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Deliverable 5.4: Report on Novel Water Jet Drilling Tool

Gradzki D. P., Niklas Geißler, Jascha Börner, Viktor Hartung, Simon Hahn & Volker Wittig
Work at GZB (International Geothermal Centre) had been focused on several potential, novel micro type drilling technologies. These technologies have been investigated and discussed to determine possible future options. In this report the different technologies are being presented, starting with abrasive enhanced jetting, followed by pulsation and mechanically supported drilling, ending with percussion type mechanical rock destruction and drilling. Their influence on rock disintegration and drilling efficiency have been investigated in several laboratory experiments. These...

D5.2 - Jet drilling at simulated reservoir conditions

Simon Hahn, Volker Wittig, Sarah Jasper, Dennis Schwarz, Dhafir Albadroui, Koos Hoogland & Richard Bakker
Deliverable D5.2 presents the experimental outcome of jetting experiments at simulated reservoir conditions. Different rock types are tested under various conditions with the use of three different types of test bench. At first jetting experiments are conducted under submerged conditions in order to derive a better understanding of the governing erosion mechanism. Therefore pitting tests are combined with PIV measurements in order to derive and explain the erosion pattern of the occurring cavitation erosion and...

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  • 2020

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  • Bochum University of Applied Sciences
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