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Wait ‘Til You See it From the Back: Twerking as an Expression of Sexual Agency

Mariah M. Johnson
This paper attempts to examine racism, respectability politics, and its relation to twerking. With the use of research by Gilbert Herdt, Stanley Cohen, Marshall McLuhan, Dr. Tamura Lomax, Patricia Hill-Collins, Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham and many others to put the use of Black women as modern day folk devils into perspective. Trigger Warning: Racism, Sexual Assault

The Effect of Community Health Education on Respiratory Illnesses in Children Living in Under-Heated Homes

Allora Vico, Daisy Estep, Raynee Hamilton, Ruby Melton & Zhanna Gelman
The aim is to evaluate the effectiveness of community health teaching focused on the importance of increasing home temperature in order to reduce respiratory symptoms and disease. Studies exists that prove that under-heated homes cause high-risk for children to develop respiratory illnesses. Our methods include a pretest-posttest which will be used to evaluate the learning of the parents. An adapted Health Belief Model survey using a standard Likert scale will also be used. Analysis will...

Discovering Career Self-Efficacy Among Rural Community College Students

Tameka Mierelle Womack
Many students report that their main purpose for attending a two- or four-year academic institution is to prepare for a career, and require assistance during the process of selecting a major and career that is appropriate for them. Students who struggle with career indecision often seek help through career counseling and/or computer-assisted career guidance systems. Self-efficacy plays a key role in students' self-esteem and their belief that they can not only choose a career but...

Community College Students with Psychological Disorders and Their Perceptions of Online Learning

Gretchen Winifred Langford Warren
Research focusing on students with learning disabilities is abundant for secondary and higher education. Studies utilizing data on students with psychological disorders cover secondary and 4-year university education. However, community college students with psychological disorders and their perception of online classes is an area of educational research which lacks data. Students across a wide spectrum of psychological disorders tend to find learning challenging. The community college's learning environment may best fit their learning styles. With...

Diatom Community Composition Shifts Driven by Coherent Cyclonic Mesoscale Eddies in the California Current System

Zuzanna Maria Abdala
The California Current System (CCS) is characterized by an equatorward flowing eastern boundary current, as well as seasonal wind-driven coastal upwelling which supplies nutrient-rich waters to the surface and drives high coastal productivity. Cyclonic mesoscale eddies form off the coast in the CCS where they trap the highly productive upwelled coastal waters, along with their resident planktonic communities, and transport them offshore into the more oligotrophic California Current waters. The interaction between waters within and...

Model-Based Approach for Diffuse Glioma Classification, Grading, and Patient Survival Prediction

Zeina A. Shboul
The work in this dissertation proposes model-based approaches for molecular mutations classification of gliomas, grading based on radiomics features and genomics, and prediction of diffuse gliomas clinical outcome in overall patient survival. Diffuse gliomas are types of Central Nervous System (CNS) brain tumors that account for 25.5% of primary brain and CNS tumors and originate from the supportive glial cells. In the 2016 World Health Organization’s (WHO) criteria for CNS brain tumor, a major reclassification...

Exploring the Effects of Task Priority on Attention Allocation and Trust Towards Imperfect Automation: A Flight Simulator Study

Tetsuya Sato
The present study examined the effect of task priority and task load on attention allocation and automation trust in a multitasking flight simulator platform. Previous research demonstrated that, participants made less fixations and reported lower levels of trust towards the automation in the secondary monitoring under higher load on the primary tracking task (e.g., Karpinsky et al., 2018). The results suggested that participants perceived behaviors of the automated system less accurately due to less attention...

International Student Recruitment, Retention, and Transfer Efforts at Top Community Colleges Hosting International Students in the United States

Alejandra Diaz-Rangel
The number of international students enrolled at community colleges across the U.S. has significantly shifted in recent years. As a result, higher education institutions across the country have developed and integrated rationales for attracting and retaining international students to their campuses. The purpose of this research study was to examine international student recruitment, retention, and transfer efforts taking place at community colleges in the U.S. The data that influence the international student recruitment, retention, and...

A Core Reference Hierarchical Primitive Ontology For Electronic Medical Records Semantics Interoperability

Ziniya Zahedi
Currently, electronic medical records (EMR) cannot be exchanged among hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, and insurance providers or made available to patients outside of local networks. Hospital, laboratory, pharmacy, and insurance provider legacy databases can share medical data within a respective network and limited data with patients. The lack of interoperability has its roots in the historical development of electronic medical records. Two issues contribute to interoperability failure. The first is that legacy medical record databases...

