Data from: Population genetic structure of a sandstone specialist and a generalist heath species at two levels of sandstone patchiness across the Strait of Gibraltar

José-Gabriel Segarra-Moragues, Manuel Jesús Gil-López, Fernando Ojeda & José Gabriel Segarra-Moragues
Many habitat specialist species are originally composed of small, discontinuous populations because their habitats are naturally fragmented or patchy. They may have suffered the long-term effects of natural patchiness. Mediterranean heathlands, a representative habitat in the Strait of Gibraltar region, are associated with nutrient-poor, acidic sandstone soils. Sandstone soil patches in the African side of the Strait (Tangier) are, in general, smaller and more scattered than in the European side (Algeciras). In this study, we...

Registration Year

  • 2014

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  • Spanish National Research Council
  • University of Cádiz