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On relations of anisotropy and linear inhomogeneity using Backus average, 1-D tomography and two-parameter velocity inversion

We divide this thesis into three major parts. In the first part, we study three velocity models and corresponding traveltimes to obtain the inhomogeneity and anisotropy of a medium by comparing them to the field data. We derive an analytical relation that relates the linear inhomogeneity of a layered medium to the anisotropy parameter in an equivalent medium. For the analytic ease, we consider the P and S wave velocity gradients to be equal. We...

Plantwide simulation and monitoring of offshore oil and gas production facility

Monitoring is one of the major concerns in offshore oil and gas production platform since the access to the offshore facilities is difficult. Also, it is quite challenging to extract oil and gas safely in such a harsh environment, and any abnormalities may lead to a catastrophic event. The process data, including all possible faulty scenarios, is required to build an appropriate monitoring system. Since the plant wide process data is not available in the...

Opening up containment: making space in Newfoundland salmonid aquaculture

Studies in geography and STS looking at containment-in-practice have shown that thinking about containment as a hermetic closing off of a definite space is not suitable for this world, which is characterized by leakages, overflows, excesses, movements, and borders being crossed, contested and drawn again. However, renderings of containment still play an important role in the practices that make and break our worlds. This thesis attempts to open up containment by thinking through how containment...

Micellar- and polymer-enhanced ultrafiltration for heavy metal and sulfate removal from aqueous solutions

Micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration (MEUF) and polymer-enhanced ultrafiltration (PEUF) show potential as promising techniques to remove dissolved ions from wastewater, but they remain inadequately understood. In this thesis, the MEUF removal of copper, nickel, and cobalt ions from aqueous solutions was investigated. The effect of surfactant-to-metal (S/M) ratio and pH on MEUF performance (i.e., metal rejection rate and permeate flux) were examined to obtain the preferred operational conditions. A resampling-based artificial neural network (ANN) modeling was proposed...

Pragmatic inclusion for a democratic society: William James' social ethics and the justification of basic income

he most influential and dominant philosophical justification for basic income is Philippe Van Parijs’ “real freedom for all,” a classical-liberal argument premised on individual freedom. My thesis identifies and critiques problems in “real freedom for all,” namely its abstract ideological foundation, limited conception of the self, and narrow understanding of valuable activity. As a superior justification of basic income, I propose William James’ social ethics: it uses listening, experimentation, and revision as foundations for ethics;...

Attitudes towards online and face-to-face counselling among university students in Newfoundland

This study investigated student attitudes towards online and face-to-face counselling at a university in Newfoundland. In addition, the variables ‘self-stigma’, ‘perceived stigma from others’ and ‘practical barriers to treatment’ were examined for their relationship with attitudes towards counselling. There were 166 students that participated in the study that included an online survey. While participants’ attitudes towards online counselling were favourable (M=39.34), students still significantly preferred face-to-face counselling (M=44.18). Students did not associate discomfort with either...

Developments in fish detection using broadband acoustic doppler current profiler

Acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs) are the standard instrument used to monitor ocean currents. These instruments also detect signals scattered by fish and other organisms, but these signals are normally treated as noise and rejected by ADCP data processing techniques. Those rejected signals do however contain information on fish movement providing an opportunity to extend the application of ADCP technology. The added capability of the ADCP offers a monitoring tool for fish activity and presence...

Investigating the mechanical properties of aluminum and epoxy polymer using molecular dynamics simulations

Molecular Dynamics simulations were used to recreate mechanical testing procedures and to predict the mechanical properties of aluminum and epoxy polymers. In the first study, a procedure for performing nanoindentation on single crystal FCC aluminum was designed and used to test which available force field and parameter sets were best suited for accurately predicting the elastic modulus. The modulus was calculated from the generated force-displacement curve using Oliver & Pharr as well as Hertz indentation...

Surviving to thriving: post-secondary education for refugee youth in smaller centres in Canada

The research investigates refugee youth’s aspirations for and access to post-secondary education in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The theoretical framework that underpins this study consists of segmented assimilation theory and the bioecological model of human development. A basic qualitative research approach was employed. Twenty refugee youths and three staff members from educational service providers participated in this study. Data were collected through one-on-one semi-structured interviews. Findings revealed that new life in Canada instilled...

