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Asphaltene deposition simulation in porous media during CO₂ injection using Lattice Boltzmann Method

Carbon dioxide (CO₂) injection in oil reservoirs is a potential means of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and reducing greenhouse gas. Change in the thermodynamic condition and composition due to the CO₂ injection process may trigger the asphaltene precipitation and deposition which directly affects the efficiency of the EOR process. Predicting the possibility of the asphaltene issue under different operating conditions can help the oil industry for better process design, handle the potential operational problems and...

Mean and eddy induced transport in the ocean region adjacent to the Greenland-Scotland Ridge

The circulation and transport in the ocean region adjacent to the Greenland- Scotland Ridge (GSR) are crucial for maintaining heat, freshwater, and sea-ice exchange between the Nordic Seas and Subpolar North Atlantic Ocean. The Nordic Seas receive low-density Atlantic Water and transform it into dense water. The dense water overflow contributes to the North Atlantic Deep Water mass formation, which feeds the lower limb of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation. The thesis presents results from...

Effects of anthropogenic noise on communication in dark-eyed juncos (Junco hyemalis)

Noise pollution has numerous consequences for wildlife, including the disruption of acoustic communication through its impacts on signal production, signal transmission, and signal perception. In this thesis, I demonstrated, using complementary correlational and experimental approaches, that dark-eyed juncos (Junco hyemalis) increase the frequency of their songs in response to noise. Next, I broadcasted noise-altered and unaltered songs in noisy and quiet environments and re-recorded them along a 40-m transect, with microphones set up at 1,...

Criminalizing women in the Last Best West: gender, race, and class in the Alberta Criminal Justice System, 1892-1920

Research addressing the regional differences in patterns of criminalization between Central Canada and Western Canada has been overlooked by many historians of criminal law. This research looks into those differences and explores how the unique developments in the political, social, and economic history of Alberta influences the patterns of criminalization women of different races, and social classes experienced as Alberta transitioned from a Territory to a Province (1892-1920). The findings reveal a complex evolution of...

Does alternative oxidase play a role in plant adaptation to anoxia and post-anoxia?

Low oxygen stress and reaeration have detrimental effects on plants. Transgenic tobacco plants differentially expressing alternative oxidase (AOX) were used to investigate its role during anoxia and post-anoxia. Superoxide, hydrogen peroxide and malondialdehyde (MDA) levels increased under anoxia and post-anoxia exhibiting lower level in AOX-overexpressing lines. Nitric oxide (NO) emission increased during anoxia stronger in overexpressing lines while nitrosylation of proteins followed a reverse pattern. ATP/ADP ratio decreased during anoxia and increased with reaeration being...

Investigating modelling and inversion techniques for overburden stripping for uranium exploration in the Athabasca Basin, Canada

The major investment in exploration for uranium in Canada is in one of the most important structural corridors of the eastern Athabasca Basin, extending from the Millennium deposit to the McArthur River deposit (called the McArthur-Millennium corridor). This corridor hosts the largest and highest-grade uranium deposits in the world (at a depth of more than 500 m), and it will be the focus of exploration activity by companies (e.g., Cameco) in the Athabasca Basin for...

Covert contrast in the acquisition of English /ɹ/: a case study

In this thesis I examine the potential role of covert contrast (the phenomenon by which a phonological contrast produced by a language learner falls below the threshold of perception of adult speakers of this language) in the development of one child learning the contrast between /ɹ/ and /w/ in English. More specifically, using a longitudinal corpus documenting the development of American English by one child learner, I compare data obtained by impressionistic means of phonetic...

Numerical investigation of fracture of polycrystalline ice under dynamic loading

Cohesive zone model is a promising technique for simulating fracture processes in brittle ice. In this work it is applied to investigate the fracture behavior of polycrystalline cylindrical samples under uniaxial loading conditions, four-point beam bending, and L-shaped beam bending. In each case, the simulation results are compared with the corresponding experimental data that was collected by other researchers. The model is based on the implicit finite element method combined with Park-Paulino-Roesler formulation for cohesive...

Numerical study of large deformation retrogressive landslides in sensitive clay triggered by toe erosion and earthquake

Landslides in sensitive clays represent a severe geohazard in eastern Canada and Scandinavia. Triggered by various factors, such as toe erosion, earthquake, and human activities, a sensitive clay landslide can affect a large area and cause damage to infrastructure. The evaluation of risk associated with sensitive clay landslides is an important but challenging task because the failure mechanisms are not well understood. Different types of landslide (e.g. flowslide, monolithic slide, and spread) occur through significantly...

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