Simulation and Development of the Radial Time Projection Chamber for the BONuS12 experiment in CLAS12

Nathan M. Dzbenski
Knowledge of the structure of nucleons (i:e: protons and neutrons) is a central topic of interest to nuclear/particle physicists. Much more is known about the structure of the proton than the neutron due to the lack of high-density free neutron targets. The Barely Off-shell Nucleon Structure experiment (BONuS12) at Jefferson Lab (JLab) is a second generation experiment upgraded/optimized to advance our knowledge of the neutron's structure using the deep-inelastic scattering of electrons off deuterium. Typically,...

Structural Characterization of Organic Matter in Oil Shales Using Multiple Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Techniques

Wenying Chu
Oil shale is a promising source of hydrocarbon fuel that is distributed throughout the world. The petroleum generating potential of oil shale is related to the molecular structure of the organic matter in source rock. The major fraction of organic matter of oil shale is termed kerogen, and due to its insolubility in organic solvents, 13C solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is one of the best ways to directly measure the insoluble organic matter...

Property, Wealth, Race, and Power: An Introduction to Critical Resource Theory

Andrew Whitfield
School funding inequality is an issue that has plagued America and the Commonwealth of Virginia for years (Owings & Kaplan, 2020). Understanding the role that funding plays in education is one that is of extreme importance today This study explored the relationship between income inequality and how education is funded. This study follows a quantitative study approach using correlational methods. This study takes multiple facets from Critcal Theory, Critical Race Theory, and Resource Dependency Theory...

Social Vulnerability and Hurricane Evacuation Behavior in Hampton Roads, VA: Emergency Management Stakeholders’ Perceptions of Low-to-Moderate Income Households in a Social Construction Paradigm

Mechelle Bonit Smith
The purpose of this research is to examine current emergency management (EM) evacuation policies and practices with respect to vulnerable populations’ hurricane evacuation behaviors. The response of vulnerable households and local and state governments’ implementation of emergency evacuation policies and practices provide possible linkages to continual problems faced by local governments in addressing its most vulnerable residents. Using social construction as a theoretical foundation provides context for the consideration of vulnerable populations in emergency management...

The Effects of CEO Dismissal Risk and Skills on Risky Corporate Decisions and CEO Compensation

Son T. Dang
This dissertation consists of three distinct essays on the effects of CEO dismissal risk on M&A megadeal decisions, the association between CEO compensation and generalist managerial ability in the presence of CEO dismissal risk, and the alignment of the initial compensation of new CEOs following CEO dismissals with their managerial ability. In Essay 1, I study the link between CEO dismissal risk and risky M&A decisions and find that higher-dismissal-risk CEOs engage in more M&A...

Minority Counselor Multicultural Competence in the Current Sociopolitical Climate

Kathleen Brown
A key component of professional orientation in the field of mental health is the ability to provide counseling that is culturally competent. Counselor preparatory education, ethical codes, professional organizations and regulating bodies recognize cultural competence as a cornerstone of clinical practice. It is especially important during a time in which cultural and racial minorities combat a tumultuous sociopolitical climate. American society has seen an exponential rise in anxiety, depression, and helplessness secondary to the 2016...

Validation of Nanosecond Pulse Cancellation Using a Quadrupole Exposure System

Hollie A Ryan
Nanosecond pulsed electric fields (nsPEFs) offer a plethora of opportunities for developing integrative technologies as complements or alternatives to traditional medicine. Studies on the biological effects of nsPEFs in vitro and in vivo have revealed unique characteristics that suggest the potential for minimized risk of complications in patients, such as the ability of unipolar nsEPs to create permanent or transient pores in cell membranes that trigger localized lethal or non-lethal outcomes without consequential heating. A...

Critical Language Awareness Pedagogy in First-Year Composition: A Design-Based Research Study

Megan Michelle Weaver
In this design-based research (DBR) study, I collaborated with two first-year composition (FYC) instructors in designing and implementing Critical Language Awareness (CLA) pedagogy to promote students’ linguistic consciousness while strengthening and enhancing their postsecondary writing skills. I designed and implemented this study by drawing on a critical theory of language, informed by literature on language ideologies (Silverstein, 1979; Irvine & Gal, 2000; Kroskrity, 2010) and raciolinguistics (Flores & Rosa, 2015; Alim, 2016), and a critical...

