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Data from: Historical amphibian declines and extinctions in Brazil linked to chytridiomycosis

Tamilie Carvalho, C. Guilherme Becker & Luis Felipe Toledo
The recent increase in emerging fungal diseases is causing unprecedented threats to biodiversity. The origin of spread of the frog-killing fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) is a matter of continued debate. To date, the historical amphibian declines in Brazil could not be attributed to chytridiomycosis; the high diversity of hosts coupled with the presence of several Bd lineages predating the reported declines raised the hypothesis that a hypervirulent Bd genotype spread from Brazil to other continents...

Data from: Rare frost events reinforce tropical savanna-forest boundaries

William A. Hoffmann, Samuel W. Flake, Rodolfo C.R. Abreu, Natashi A.L. Pilon, Davi R. Rossatto, Giselda Durigan & Rodolfo C. R. Abreu
1) The ability of vegetation to ameliorate or exacerbate environmental extremes can generate feedbacks that mediate the distribution of biomes. It has been suggested that feedbacks between vegetation and frost damage may be important for maintaining savanna, particularly at the edge of the tropics. 2) We quantified frost damage and air temperature across a network of 30 permanent plots distributed across tropical savanna-forest boundaries in Brazil during an uncommonly hard frost. 3) Tree cover strongly...

Data from: Arthropod distribution in a tropical rainforest: tackling a four dimensional puzzle

Yves Basset, Lukas Cizek, Philippe Cuénoud, Raphael K. Didham, Vojtech Novotny, Frode Ødegaard, Tomas Roslin, Alexey K. Tishechkin, Jürgen Schmidl, Neville N. Winchester, David W. Roubik, Henri-Pierre Aberlenc, Johannes Bail, Héctor Barrios, Jonathan R. Bridle, Gabriela Castaño-Meneses, Bruno Corbara, Gianfranco Curletti, Wesley Duarte Da Rocha, Domir De Bakker, Jacques H.C. Delabie, Alain Dejean, Laura L. Fagan, Andreas Floren, Roger L. Kitching … & Jacques H. C. Delabie
Quantifying the spatio-temporal distribution of arthropods in tropical rainforests represents a first step towards scrutinizing the global distribution of biodiversity on Earth. To date most studies have focused on narrow taxonomic groups or lack a design that allows partitioning of the components of diversity. Here, we consider an exceptionally large dataset (113,952 individuals representing 5,858 species), obtained from the San Lorenzo forest in Panama, where the phylogenetic breadth of arthropod taxa was surveyed using 14...

Data from: Flower colour and visitation rates of Costus arabicus support the \"bee avoidance\" hypothesis for red-reflecting hummingbird-pollinated flowers

Pedro Joaquim Bergamo, André Rodrigo Rech, Vinícius L. G. Brito & Marlies Sazima
Floral colour mediates plant–pollinator interactions by often signalling floral resources. In this sense, hummingbird-pollinated flowers are frequently red-coloured, and there are two tentative hypotheses to explain this pattern: 1. hummingbirds are attracted to red due its easier detection and 2. bees are sensorially excluded from red flowers. The second hypothesis is based on bees’ red colour blindness, which lead them to be less frequent and less important than hummingbirds as pollinators of red-reflecting flowers. Here,...

Data from: Genetic structure and diversity of populations of polyploid Tibouchina pulchra Cogn. (Melastomataceae) under different environmental conditions in extremes of an elevational gradient

Vinícius L. G. Brito, Gustavo M. Mori, Bianca B. Z. Vigna, Marianne Azevedo-Silva, Anete P. Souza & Marlies Sazima
The genetic structure and diversity of plants may change significantly in an elevational gradient because different elevations regulate different ecological conditions. Several factors may influence genetic variation, such as mutations, selection, genetic drift, and gene flow. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the genetic structure and diversity of populations of Tibouchina pulchra Cogn. (Melastomataceae) trees in two extremes of an elevational gradient experiencing different environmental conditions. Nine polymorphic microsatellite loci were used...

Data from: Molecular responses to freshwater limitation in the mangrove tree Avicennia germinans (Acanthaceae)

Mariana Vargas Cruz, Gustavo Maruyama Mori, Dong-Ha Oh, Maheshi Dassanayake, Maria Imaculada Zucchi, Rafael Silva Oliveira & Anete Pereira De Souza
Environmental variation along the geographical space can shape populations by natural selection. In the context of global warming and changing precipitation regimes, it is crucial to understand the role of environmental heterogeneity in tropical trees adaptation, given their disproportional contribution to water and carbon biogeochemical cycles. Here, we investigated how heterogeneity in freshwater availability along tropical wetlands has influenced molecular variations of the Black Mangrove (Avicennia germinans). Fifty-seven trees were sampled in seven sites differing...

