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Philology and Technology: Notes

Carl Mitcham
This essay for the inaugural issue of Technology and Language contrasts two visions for the future of philology. One seeks to establish it alongside philosophy and mathematics as a cross-cutting discipline for making sense of texts. The other takes technology seriously and renders texts materially present, exploring texts as untamed objects. What is happening with the love of language in a world in the overwhelming presence of so many things defined by their technicity? It...

Monitoring Data from Pilot-Scale Open-Water Unit Process Wetland Treatment of Reverse Osmosis Concentrate from Water Reuse

Rachel Scholes, Jack King, Michael Vega, Josh Sharp, William Mitch & David Sedlak
This workbook provides monitoring data from a pilot-scale ozone/open-water wetland treatment system for reverse osmosis concentrate from the Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center (San Jose, CA). Water quality analyses included common water quality parameters, nutrients, trace metals, and trace organics. These analyses were performed by UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Valley Water's Water Quality Lab, and a contract lab (Eurofins). Functional gene analyses (qPCR) were conducted at Colorado School of Mines for samples of the...

Caught in a bottleneck: Habitat loss for woolly mammoths in central North America and the ice-free corridor during the last deglaciation

Yue Wang, Chris Widga, Russell Graham, Jenny McGuire, Warren Porter, David Wårlind & John Williams
The dataset is to describe the habitat structure and bioenergetic characteristics of woolly mammoths (Mammuthus primigenius) in North America during the last deglaciation between 15 and 10 ka. The habitat structure includes fractional woody cover (FWC) and net primary productivity (NPP) for 20 plant functional types (PFTs). NPP is based on the dynamic vegetation model LPJ-GUESS (LPJG). FWC is based on LPJ-GUESS and fossil pollen records in the Neotoma Paleoecology Database. The bioenergetic characteristics of...

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  • Colorado School of Mines
  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University
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  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
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