Coping Self-efficacy as a Potential Moderator of the Relationship Between Sexual Orientation and Negative Mental Health Outcomes

James M. Macchia
Sexual minority individuals (i.e., those who identify as a sexual orientation other than heterosexual) have consistently been linked to an increased risk of negative mental health outcomes. The process of coping can impact the content and severity of said outcomes, and one’s ability to cope is often predicted by the concept known as coping self-efficacy (i.e., one’s belief in his or her ability to cope). This study aimed to assess the effects of sexual orientation,...

Deep Learning for Remote Sensing Image Processing

Yan Lu
Remote sensing images have many applications such as ground object detection, environmental change monitoring, urban growth monitoring and natural disaster damage assessment. As of 2019, there were roughly 700 satellites listing “earth observation” as their primary application. Both spatial and temporal resolutions of satellite images have improved consistently in recent years and provided opportunities in resolving fine details on the Earth's surface. In the past decade, deep learning techniques have revolutionized many applications in the...

Human Error In Commercial Fishing Vessel Accidents: An Investigation Using the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System

Peter J. Zohorsky
The commercial fishing industry is frequently described as one of the most hazardous occupations in the United States. The objective, to maximize the catch, is routinely challenged by a variety of elements due to the environment, the vessel, the crew, and several external considerations and how they interact with each other. The analysis of fishing vessel accidents can be complicated due to the diverse nature of the industry, including the species caught, the type and...

Single-Stage, Venturi-Driven Desalination System

Brandon Proetto
Water demand is increasing at a rapid pace due to population increase, industrial expansion, and agricultural development. The use of desalination technology to meet the high water demands has increased global online desalination capacity from 47 million m^3/d in 2007 to 92.5 million m^3/d as of June 2017 [49]. Membrane and thermal processes are the two mainstream desalination categories used worldwide for desalination plants. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the most widely used membrane process and...

The Impact of Continuous Versus Intermittent Physical Activity on Vascular Function While Sitting

Benjamin Lieu & Leyrn Reynolds
Previous studies demonstrate prolonged sitting impairs blood vessel function. However, these studies also demonstrate breaking up sitting time by exercise maintains endothelial function. No one has examined whether a continuous bout of exercise prior to sitting is as effective as breaks in sitting on maintaining endothelial function. PURPOSE: This study examined whether continuous versus intermittent bouts of exercise are more effective at maintaining vascular health while sitting. METHODS: 5 males (age: 36±18, BMI: 22±5) and...

Impact of Emotional Competencies on Current E-Cigarette Use Within a Young Adult Sample

Laurel O. Brockenberry, Kelli England & Paul T. Harrell
Significance: Maladaptive emotional states are important drivers of tobacco use, but the mediating factors are poorly understood, particularly for e-cigarette use. Given that e-cigarette use has increased in prevalence and popularity, research examining motivating factors to engage in use is necessary. Methods: Survey data were collected from youth (18-25) attending a four-year university (N = 216, M-age = 20.41, 36.6% African American). Respondents answered questions about emotion dysregulation (Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale; DERS), positive/negative...

The Impact of Blood Flow Restrictive Exercise on Endothelial Function

Hannah Twiddy, Leryn J. Reynolds & Robbie Pittman
Blood flow restriction training (BFRT) is the occlusion of blood flow during resistance exercise to elicit enhanced skeletal muscle hypertrophy while lifting lower weights compared to standard resistance training. Research has shown BFR with low intensity resistance training to elicit similar results in skeletal muscle hypertrophy when compared to higher intensity resistance exercise. Although BFR demonstrates similar levels of skeletal muscle hypertrophy, no research has examined the effects of BFR exercise on brachial artery endothelial...

Comparison of Motor-Enhanced and Visual-Enhanced Interventions for Grammar in Young Children With Developmental Language Disorder

Alisha P. Springle
Up to 7.6% of children demonstrate a developmental language disorder (DLD), which can persist through adulthood, causing difficulty with academic achievement, social relationships, and financial stability. Grammar development, as a hallmark of DLD, is an important area of need for these children. Existing grammar interventions do not clearly distinguish the sensory input techniques that meet these children’s neurobiological instructional needs. This adapted alternating treatment design study implemented intervention using systematic paired visual and verbal and...

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