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Interatomic potentials for describing impurity atoms of light elements in fcc metals

G.M. Poletaev, I.V. Zorya, R.Y. Rakitin & M.A. Iliina
Parameters of Morse potentials for describing the interactions of atoms of light elements C, N, O with atoms of fcc metals Al, Ag, Ni are found. This set of three metals is unique in that two of them have almost the same radii of atoms, while the other two have almost identical electronegativities. The search for potential parameters was carried out according to the empirical relationships observed for a large number of metals having C,...

Data from: Hybridization among the species of Veronica subg. Pseudolysimachium from the Altai detected by SRAP markers

Petr Kosachev, Eike Mayland-Quellhorst & Dirk C. Albach
Veronica subg. Pseudolysimachium is widely known and cultivated because of the large and dense inflorescences of its species. Their success as cultivated plant stems in part to the cross-compatibility across the subgenus and in the part to the wide ecological amplitude from species growing in wetlands to others growing in semi-deserts. Hybridization between species is believed to be frequent due to the large morphological variation and intermediate forms in sympatry of their putative parents. The...

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  • 2019

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  • Altai State University
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