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Transforming the liberal state: gender, class, and ethnicity on the Newfoundland home front, 1914-1918

In 1914, the Dominion of Newfoundland was thrust into a total war effort. Like other British Dominions, Newfoundland committed its entire civilian population, economy, science, and technology to fighting the war. This dissertation examines how such commitment led to reconceptualizations of gender, class, and ethnicity for the sake of the war effort. Such reconceptualized identities were evident in wartime social phenomena such as prohibition, price control, food rationing, taxation, women’s war work, the treatment of...

Three-dimensional finite-volume time-domain modeling of graphitic fault zones in the Athabasca Basin using unstructured grids.

In this thesis, numerical modeling methods for geophysical time-domain electromag- netic (EM) problems and their applications in modeling graphitic faults in the Atha- basca Basin are investigated. A finite-volume time-domain numerical modeling method is developed. The method uses unstructured Delaunay-Voronoï dual meshes. Such unstructured meshes are more flexible and efficient when models containing geological units with complex geometries and topography need to be considered. A model build- ing procedure is established to construct arbitrarily complex...

The seasonal and inter-annual variation in water export from a boreal forest headwater stream.

Headwater streams are important locations representing access points to assess aquatic to terrestrial fluxes and source areas that control the water and solute fluxes to downstream aquatic environments. Boreal headwater streams are in post-glacial high latitude landscapes which show a wide range of topographical heterogeneity in landscapes containing high stores of organic matter highly susceptible to climate change. Boreal streams represent important sentinels for landscape changes relevant to global climate feedbacks. Catchment hydrology of boreal...

Theological polyphony in Michael Crummey's Galore.

This thesis provides a close examination of religion in Michael Crummey’s Galore (2009), focussing particularly on the novel’s use of allusion—verbal, dramatic, and figurational—to harmonize its expansive polyphonic theology. Epiphany, encounter, the unexpected inbreaking of divinity into ordinary life is a central theme in Galore. It is expressed verbally and visually, often in terms that have meaning in several streams of spirituality all at once. These composite or bilingual figurations, which manage to allude simultaneously...

Perceptions and expectations of the technological proficiency levels of university business school graduates: representations of graduates and employers.

The present study explores business school graduates’ experiences in acquiring computing skills, as well as employers’ experiences with the computer proficiency of recent business school graduates. Following on the work of Gibbs, Steel & Kuiper (2011) this study examines the experiences of business graduates from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada and local employers who hire these graduates. A qualitative research design was employed, and semi-structured interviews were conducted with eighteen (18) participants: twelve (12) business...

The interaction between water turbidity and visual sensory systems and its impact on freshwater fishes.

An aquatic ecosystem’s sensory environment has a profound influence on multiple aspects of the life cycles of its resident species, including mating cues, predation, and sensory systems. This thesis consists of laboratory studies and a meta-analysis that examines how changing aquatic sensory information, by reducing visual information through turbidity manipulation, can impact fish species. The laboratory studies focused on the consequences of changes in turbidity on the predator-prey interactions of two native Newfoundland fish species...

Effect of ship motions on propeller-hull interaction

It is important to consider the detailed hydrodynamics of the propeller, the associated flow conditions and the hull interaction with effective wake distribution for developing the best ship propulsion system design. Model experiments are conventionally used to assess propeller flow and performance but are subject to scale effect and difficulties in flow measurement. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), using a viscous flow solver, provides an alternate way to simulate propeller flow conditions. Although simplified propeller flow...

Early kick detection using data-driven Bayesian network: model development and experimental testing

Safety is one of the keys to success for offshore oil and gas development projects. Drilling operation becomes more and more complicated when moving to deeper water and harsher conditions, which requires a higher level of safety. Kick is an event that happens when the hydrostatic pressure of drilling mud is lesser than the formation pressure which let the formation fluid enter the wellbore. Detection of a kick event as soon as it happens will...

