5 Works

'Grey crossroads' in cultural heritage preservation and resource management

Luisa De Biagi & Roberto Puccinelli

Academic blogging consequences for Open Science: a first insight into their potential impact

Carla Basili & Luisa De Biagi

Extracting Value from Grey Literature: processes and technologies for aggregating and analyzing the hidden “big data” treasure of organizations

GABRIELE MOTTA, Roberto Puccinelli, Lisa Reggiani & Massimiliano Saccone

Data from: Out of the Mediterranean? post-glacial colonisation pathways varied among cold-water coral species

Joana Boavida, Ronan Becheler, Marvin Choquet, Norbert Frank, Marco Taviani, Jean-Francois Bourillet, Anne-Leila Meistertzheim, Anthony Grehan, Alessandra Savini & Sophie Arnaud-Haond
Aim. To infer cold-water corals' post-glacial phylogeography and assess the role of Mediterranean Sea glacial refugia as origins for the recolonisation of the northeastern Atlantic Ocean. Location. Northeastern Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Taxon. Lophelia pertusa, Madrepora oculata. Methods. We sampled cold-water corals using remotely operated vehicles and one sediment core for coral and sediment dating. We characterized spatial genetic patterns (microsatellites and a nuclear gene fragment) using networks, clustering and measures of genetic differentiation....

International identification and ‘white and grey literature’: Identities, retrieval, reuse and the certainty of knowledge while sharing and connecting information

Flavia Cancedda & Luisa De Biagi

Registration Year

  • 2019

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  • National Research Council
  • University of Milano-Bicocca
  • French National Centre for Scientific Research
  • Heidelberg University
  • Marine Biodiversity Exploitation and Conservation