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A Meta-Analysis of Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Provider Effects on Student Achievement

Shanan L. Chappell
The 2001 renewal of the United States' Title I program, which provides federal funds to schools with large populations of low-income students, instituted the Supplemental Educational Services (SES) program in which schools in their third year of failing to make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) are required to offer after-school tutoring in core subjects to low-income students, provided by public or private tutoring agencies. States are responsible for implementing, overseeing, and evaluating the SES programs; currently,...

School Library Advocacy: Perceptions of Building Influence

Elizabeth A. Burns
Hartzell (1997) suggests that many in the school community do not know the value the school library program contributes to the educational landscape, and stakeholders cannot articulate the roles and responsibilities of the school librarian. Advocacy for a school library program is the deliberate and sustained effort to foster understanding of the program while influencing the attitudes of key stakeholders. It includes raising awareness, increasing knowledge and gaining influence for the position of the school...

Urban Elementary Students' Views of Environmental Scientists, Environmental Caretakers and Environmentally Responsible Behaviors

Patricia Lynne Horne
The purpose of this research was to determine the nature of the relationship between urban elementary fifth graders, environmental workers, and the environment. The study examined 320 urban fifth grade elementary students' drawings of environmental scientists (DAEST) and environmental caretakers (DAECT). Additionally, semi-structured interviews were included to elucidate student illustrations. The study's sample represented one-third of all fifth graders in the mid-Atlantic school district selected for this research. Approximately 5% of participants were chosen for...

Autism Assessment Scale for Children (AASC): The Development of a DSM-V AIigned Questionnaire to Screen School-Aged Children for High Functioning Autism

Christine Hebert
The purpose of this dissertation is to analyze the latent factor structure underlying the Ellis Functional Assessment (EFA) for children with high-functioning autism (HFA), to compare the latent factor structures for under-identified subgroups of children (older children, gifted children, female children), and to design a pre-screening assessment for HFA based on those results. The scope of the study is limited to children who have been identified as having HFA and whose parents completed the EFA...

Adjustment Experiences and Ethnic Identity Attitudes Among High School Students in Advanced Academic Programs

Tiffany Michelle Hall
African American high school students have been historically underrepresented in advanced placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and dual enrollment (DE) programs. The adoption of more equitable admissions practices has helped many school divisions develop a more ethnically diverse AP, IB, and DE student body. Despite increased African American student enrollment, retaining these students remains an ongoing problem. Equally troubling is the persistent achievement gap that exists between African American and White students in AP, IB,...

Anticipated vs Experienced Work-Family Conflict: Newcomer Expectations and Early Socialization Outcomes

Seterra D. Burleson
Applying met expectations and newcomer socialization theory, congruence and discrepancy between anticipated work-family conflict (AWFC) and experienced WFC were examined in relation to job satisfaction, affective commitment, and turnover intent. It was hypothesized that when AWFC and WFC are in agreement outcomes are more favorable. Further, it was hypothesized that when the discrepancy is such that WFC is higher than AWFC outcomes are more favorable than vice versa. Data were collected from 205 adults, first...

A Comparison of Two Theories of Resistance to Innovation in Medical Record Administration Baccalaureate Degree Programs

Joyce Brown-Harvey
Resistance to innovation is a major obstacle to the successful implementation of planned change in colleges and universities. The purpose of this study was to compare two explanations of resistance to innovation to determine which one best explains the variance in receptivity and proposed innovations among faculty members in medical record administration programs. One explanation holds that organizational members' receptivity to change is a function of their personalities. The second explanation holds that members respond...

Two Essays on IPO Earnings Management

Yong Sun
This dissertation includes two essays that study initial public offerings (IPO) earnings management. The first essay examines the underwriter's certification and monitoring roles in IPO earnings management; the second essay explores the relation between IPO earnings management and post-IPO institutional ownership. In the first essay, we investigate the certification role played by underwriters. We hypothesize that there is a negative relation between IPO earnings management and underwriter reputation and that there is a positive relation...