Attribute lattice: a graph-based conceptual modeling grammar for heterogeneous data

One key characteristic of big data is variety. With massive and growing amounts of data existing in independent and heterogeneous (structured and unstructured) sources, assigning consistent and interoperable data semantics, which is essential for meaningful use of data, is an increasingly important challenge. I argue, conceptual models, in contrast to their traditional roles in the Information System development, can be used to represent data semantics as perceived by the user of data. In this thesis,...

Improving the size selectivity of trawl codends for northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) and redfish (Sebastes spp.) fisheries in the North Atlantic

A bottom trawl is a towed fishing gear that is designed to catch commercially important species that live in close proximity to the seafloor. In the Northwest Atlantic, bottom trawls are widely used to harvest shrimp, redfish, and various groundfish species. Coastal fishing fleets in both Canada and Iceland have been using bottom trawls to harvest northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) and redfish (Sebastes spp.) for several decades. The codend of these fishing gears plays an...

An integrated approach to studying the relationship between anadromy and iteroparity in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Atlantic salmon is an anadromous species capable of spawning more than once during its lifecycle, being iteroparous. Increasing conservation concern has led to increased attention being paid to the potential short-term mitigating effects that iteroparous individuals may serve to populations suffering from low juvenile to adult recruitment. Despite the current research focus on repeat spawning Atlantic salmon, little is still known about how the iteroparous life cycle affects intrapopulation variation in marine movements and potential...

Sedimentology and palaeontology of the Withycombe Farm Borehole, Oxfordshire, England

The pre-trilobitic lower Cambrian of the Withycombe Formation is a 194 m thick siliciclastic succession dominated by interbedded offshore red to purple and green pyritic mudstone with minor sandstone. The mudstone contains a hyolith-dominated small shelly fauna including: orthothecid hyoliths, hyolithid hyoliths, the rostroconch Watsonella crosbyi, early brachiopods, the foraminiferan Platysolenites antiquissimus, the coiled gastropod-like Aldanella attleborensis, halkieriids, gastropods and a low diversity ichnofauna including evidence of predation by a vagile infaunal predator. The assemblage...

Optical properties and acoustic phonon dynamics of Bi₂Sr₂CaCu₂O₈₊δ crystals

In this work, the optical properties and acoustic phonon behaviour of several Bi₂Sr₂CaCu₂O₈₊δ0 (Bi-2212) superconducting crystals were investigated. Reflectance imaging on Bi-2212 crystals was first performed and along with Kramers-Kronig analysis, allowed for the extraction of the refractive index, extinction coefficient and both parts of the complex dielectric function. With these measured reflectances, a newly refined optical contrast method was presented and used in an attempt to obtain a secondary estimate of the refractive index...

A slator or two: exploring the 17th-century slate industry at Ferryland

While the use of slate as a building material was not unheard of in the New World, the early 17th-century English colony at Ferryland, Newfoundland was unique among contemporaneous North American settlements in its large-scale use of local slate. First governed by a Welshman, the colony’s historical documents and previously undertaken archaeological investigations point to the presence of a substantial slate industry, complete with at least one quarry and a number of skilled tradesmen. Slate...

Iceberg drift ensemble forecasting

The goal of this thesis is to investigate whether ensemble modeling in iceberg drift forecasting improves predictions of an iceberg's trajectory. To do this, we have used a dynamic iceberg drift model and created an ensemble of realizations by applying stochastic perturbations to ocean current and wind reanalysis data, drawing from distributions of the ocean current and wind measured with ship-based instruments. In this study, we focus on simulating trajectories for two icebergs observed during...

Developing a fundamental understanding of how oil impacts diagenesis and the effect in transport properties by investigating rock samples from close to the oil-water contact, Ben Nevis formation, Hebron field

There is ongoing debate as to whether or not oil emplacement in a reservoir rock impedes or stops diagenetic process. The Ben Nevis reservoir in the Hebron Field, offshore Newfoundland has a short transition zone and a clearly identified oil-water contact (OWC). Rock samples from above and below the OWC were used to analyse the role of oil emplacement in the diagenetic processes, with the main focus on quartz overgrowth and its impact on transport...