Spatial extension of the theoretical framework of the adaptive virulence evolution hypothesis

The adaptive virulence hypothesis states that parasites cause death to their hosts because virulence is beneficial for the transmission and spread of parasites. A growing body of empirical evidence supports the adaptive virulence hypothesis but more examples are needed for its empirical validation. The classic mathematical framework of the adaptive virulence hypothesis does not account for host population structure which can have important implications for virulence evolution. The goal of this thesis is to address...

Iron-catalyzed cross-coupling of arylboronic acids with unactivated N-heterocycles and quinones under microwave heating

Traditional C-C cross-coupling reactions generally rely on the use of expensive and sometimes toxic metal catalysts, such as palladium or ruthenium. These methods generally require two functionalized reagents, which can increase reaction cost. In the interests of sustainability and reduced costs there has been considerable interest in catalysis using earth-abundant metals, such as iron, as well as in C-H activation reactions. One example of a C-H activation reaction is the Minisci reaction, which is a...

Échanges en noir et blanc: les enjeux double dans le film Renaissance de Christian Volckman

The film Renaissance, a feature black and white science fiction animated film, proves the power of the image exploited by the cinema, in particular that of animation. Released in 2006, this film, directed by Christian Volckman, combines a series of technical and scriptwriting elements from various moments in the history of cinema, in particular a scenario which makes a link with classical cinema, particularly with the American Black Film of the fifties, with thrillers, and...

Phylogeographic analysis of an Arctic rabies host species, the red (Vulpes vulpes) and arctic (Vulpes lagopus) fox, in the Eastern Subarctic region of Canada

Rabies is a fatal disease that raises public health concerns in the Canadian Eastern Subarctic region, however, the origins and the spread of epizootics of this lethal zoonotic disease are little understood. Coloured or red (Vulpes vulpes) and arctic (Vulpes lagopus) foxes across northern Canada are considered to be the principal maintenance or reservoir hosts of rabies virus. Therefore, I studied the phylogeography of one host, the red fox, to better understand the movement of...

Tick-borne encephalitis virus NS4A ubiquitination antagonizes type I interferon-stimulated STAT1/2 signalling pathway

Qi Yang, Jia You, Yuan Zhou, Yun Wang, Rongjuan Pei, Xinwen Chen, Min Yang & Jizheng Chen
Tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) accounts for approximately 10,000 annual cases of severe encephalitis in Europe and Asia and causes encephalitis in humans. In this study, we demonstrate TBEV appears to activate the interferon (IFN)-β dependent on RIG-I/MDA5. Both the IFN-β accumulation and the IFN stimulated genes (ISGs) transcription greatly delay. Further studies reveal that TBEV NS4A could block the phosphorylation and dimerization of STAT1/STAT2 to affect type I and II IFN-mediated STAT signalling. Additional data...

Data from: Going the distance: Influence of distance between boat noise and nest site on the behavior of paternal smallmouth bass

Katharine MacLean, Tanya Prystay, Michael Lawrence, Aarron Zolderdo, Lee Gutowsky, Erica Staaterman, Austin Gallagher & Steven Cooke
The effects of anthropogenic noise have garnered significant attention in marine ecosystems, but comparatively less is known about its impacts on freshwater ecosystems. For fish that provide parental care, the effects of acoustic disturbance could have fitness-level consequences if nest tending behavior is altered. This study explored the effects of motorboat noise on the parental behavior of nesting male smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu; Lacépède, 1802), an important freshwater game fish in North America that provides...

Scalable feature selection methods by augmenting sparse lease squares

Feature selection has been used widely for selecting a subset of genes (features) from microarray datasets, which help discriminate healthy samples from those with a particular disease. However, most feature selection methods suffer from high computational complexity when applied to these datasets due to the large number of genes present. Usually, a small subset of these genes have a contributing factor to the disease, and the rest of the genes are irrelevant to the condition....

he combined effect of hypoxia and cold on substrate metabolism in men at rest

This study was designed to examine the acute metabolic response of men to the combined exposure to cold and hypoxia at rest. As the individual effects of both conditions have been extensively studied, our research focused on their combined effects in an effort to develop a better understanding of a lesser known topic. Eight participants (age:28.9±11.8 y; weight:80.7±11.5 kg; height:175.8±0.067 m; BMI:29±11 kg∙m⁻²) were recruited to participate in three experimental sessions for two hours on...

