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“O quixotesco Boris Johnson” da pandemia de Covid-19

Juliana Alcantara

O Digital e os Media Locais: proximidade ou afastamento?

Rui Godinho & Cláudia Pereira

Resistance-recovery tradeoff of soil microbial communities under altered rain regimes: An experimental test across European agroecosystems

Gabin Piton, Arnaud Foulquier, Laura B. Martinez-García, Nicolas Legay, Lijbert Brussaard, Katarina Hedlund, Pedro Martins Da Silva, Eduardo Nascimento, Filipa Reis, José Paulo Sousa, Jean Christophe Clement & Gerlinde De Deyn
With the increased occurrence of climate extremes, there is an urgent need to better understand how management strategies affect the capacity of the soil microbial community to maintain its ecosystem functions (e.g. nutrient cycling). To address this issue, intact monoliths were extracted from conventional and ecological managed grasslands in three countries across Europe and exposed under common air condition (temperature and moisture) to one of three altered rain regimes (dry, wet and intermittent wet/dry) as...

Data from: Land-use legacies influence tree water-use efficiency and nitrogen dynamics in recently established European forests

Rossella Guerrieri, Marta Correia, Irene Martín-Forés, Raquel Alfaro-Sánchez, Joan Pino, Arndt Hampe, Fernando Valladares & Josep Espelta
1. Forest regrowth following farmland (agriculture and pasture) abandonment has been positively associated with a number of processes including the regulation of hydrological cycling, the enhancement of soil functioning, and an increase in forest productivity and carbon (C) sequestration. Although these changes in ecosystem functioning post-farmland abandonment have been observed in multiple locations and studies, the ecophysiological basis underpinning these patterns remains unclear. Here, we examine whether increased forest expansion following pastureland abandonment is associated...

Data from: Seasonal and annual differences in the foraging ecology of two gull species breeding in sympatry and their use of fishery discards

Joana G. Calado, Diana M. Matos, Jaime A. Ramos, Filipe Moniz, Filipe R. Ceia, J. P. Granadeiro & Vitor H. Paiva
Niche segregation between similar species will result from an avoidance of competition but also from environmental variability, including nowadays anthropogenic activities. Gulls are among the seabirds with greater behavioural plasticity, being highly opportunistic and feeding on a wide range of prey, mostly from anthropogenic origin. Here, we analysed blood and feather stable isotopes combined with pellet analysis to investigate niche partitioning between Audouin’s gull Larus audouinii and yellow-legged gull Larus michahellis breeding in sympatry at...

Guiné-Bissau: uma nação africana forjada no cinema?

Paulo Cunha
Cinema & Território: Revista Internacional de Arte e Antropologia das Imagens, nº 2, 2017, 27-34.

Data from: Environmental conditions and vascular cambium regulate carbon allocation to xylem growth in deciduous oaks

Gonzalo Pérez-De-Lis, José Miguel Olano, Vicente Rozas, Sergio Rossi, Rosa Ana Vázquez-Ruiz & Ignacio García-González
Environmental conditions and the structure of the dormant cambium are assumed to affect seasonal patterns of cambial activity, hence controlling allocation of non-structural carbohydrates (NSC) to growth. However, seasonal dynamics of xylogenesis, and their connections with NSC content and dormant cambium size, have been rarely assessed along an environmental gradient. We monitored xylogenesis and leaf phenology during 2012 and 2013, and NSC in 2012, for the drought-sensitive Quercus robur and the drought-tolerant Quercus pyrenaica along...

Data from: Dispersal of fungi spores by non-specialized flower-visiting birds

Luis P. Da Silva, António Xavier Pereira Coutinho, Ruben H. Heleno, Paulo Q. Tenreiro & Jaime A. Ramos
Birds are important biotic dispersers of a wide range of propagules. Fungi spores are mainly dispersed by wind. Nevertheless there are several animals known to disperse fungi spores, which might be particularly important if spores are delivered to particularly favourable sites i.e. directed dispersal. This may be especially important for fungi that require specific microsites such as flowers. We sampled birds for the presence of fungi spores and pollen grains during one year at two...