Vellozioid roots allow for habitat specialisation among rock- and soil-dwelling Velloziaceae in campos rupestres

Anna Abrahão, Patrícia De Britto Costa, Grazielle Sales Teodoro, Hans Lambers, Diego L. Nascimento, Sara A. L. De Andrade, Megan H. Ryan & Rafael S. Oliveira
1. Plant growth on harsh substrates (habitat specialisation) requires specific traits to cope with stressful conditions. 2. We tested whether traits related to nutrient acquisition (root colonisation by fungal symbionts, and plant morphological and physiological specialisations), and nutrient use (leaf nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) concentrations and N- and P-remobilisation efficiency), were related to habitat specialisation for 27 species of Velloziaceae growing either in soil or on rocks in extremely P-impoverished campos rupestres habitats. If...

Associated evolution of fruit size, fruit color and spines in Neotropical palms

Lucas Ferreira Do Nascimento, , Renske E. Onstein, W. Daniel Kissling & Mathias M. Pires
Understanding how ecological interactions have shaped the evolutionary dynamics of species traits remains a challenge in evolutionary ecology. Combining trait evolution models and phylogenies, we analyzed the evolution of characters associated with seed dispersal (fruit size and color) and herbivory (spines) in Neotropical palms to infer the role of these opposing animal-plant interactions in driving evolutionary patterns. We found that the evolution of fruit color and fruit size were associated in Neotropical palms, supporting the...

Mulheres Paralímpicas Brasileiras: Um estudo sobre a interseccionalidade entre deficiência e gênero no movimento paralímpico

Isabella Alves
A experiência de mulheres deficientes ainda é invisível frente aos homens deficientes e ao feminismo. No contexto esportivo paralímpico, essa invisibilidade é intensificada considerando a intersecção das categorias deficiência e gênero em um ambiente predominantemente masculino e capaz. Dessa forma, este estudo busca investigar a interseccionalidade gênero e deficiência no desenvolvimento do esporte paralímpico feminino brasileiro. Uma abordagem qualitativa de natureza descritiva, fenomenológica interpretativa e baseada no realismo crítico, será utilizada. Frente a participação ativa...

Educação Física na Perspectiva Inclusiva: Identificação dos obstáculos e facilidades na rede municipal de ensino de Campinas - SP.

Maria Luíza Tanure Alves
Currently inclusion is understood as a broad educational reform process to remove the barriers to learning and participation of all students. The inclusion of students with disabilities in physical education classes still find many barriers, being marked by exclusion, limited participation or segregation of this student. This study is a result of partnership between the City of Campinas and the Faculty of Physical Education UNICAMP in order to enhance and expand the participation of students...

Educação Física, Currículo e Deficiência: Uma investigação sobre o esporte paralímpico e inclusão na escola

Maria Luíza Tanure Alves
Despite being ensured by specific legislation in several countries, the inclusion of students with disabilities (SWD) in general schools is still a challenge. The understanding of what inclusion is does not seem to be a consensus for school communities. As a piece of this puzzle, Physical Education (PE) classes have presented themselves as a specific educational context, with reports of SWD exclusion filling the studies carried out on the topic. The study aims to analyze...

Anti-inflamatórios inibidores seletivos da cicloxigenase-2: tendência de uso no Brasil e síntese de evidências

Tayanny Margarida Menezes Almeida Biase
Esta pesquisa objetiva avaliar o uso de anti-inflamatórios inibidores seletivos da cicloxigenase-2 no Brasil e as evidências científicas sobre os efeitos desses medicamentos. Serão empregadas duas abordagens principais: análise de bancos de dados nacional e local e síntese da evidência científica. A tendência de consumo nacional será investigada por meio da análise dos dados do Sistema Nacional de Gerenciamento de Produtos Controlados, de 2014 a 2020. Modelo de regressão segmentada estimará a tendência temporal a...