Effective fine structure constant

In this thesis, we use the dispersive approach to calculate the effective fine structure constant. In this calculation, a truncated self-energy and triangle topology is considered up to Next-to-Next to Leading Order (NNLO). We have used the dispersive approach for two-loop self energy to evaluate a NNLO (two loop) contributions and a result obtained is rather compact expressions using only two loop Passarino-Veltman function basis. For the triangle topology, we have used a bulk approximation...

Long range transport of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and their natural analogues determined through size-resolved aerosols, and levels in Atlantic Ocean fish from Newfoundland coasts.

Conventional flame retardants of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) are harmful endocrine disrupters that may endure in the environment and experience long range transport (LRT) to areas far from their sources. Despite a gradual phasing out of PBDEs as flame retardants by the Stockholm Convention and other legislation, humans and the environment are still exposed. Recently, natural methoxy and hydroxyl analogues of PBDEs, MeO-BDEs and OH-BDEs, have been discovered in marine environments and are seasonally associated...

Hydrothermal reconstruction and lithogeochemistry of the Argyle orogenic gold deposit, Baie Verte, Newfoundland

The Argyle orogenic gold deposit (543,000 t @2.19 g/t Au indicated, and 517,000 t @1.82 g/t Au inferred resources) is located within Lower Ordovician Snooks Arm Group, Baie Verte Peninsula, Newfoundland. Gold mineralization is hosted as inclusions in secondary pyrite and at pyrite crystal boundaries in a ~50 m thick E-W striking, gently N-dipping tholeiitic gabbro sill. The short distance (200-300 m) from the Scrape thrust, rheological contrast within the heterogenous gabbro and a high...

The role of mining in community sustainability in Newfoundland and policy implications: a case study of Baie Verte

The island of Newfoundland is very important to the Canadian mining industry. It houses some of Newfoundland and Labrador’s (NL) major mining operations and exploration activities. Commercial mining, which began in 1864 on the island, has historically impacted the sustainability of communities. Using a mixed methods case study approach, the study first employed a three capitals sustainability assessment model, the ‘Telos framework’, to assess the current state of community sustainability in the Town of Baie...

Teacher as facilitator: a case study of enhanced student agency

This research investigates an enhanced agency classroom. A small class of 12 grade-six students undertook a two-week unit in which they could exercise their agency by choosing what they wanted to learn, how they wanted to learn it and how they wanted to be assessed. Qualitative data was collected in the form of a journal, written by the teacher-researcher who made detailed observations of his role, the role of the students, and the overall effects...

Solar water heating systems with thermal storage for application in Newfoundland

Solar water heating systems are commonly used in many parts of the world. Some such systems have thermal energy storage option. No such example could be found for Newfoundland. Such renewable energy systems could be designed and implemented for Newfoundland to reduce

The palaeontology of Ediacaran Avalonia: new insights using morphometrics and multivariate statistical analyses

The Avalonian Ediacaran fossil assemblage of Newfoundland, Canada contains abundant fossils with a wide range of morphologies and preservational styles. Quantitative morphological and statistical analysis in Ediacaran fossil assemblages has recently been used to recognize natural morphological groupings, providing evidence for variability within and between taxa. This approach is first used herein to test the grouping of the serially arranged, millimeterscale chambered organism known as Palaeopascichnus. The combined morphometric and statistical analytical approach was applied...

Advanced digital signal processing for next-generation flexible optical networks

To keep pace with the rapid expansion in data-exchange traffic around the world, optical networks are anticipated to provide flexibility to maximize utilization of the deployed optical fiber resources. On the other hand, digital signal processing (DSP) has been employed in coherent optical systems to enable 100G and beyond optical fiber networks. The goal of the thesis is to develop advanced DSP techniques for the flexible optical networks. With the reconfigured modulation formats in the...

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