Atividade física e cognição em pessoas idosas institucionalizadas: estudo realizado no âmbito do projeto ICON

Catarina Coelho Gomes, Rosa Marina Afonso, Ana Saraiva Amaral & Ignácio Verde
Olhares sobre o envelhecimento. Estudos interdisciplinares, 91-102. Volume I

Acredite em mim, eu sou jornalista! Uma abordagem luhmanniana sobre desinformação

Juliana Alcantara

Discurso Académico: Uma área disciplinar em construção

Fausto Caels, Luís Barbeiro & Joana Vieira Santos
A presente obra – Discurso Académico: Uma área disciplinar em construção – integra artigos selecionados do I Encontro Nacional sobre Discurso Académico (ENDA 1), realizado em 2018 na Escola Superior de Educação e Ciências Sociais do Instituto Politécnico de Leiria. Destinado a estabelecer relações de sinergia e de diálogo entre núcleos de investigadores, o ENDA 1 reuniu representantes de diferentes quadros teóricos e instituições, que desenvolvem trabalho no domínio específico do discurso académico em Portugal....

Electronic Literature Translation: Translation as Process, Experience and Mediation

Manuel Portela, María Mencía & Søren Pold
"[T]ranslation is merely a preliminary way of coming to terms with the foreignness of languages to each other." (Walter Benjamin, "The Task of the Translator" [1921])

E-famílias: o impacto das tic na vida contemporânea de famílias com crianças

Joana Carvalho, Rita Francisco & Ana P. Relvas
Hoje, as crianças nascem rodeadas de tecnologia e utilizam-na, diariamente, acedendo ao mundo com a ponta dos dedos. Mas se por um lado as Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação (TIC) são uma janela de oportunidades, por outro expõem crianças e famílias a uma multiplicidade de riscos. Para avaliar o impacto das TIC no contexto familiar, 179 indivíduos (23-47 anos) pertencentes a famílias com filhos até aos oito anos, responderam a um questionário sobre a utilização...

Portuguese women film directors and the environment: Margarida Cardoso’s Atlas

Patrícia Vieira

Cultural Routes Crossing Portugal: history and traditions

Odete Paiva, Claudia Seabra & Jose Luis Abrantes
Cultural routes across different regions create real opportunities to improve tourism dynamics, offering tourists more valuable experiences bringing benefits to the entire tourism value chain and to all tourism-related sectors (Perdomo, 2015). This study analyses the potential of a cultural and tourist product based on two routes in the Centre of Portugal, one following the path laid out by the 3rd French Invasion and another following the Historical National Road Nº2. The main goal is...

Data from: Recommendations for assessing earthworm populations in Brazilian ecosystems

Herlon Nadolny, Alessandra Santos, Wilian Demetrio, Talita Ferreira, Lilianne Dos Santos Maia, Ana Caroline Conrado, Marie Bartz, Marilice Garrastazu, Elodie Da Silva, Dilmar Baretta, Amarildo Pasini, Fabiane Vezzani, José Paulo Sousa, Luis Cunha, Jerome Mathieu, Patrick Lavelle, Jörg Römbke & George Brown
Earthworms are often related to fertile soils and frequently used as environmental quality indicators. However, to optimize their use as bioindicators, their populations must be evaluated together with environmental and anthropogenic variables regulating earthworm communities. In this review we identify the earthworm, soil chemical, physical, environmental and management-related variables evaluated in 124 published studies that quantified earthworm abundance (>7300 samples) in 765 sites with different types of climate, soils, land use and management systems in...

Land-use history alters the diversity, community composition and interaction networks of ectomycorrhizal fungi in beech forests

Marta Correia
Forests have expanded across Europe over the last centuries as a consequence of farmland (agricultural and pasture) abandonment. Agricultural practices usually increase soil fertility and reduce the diversity and abundance of ectomycorrhizal (ECM) fungi, essential mutualists of many woody species in temperate and Mediterranean forests. The recovery of this biotic interaction after the cessation of human activities is, thus, crucial for the re-establishment of functional forest ecosystems. Here we addressed the legacies of past land...

Experimental admixture among geographically disjunct populations of an invasive plant yields a global mosaic of reproductive incompatibility and heterosis

Ramona E. Irimia, José L. Hierro, Soraia Branco, Gastón Sotes, Lohengrin A. Cavieres, Özkan Eren, Christopher J. Lortie, Kristine French, Ragan M. Callaway & Daniel Montesinos
1. Invasive species have the ability to rapidly adapt in the new regions where they are introduced. Classic evolutionary theory predicts that the accumulation of genetic differences over time in allopatric isolation may lead to reproductive incompatibilities resulting in decreases in reproductive success and, eventually, to speciation. However, experimental evidence for this theoretical prediction in the context of invasive species is lacking. We aimed to test for the potential of allopatry to determine reproductive success...