Estudo in vivo e in vitro do papel da transição endotélio- mesenquimal na formação do estroma reativo associado ao adenocarcinoma de próstata no modelo TRAMP: influência de terapias antiangiogênica e anti-inflamatória

Fabio Montico
O adenocarcinoma de próstata é a doença neoplásica mais comum em homens e sua etiologia está diretamente associada à senescência. O termo estroma reativo designa as alterações fenotípicas e genotípicas das células estromais em resposta ao carcinoma epitelial e, na próstata, a reação estromal caracteriza-se por aumento na quantidade de miofibroblastos e fibroblastos associados ao câncer (CAFs). A atividade secretora dessas células favorece a progressão tumoral, especialmente através da indução da angiogênese e do influxo...

Desenvolvimento de um filme à base de quitosana e alginato (QA) contendo sinvastatina (SINV) visando a prevenção da Osteonecrose de mandíbula associada ao uso de bisfosfonatos

Osteonecrose de mandíbula associada ao uso de bisfosfonatos (Biphosphonate related osteonecrosis oh the jaw - BRONJ) é uma condição em que há necrose do osso, principalmente após manipulação do álveolo dental por exodontia. O presente estudo tem como objetivo desenvolver um filme à base de quitosana e alginato (QA) contendo sinvastatina (SINV) visando a prevenção da instalação da referida patologia, utilizando modelo de osteonecrose em ratas ovacteriomizadas tratadas com bifofosfonatos, submetidas à exodontia de molares.

Centro Paulista de Estudos da Transição Energética (CPTEn)

Hildo Guillardi Júnior
Durante os últimos cinco anos a UNICAMP conseguiu articular um ecossistema de inovação completo voltado para os desafios da transição energética, gestão de energia e eficiência energética. Além de agregar empresas, pesquisadores, gestores, organizações sociais e multilaterais, agências governamentais, startups, jovens talentos e funcionários, os projetos resultantes desse esforço trouxeram aplicações e ganhos reais para a própria universidade. Através do conceito de laboratório vivo os projetos realizados estão impactando ao mesmo tempo a infraestrutura, o...

Ondas de spin em gelos de spin artificiais formados por ferro- e antiferromagnetos: um novo representante de cristal magnônico

Breno Cecchi
Gelos de spin artificiais são metamateriais magnéticos constituídos por uma rede frustrada de nanoilhas ferromagnéticas interagentes. Eles surgiram na última década com o objetivo de reproduzir artificialmente fenômenos similares aos induzidos pela frustração natural presente nos cristais magnéticos conhecidos como gelos de spin, como estados de baixa energia altamente degenerados e excitações que se comportam como monopolos magnéticos emergentes. Desde então, eles têm atraído grande interesse da comunidade científica, principalmente graças a novos fenômenos que...

Revisitando a filogenia da Ordem Chaetonotida (Gastrotricha): análise combinada de dados morfológicos e moleculares, teste de homologia de nucleotídeos e métodos baseados em modelos

Axell Kou Minowa
A meiofauna é um conjunto operacional de microinvertebrados com importante papel ecológico no bentos e fitofauna de ambientes marinhos e dulcícolas de todo o globo. Entre eles, destaca-se o clado Gastrotricha por sua abundância e diversidade morfológica, representada por 860 espécies, divididas em Macrodasyida e Chaetonotida. Apesar de se passarem dois séculos desde o primeiro quetonótido descrito, devido às dificuldades inerentes do trabalho com animais de tamanho diminuto e frágeis, ainda existem muitas lacunas no...

miRNAs and Polymorphisms in the Angiotensin 2 Converting Enzyme Receptor as Possible Biomarkers of Disease Induced by SARS-CoV-2.

Eder Pincinato
O novo coronavírus (SARS-CoV-2), agente causador da Doença Coronavírus 2019 (COVID-19), se tornou a mais recente emergência mundial. Sabe-se que o SARS-CoV-2 entra nas células da mucosa respiratória através do receptor Enzima Conversora de Angiotensina 2 (ECA2), que é altamente expresso nas células epiteliais do pulmão, onde o vírus é capaz de provocar um grande processo inflamatório, caracterizando a síndrome respiratória aguda grave. Neste momento, buscamos utilizar nossa expertise nas áreas de genética e epigenética...

‘Eles vão à feira exibir tua cabeça’: (o)culto pelo popular nas políticas de memória do cangaço entre o folclore e o patrimônio (1938-1989)

Vagner Silva Ramos Filho
O projeto analisa políticas de memória do cangaço, fenômeno de banditismo da região do Nordeste brasileiro, que a significam como elemento de identidade não imaginário da nação ao longo do século XX. Situa-se em período que tem os anos de 1938 e 1989 como suas principais balizas, por remeterem ao ano de morte de Lampião, o “Rei do Cangaço”, na Gruta de Angico-SE, e ao ano de preservação oficial deste local. Nesse cenário, o problema...