Seasonal and Diel Patterns of Abundance and Productivity of Phototrophic Picoplankton in the Lower Chesapeake Bay

Lewis Francis Affronti Jr.
This study was performed to evaluate phototrophic pico-plankton (0.2 to 2.0 μm) dynamics within the lower Chesapeake Bay. A 15 month study of phototrophic picoplankton abundance and productivity was made from June 1988 to October 1989. Annual picoplankton abundance using epifluorescence microscopy ranged from 7.26 x 106 cells/1 in the winter to 9.28 x 108 cells/1 during late summer. In situ incubations of natural picoplankton populations over the 15 month study were used to test...

Yellow Ribbons

D. Scott Drake
Yellow Ribbons is a feature-film screenplay that dramatizes various aspects of the Persian Gulf War. The hero of the story, Lieutenant Jason Hart, a talented but quixotic naval fighter pilot, participates in one of the last allied offensive military actions: the bombing of the retreating Iraqi army. Jake suffers a crisis of conscience in the climactic moment of the bombing and decides that he cannot continue to serve the navy as a fighter pilot. The...

Aggregating Private and Public Web Archives Using the Mementity Framework

Matthew R. Kelly
Web archives preserve the live Web for posterity, but the content on the Web one cares about may not be preserved. The ability to access this content in the future requires the assurance that those sites will continue to exist on the Web until the content is requested and that the content will remain accessible. It is ultimately the responsibility of the individual to preserve this content, but attempting to replay personally preserved pages segregates...

Harsh Parenting in Military Versus Civilian Families: Does Military Culture Moderate the Influence of Socioeconomic Status and Race?

Tiren Antinette Parker
Harsh parenting techniques such as yelling and spanking are commonly used in the United States to discipline children, despite the evidence that harsh parenting has a negative sequalae for children that can persistent into adulthood. Socioeconomic status (SES) and race/ethnicity have been identified as two key determinants of harsh parenting. The stressors associated with military service and parenting within military culture place families at increased risk for harsh parenting and child maltreatment. Having a better...

Computational Analysis and Design Optimization of Convective PCR Devices

Jung Il Shu
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a relatively novel technique to amplify a few copies of DNA to a detectable level. PCR has already become common in biomedical research, criminal forensics, molecular archaeology, and so on. Many have attempted to develop PCR devices in numerous types for the purpose of the lab-on-chip (LOC) or point-of-care (POC). To use PCR devices for POC lab testing, the price must be lower, and the performance should be comparable to...

The Impact of Diet And Psychosocial Factors Post Bariatric Surgery

Eva Rani Panigrahi
Bariatric surgery is a medical procedure that has been found to be an effective option for weight loss. Despite the benefits of bariatric surgery, little is known about the psychosocial factors that may impact weight outcome. The present study attempted to examine patients’ level of perceived stress, depressed mood, and diet, and the association of these factors with percent weight loss in the first 6-months after surgery. Eighty patients completed pre- and 6-months post-operative depressed...

Supplemental Instruction, Calibration, and Self-Efficacy: A Path Model Analysis

Jennifer Leigh Grimm
Many students preparing for careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are unable to persist past entry-level courses to complete their college degrees. As a result, many higher education institutions have implemented intervention programs, like Supplemental Instruction (SI), to help students master course content and gain the self-regulated learning (SRL) behaviors necessary for success in challenging STEM courses. Numerous studies have demonstrated that SI attendance is correlated with improved course grades;...

Crafting A Pedagogical Identity: A Multiple-Method Examination of an English Department’s Writing Pedagogy

Nathan Alan Serfling
This study developed after a program review of my current English department. The review pointed to a lack of coherence within our required writing curriculum. To learn more about my colleagues’ practices and values in writing instruction and to discover similarities and strengths that might guide our curricular revisions, I devised a multiple method, descriptive study of my colleagues’ pedagogies. I initially distributed surveys and used four key pedagogical taxonomies from writing studies scholarship (current-traditional...

A Study of the Diffusion of Innovations and Hurricane Response Communication in the U.S. Coast Guard

Melissa L. Leake
Hurricane Harvey (HH) is considered to be the first natural disaster where social-network applications to request help surpassed already overloaded 911 systems (Seetharaman & Wells, 2017). Increasing interpersonal connectivity via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites correspond to an increasing need for researchers and responders to recognize how people use social media platforms to connect, share, and receive information especially during times of crisis such as natural disasters. Heightened public perceptions and expectations of...