Comparison of radon and thoron exhalation and emanation in granites from Central Portugal

Filipa P. Domingos , Sérgio L. R. Sêco & Alcides J. S. C. Pereira
Thoron contribution to the inhaled dose is often neglected due to its shorter half-life and lack of strong gamma emissions that hinder its measurement. However, numerous studies report a significant contribution of thoron and/or its progeny to the dose received by the population. In the present work, radon and thoron exhalation rate and emanation coefficient were measured simultaneously with the accumulation method with an AlphaGuard DF2000 monitor in granite samples collected in high background radiation...

Risk assessment of radioactivity in water intended for human consumption in mainland Portugal

Filipa P. Domingos & Alcides J. S. C. Pereira
University of Coimbra, LRN-Laboratory of Natural Radioactivity, Department of Earth Sciences, Portugal(1);IATV-Instituto do Ambiente, Tecnologia e Vida, Coimbra, Portugal.(2);University of Coimbra, CITEUC-Center for Earth and Space Research, Department of Earth Sciences, Portugal(3);The requirements for radiological protection regarding radioactive substances in water intended for human consumption are established in the Council Directive 2013/51/EURATOM of 22 October 2013. In Portugal, the Directive was transposed to the Decree-Law 152/2017, of December 7, which states that the entities managing...

A Strange Metapaper on Computing Natural Language

Ana Marques da Silva & Manuel Portela
Without anonymous peer review, there can be no formal recognition of literary scholarship, and ebr is no exception. That said, our journal looks for occasions to turn our confidential reports into public riPOSTes, if the reviewer is so inclined. In this essay, our colleagues from Coimbra, Manuel Portela and Ana Marques da Silva, stage reflections on the peer reviews that their own scholarly work has generated, in earlier submissions to other peer review outlets. The...

Data from: A non-coding region near Follistatin controls head colour polymorphism in the Gouldian finch

Matthew B. Toomey, Cristiana I. Marques, Pedro Andrade, Pedro Miguel Araújo, Stephen Sabatino, Malgorzata A. Gazda, Sandra Afonso, Ricardo J. Lopes, Joseph C. Corbo & Miguel Carneiro
Discrete color morphs coexisting within a single population are common in nature. In a broad range of organisms, sympatric color morphs often display major differences in other traits, including morphology, physiology, or behavior. Despite the repeated occurrence of this phenomenon, our understanding of the genetics that underlie multi-trait differences and the factors that promote the long-term maintenance of phenotypic variability within a freely interbreeding population are incomplete. Here, we investigated the genetic basis of red...

Data from: Projected distributions of Southern Ocean albatrosses, petrels and fisheries as a consequence of climatic change

Lucas Krüger, J. A. Ramos, J. C. Xavier, D. Grémillet, J. González-Solís, M. V. Petry, R. A. Phillips, R. M. Wanless & V. H. Paiva
Given the major ongoing influence of environmental change on the oceans, there is a need to understand and predict the future distributions of marine species in order to plan appropriate mitigation to conserve vulnerable species and ecosystems. In this study we use tracking data from seven large seabird species of the Southern Ocean (Black-browed Albatross Thalassarche melanophris, Grey-headed Albatross T. chrysostoma, Northern Giant Petrel Macronectes halli, Southern Giant Petrel M. giganteus, Tristan Albatross Diomedea dabbenena...

Data from: Similar preferences for ornamentation in opposite- and same-sex choice experiments

Gonçalo C. Cardoso, Ana V. Leitão, Caterina Funghi, Helena R. Batalha, Ricardo J. Lopes & Paulo G. Mota
Selection due to social interactions comprises competition over matings (sexual selection stricto sensu) plus other forms of social competition and cooperation. Sexual selection explains sex differences in ornamentation and in various other phenotypes, but does not easily explain cases where those phenotypes are similar in males and females. Understanding such similarities requires knowing how phenotypes influence non-sexual social interactions as well, which can be very important in gregarious animals, but whose role for phenotypic evolution...

Data from: Mimicking a rainfall gradient to test the role of soil microbiota for mediating plant species responses to drier conditions

Michael J. O'Brien, Francisco I. Pugnaire, Susana Rodríguez-Echeverría, Jose A. Morillo, Francisco Martín-Usero, Almudena López-Escoriza, Diego J. Aránega & Cristina Armas Kulik
Plant interactions with soil microbiota are important drivers of biodiversity and ecosystem function, but climate change can modify these interactions by directly altering the soil community, which can affect the direction and magnitude of such interactions. We manipulated water quantity and soil microbiota of two populations of three plant species that differ in their interactions with soil microbiota and assessed germination and biomass production under conditions that mimicked a rainfall gradient in SE Spain. We...

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