Multitrophic richness enhances ecosystem multifunctionality of tropical shallow lakes

Dieison A Moi, Gustavo Q Romero, Pablo A P Antiqueira, Roger P Mormul, Franco Teixeira-De-Mello & Claudia C Bonecker
1. Biodiversity provides multiple functions and services to ecosystems. However, the role of biodiversity in sustaining multiple functions simultaneously (multifunctionality) is still poorly understood in natural communities, especially in hyperdiverse tropical freshwater ecosystems. Studies have focused on the effect of single trophic groups on ecosystem function and on individual ecosystem functions. 2. Using a 16-year database from tropical shallow lakes, we combined species richness of nine trophic groups into a unique measurement of multitrophic richness....

Comparative Proteomics Reveals Characteristic Proteins on Praziquantel-resistance in Schistosoma mansoni

Ana Julia Pinto Fonseca S. Afonso, António Pinto-Almeida, Tiago M. F. Mendes, Pedro Ferreira, Silvana Belo, Fernanda F. Anibal, Silmara M. Allegretti, Carlos Alexandre Galinaro, Emanuel Carrilho & Ana B Abecassis
The extensive use of Praziquantel (PZQ), the only drug available to treat schistosomiasis, has brought concern about the emergence of PZQ-resistance/tolerance by Schistosoma spp., thus reaffirming an urge for the development of new treatment alternatives. Therefore, it is imperative and urgent to study this phenomenon trying to understand what is involved in its occurrence. Studies of Schistosoma spp. genome, transcriptome and proteome are crucial to better understand this situation. By stepwise drug pressure from a...

Underlying microevolutionary processes parallel macroevolutionary patterns in ancient Neotropical Mountains - Ecological Niche Modeling and Corridors files

Marcos Vinicius Dantas-Queiroz, Tami Da Costa Cacossi, Bárbara Simões Santos Leal, Cleber Juliano Neves Chaves, Thais Vasconcelos, Leonardo De Melo Versieux & Clarisse Palma-Silva
Aim Ancient climatic fluctuations are invoked as the main driving force that generates the astonishing biodiversity in ancient mountains. As a result, endemism and spatial turnover are usually high and few species are widespread among entire mountain ranges, precluding the understanding of origins of macroevolutionary patterns. Here, we used a species endemic to, but widespread in, one of the most species-rich ancient mountains on the globe to test how environmental changes acted on them and...

Data from: Analysis of the PEBP gene family and identification of a novel FLOWERING LOCUS T orthologue in sugarcane

Julien Venail, Paolo Da Silva Santos, Joao Manechini, Leonardo Alves, Maximiliano Scarpari, Thais Falcao, Elisson Romanel, Michael Brito, Renato Vicentini, Luciana Pinto & Stephen Jackson
Sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) is an important economic crop for both sugar and biomass, the yields of which are negatively affected by flowering. The molecular mechanisms controlling flowering in sugarcane are nevertheless poorly understood. RNA-seq data analysis and database searches have enabled a comprehensive description of the PEBP gene family in sugarcane. It is shown to consist of at least 13 FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT)-like genes, two MOTHER OF FT AND TFL (MFT)-like genes, and four...

Data from: Land use alters trophic redundancy and resource flow through stream food webs

Elliott L. Price, Mirela Sertić Perić, Romero Q. Gustavo & Pavel Kratina
1. The changes to physical and chemical ecosystem characteristics as a response to pervasive and intensifying land use have the potential to alter the consumer-resource interactions and to rewire the flow of energy through entire food webs. 2. We investigated these structural and functional properties of food webs in stream ecosystems distributed across woodland, agricultural and urban areas in the Zagreb region of Croatia. We compared resource availability and consumer diet composition using stable isotope...

Data from: Contrasting plant water-use responses to groundwater depth in coastal dune ecosystems

Cristina Antunes, Mari Cruz Díaz Barradas, María Zunzunegui, Simone Vieira, Ângela Pereira, Andreia Anjos, Otília Correia, Maria João Pereira & Cristina Máguas
1.Groundwater lowering can produce dramatic changes in the physiological performance and survival of plant species. The impact of decreasing water availability due to climate change and anthropogenic groundwater extraction on coastal dune ecosystems has become of increasing concern, with uncertainties about how vegetation will respond in both the short and long terms. 2.We aimed to evaluate the water‐use responses of different plant functional types to increasing groundwater table depth and how this would affect their...

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