Data from: Free-ranging dogs show age related plasticity in their ability to follow human pointing

Debottam Bhattacharjee, Nikhil Dev N., Shreya Gupta, Shubhra Sau, Rohan Sarkar, Arpita Biswas, Arunita Banerjee, Daisy Babu, Diksha Mehta & Anindita Bhadra
Differences in pet dogs’ and captive wolves’ ability to follow human communicative intents have led to the proposition of several hypotheses regarding the possession and development of social cognitive skills in dogs. It is possible that the social cognitive abilities of pet dogs are induced by indirect conditioning through living with humans, and studying free-ranging dogs can provide deeper insights into differentiating between innate abilities and conditioning in dogs. Free-ranging dogs are mostly scavengers, indirectly...

Registration Year

  • 2017

Resource Types

  • Dataset


  • Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata
  • University of Delhi