“Mixed Up in the Coal Camp”: Interethnic, Family, and Community Exchanges in Matewan During the West Virginia Mine Wars, 1900-1922

Lela Dawn Gourley
The West Virginia Mine Wars are etched in the popular memory of West Virginians, who view these events as an important part of their identity as Mountaineers; yet, there is still much historians do not know about the Mine Wars, especially when concentrating on the perspectives and experiences of the working-class miners. These everyday miners and their families are the topic of this thesis. Using oral histories from the Matewan Development Center Records housed in...

Association Between Fiscal Effort Above Required Local Effort and Accreditation in Virginia Schools

Daniel C. Soderholm
This study expands on previous research regarding the adequacy of educational funding in order to reach a desired academic outcome. Specifically, this study examines Virginia policies of Standards of Quality and Standards of Accreditation to see if local fiscal effort above the minimum required by Virginia has an association to the desired minimum academic outcome of school accreditation. The research in this study shows that when using a linear regression analysis or an ANCOVA there...

The Expression Of Connexin-43 By CD11c+ Dendritic Cells Is Required to Maintain CD4+ Foxp3+ Regulatory T Cell Population in Peripheral Lymphoid Organs

Caroline Titus Miller
Foxp3+ regulatory T cells (TR) are an immunosuppressive subset of CD4+ T cells that maintain homeostasis of the immune system. They are sustained by the interaction between the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) molecules present on antigen presenting dendritic cells and the T Cell Receptor (TCR) expressed on TR cells that is specific for the MHC loaded with an antigenic peptide. Here, we show that in addition to MHC/TCR interaction, Connexin-43 (Cx43) expression by dendritic cells...

Unsupervised-Learning Assisted Artificial Neural Network for Optimization

Varun Kote
Innovations in computer technology made way for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) into engineering, which supported the development of new designs by reducing the cost and time by lowering the dependency on experimentation. There is a further need to make the process of development more efficient. One such technology is Artificial Intelligence. In this thesis, we explore the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in CFD and how it can improve the process of development. AI is...

\"Preservation...From the Dangers of the Enemy as Well as Seas\": The Establishment of the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse

Kevin Charles Valliant
As the federal government of the United States began its existence, the Chesapeake Bay had gone without a significant navigational aid for nearly two centuries. What factors then led the newly established government to build a lighthouse on Cape Henry, at the entrance of the Bay? Although the colonial governments of Virginia and Maryland failed to build a lighthouse, their efforts provided the groundwork for the Cape Henry light, which the federal government envisioned not...

Princess Anne County: A Study in Material Wealth

Todd Grant Duncan
This is a study of material culture in Princess Anne County, Virginia, from 1691 to 1823, based on court records. These documents allow the historian to determine the economic worth of a group of individuals, analyze the types of people comprising this group, categorize the types and quantities of possessions owned, and differentiate between economic groups according to possessions and currency listed. Trends of ownership for the whole period, the determination of individual occupations, and...

Hemispheric Effects of Verbal Information Processing on Single and Dual Task Performance

Gwendolyn Lorell Pearson
Several theories have been proposed to predict performance when operators time share tasks. The Hemispheres as Resources Model suggests tasks will be performed efficiently together if each hemisphere allocates resources to one task. The Task Hemispheric Integrity Principle predicts the best dual task performance will be found when the shortest processing route is maintained. The purpose of the present study was to test the single and dual task performance predictions of these two models. The...

Determinants of Feedback-Seeking Behaviors

Melinda J. Montgomery
The purpose of the present research was to evaluate the effects of the level of task difficulty, the value of the goal, and the amount of effort required to obtain feedback on the frequency of feedback-seeking behaviors (FSB). The design was a 2 (task difficulty) x 2 (goal value) x 2 (effort) x 3 (day) mixed model analysis of variance. Eighty undergraduates were randomly assigned to one of eight experimental conditions. Each participant played a...

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