, Haibo Li, Meng Bai, Huijie Zhang, Zhengqin Wu, Wei Li, Wenjuan Liu, Libo Xu, Guanghua Liu & Yibing Zhu
The relationship between childbirth delivery methods and the risk of wheezing in children remains controversial. Few studies have explored it under different maternal conditions. To explore the influence of childbirth delivery method on the onset of wheezing in children of different parity. A total of 21716 patients were included in this retrospective observational study. Multivariable logistic regression was used to analyze the relationship between childbirth delivery method and wheezing in children under 18 years of...

Long non-coding RNA LINC00958 promotes colorectal cancer progression by enhancing the expression of LEM domain containing 1 via microRNA miR-3064-5p

Zhaoxia Luo, Shunxin Hao, Jian Yuan, Kai Zhu, Shuo Liu, Jing Zhang & Lei Yao
Colorectal cancer is a common cause of cancer-related death worldwide. Thus, there is an urgent need to determine the mechanism of progression of colorectal cancer. In this study, we investigated the function and mechanism of long non-coding RNA LINC00958, providing a new biomarker for colorectal cancer. The expression of LINC00958, miR-3064-5p, and LEM domain containing 1 (LEMD1) in colorectal cancer tissues and cell lines was analyzed using reverse transcription quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR). The...

Cannibalism of newly-metamorphosed juvenile sea stars

Jonathan Allen & Karina Brocco French
Cannibalism is widespread across the animal kingdom, occurring in more than 1300 species of invertebrates and vertebrates across terrestrial and aquatic habitats (Fox, 1975; Polis, 1981; Elgar and Crespi, 1992). Cannibalism, defined as the consumption of all or part of a conspecific individual, can occur during multiple stages in the life cycle of an organism (Elgar and Crespi, 1992). As such, cannibalism potentially affects animal behavior, life history strategies, population size and reproductive success (Cushing...

Grey literature in new packages: implications from the transition to electronic publishing

Julia Gelfand
In the past three years the phenomena of the emergence and development of the worldwide web (www) has captured all elements of society and created a forum for GL as never before. The range of information now mounted on web sites ceases to amaze noone. We have seen computer systems, especially knowledge-based systems used in various ways to support knowledge work in the most creative ways while challenging how grounded they are in traditional literature....

Dataset S2: Global Synechococcus pigment type distribution from metagenomes with co-located mixed layer depths and sea surface properties

Raisha Lovindeer & Lucas Ustick
Dataset containing Synechococcus metagenomes separated into pigment type abundance and proportion of light-harvesting generalists (capable of chromatic acclimation) at each sample location. Data are combined from GO-SHIP, GEOTRACES and TARA Oceans with co-located mixed layer depths and sea surface properties calculated from cruise CTD data. Additionally, the dataset contains co-located mixed layer depth climatology from ARGO; and sea surface height, and one-degree adjacent sea surface gradients via satellite atilmetry from AVISO.

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