Using integrated resource management and the public trust doctrine to examine wildlife management practices in northern Labrador: a case study on the George River caribou hunting ban.

The people of Labrador, especially the Inuit, rely on their surrounding resources to sustain themselves and their culture. In particular, the Labrador Inuit depended upon the George River Caribou Herd (GRCH), once one of the largest caribou herds in the world, to provide them with a staple food supply, nourishment, materials, and facilitate the intergenerational sharing of knowledge and important social and cultural norms, all of which are critical to life in Arctic and subarctic...

Investigating diet, distribution, and growth of silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis) in their northernmost extent in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Changing ocean conditions are driving distribution shifts in many marine species on a global scale, which will have major ecological implications for marine environments. I investigated the recent trend of increased silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis) abundances within the Gulf of St. Lawrence to characterize their biology in their northernmost extent. I assessed the diet and distribution of silver hake, as well as the overlap between the diet and distribution of silver hake with those of...

Symmetry analysis of hydrodynamic-type systems

Using advantages of nonstandard computational techniques based on the light-cone variables, we explicitly find the algebra of generalized symmetries of the (1+1)-dimensional Klein{Gordon equation. This allows us to describe this algebra in terms of the universal enveloping algebra of the essential Lie invariance algebra of the Klein{Gordon equation. Then we single out variational symmetries of the corresponding Lagrangian and compute the space of local conservation laws of this equation, which turns out to be generated,...

Biogas production by psychrophilic anaerobic digestion and biogas-to-hydrogen through methane reforming: experimental study and process simulation

This research investigated the early stage of the culture’s adaptation during psychrophilic anaerobic digestion (20゚C) of complex substrates (dairy manure and grass silage) at increasing organic loading rate (OLR; 1-5 g VS/L.d) and total solids content (TS; 7-10%) in batch reactors. The methane yield from mono-digestion of dairy manure was higher at lower OLRs, while in co-digestion of the dairy manure and grass silage, the trend was the opposite. Similarly, the reactors with lower TS...

Risk-based integrity management (RBIM) of oil & gas offshore fixed steel structure platform

Oil and gas offshore facilities structures operating in harsh environments are associated with high risk and the likelihood of failures. Hence, frequent inspections are needed to enhance the integrity and reliability of these 'platforms' structures using a rigorous strategy. The purpose of this research is to develop an integrity management strategy for an above and underwater offshore platform steel structure using risk-based integrity management assessment. This strategy is developed in four steps: step one identifies...

Examining diets, identities, and entanglements of Coast Salish dogs

The Coast Salish of southern Vancouver Island maintained domestic dog populations for over 6000 years. Using a multi-scalar approach, including oral tradition, isotopic dietary analysis of dog remains from six archaeological sites (DiSe-7, DcRu-12, DiSc-1, DjSf-13, DjSf-14, & DjSe-6) and radiocarbon dating, this project addresses the agency of dogs and their unique entanglement and relationships with humans. Through multiple lines of evidence, the interwoven relationships between dogs and their humans are explored and the following...

Forage fish as a predator: summer and fall diet of Atlantic herring in Trinity Bay, Newfoundland

Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus) is an important forage fish in the Northwest Atlantic. However, the diet of herring in eastern Newfoundland is unknown. I compared plankton assemblages to stomach content and stable isotope analyses of Trinity Bay adult herring collected in the late summer and fall (2017-2019) to characterize diet and selectivity. Amphipods (Themisto spp.) contributed most to herring diets in 2017 and August 2018, while calanoid copepods dominated the diet in late 2018 and...

Contribution of surface flux and ocean heat transport convergence to the interannual variability of the Labrador Sea

The heat content and convergence of the heat flux transport (CHFT) in the ocean region 65ᴼW-40ᴼW, 45ᴼN-65ᴼN is studied based on in-situ observations of ocean temperature and the reanalaysis of surface flux for the period from 1993 to 2018. This region includes the Labrador Sea, the area of North Atlantic Current and Newfoundland Basin. The CHFT is computed from the equations of the tendency of heat contents for the surface (0-150 m depth), intermediate (150-2000...

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