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Estimating the Utility of Job Performance the Influence of the Delphi Technique and Behavioral Examples on Supervisors' Estimates

Scott I. Tannenbaum
Methods for estimating the standard deviation of performance in dollars (SDy) proposed by Schmidt, Hunter, McKenzie, and Muldrow (1979) (referred to as S & H) and by Burke and Frederick (1984) (referred to as B & F) were compared with a modified procedure which incorporated the Delphi and critical incident methodologies (referred to as Delphi). Sixty-four nursing managers were randomly assigned to one of the three methods. They provided estimates for the jobs of registered...

The Relationship Between Needs and Interpersonal Problems of Women in Four Interpersonal Categories

Valarie Elaine Sikes-Nova
This study empirically assessed the relationship between needs structure and interpersonal presentation in women. Proposed indices for selective attention were assessed as to their ability to detect pathology. The relationship between interpersonal presentation and interpersonal problems were also studied. The measures used were The Picture Identification Test (Chambers, 1976), The Interpersonal Adjective Scales-Revised (Wiggins, 1985), The Inventory for Interpersonal Problems (Horowitz, 1986), and The Marlowe-Crowne Social-Desirability Scale (1964). Subjects were assigned to one of four...

Experience and Regulation of Positive Emotions as Predictors of Anxiety and Depression in Adolescents and Children

Ann Schlegelmilch
The high rate of comorbidity between anxiety and depression in children and adults raises questions concerning whether these disorders are two distinct disorders or a broad, but unitary construct. Clark and Watson's (1991) tripartite model purports that these disorders can be differentiated by two factors, positive affect (PA) and physiological hyperarousal (PH), in which low PA is unique to depression and PH is specific to anxiety. However, little is known about how specific positive emotions...

Causal Analysis of a National Study of Sales Personnel Turnover Functionality

Eric J. Vanetti
A causal model of the antecedents of turnover functionality was developed and tested in a national field study of sales representatives from a Fortune 50 company. Turnover functionality was defined in terms of the difference between the performance levels of leavers and stayers in the host organization. Questionnaire data were collected from 1,732 salespeople, and it was predicted that the hypothesized model would be confirmed by the obtained data. Several forms of supporting evidence for...

Nitrogen Dynamics of the Acacia Senegal Agroforestry System in the Sudan

Zakaria Abdalla Mohammed Saad
The savanna is characterized by low rainfall, poor soil and vegetation types dominated by the Genus Acacia. Agroforestry systems evolved, the most notable of which is Acacia senegal agroforestry system (ASAS). It yields gum acacia, fuel and fodder and improved soil N, P, and pH and stability against erosion. This study investigated the climatic, edaphic and biotic interactions of the ASAS that govern the nutrient dynamics, mainly N, and biomass. The effects of limited resources...

Methodology for Analyzing and Characterizing Error Generation in Presence of Autocorrelated Demands in Stochastic Inventory Models

Rafael Diaz
Most techniques that describe and solve stochastic inventory problems rely upon the assumption of identically and independently distributed (IID) demands. Stochastic inventory formulations that fail to capture serially-correlated components in the demand lead to serious errors. This dissertation provides a robust method that approximates solutions to the stochastic inventory problem where the control review system is continuous, the demand contains autocorrelated components, and the lost sales case is considered. A simulation optimization technique based on...

Stability Analysis of Closed Surge Tanks By Phase-Plane Method

Mostafa A. Sabbah
The governing equations describing water level oscillations in a closed surge tank with compressed air at the top of the tank are a set of nonlinear ordinary differential equations if the hydraulic system is analyzed as a lumped system. These oscillations are stable or unstable depending on the parameters of the plant and the type and magnitude of the disturbance. The present available stability criterion has been developed by linearizing the governing equations and is,...

The Truncated Cauchy Distribution: Estimation of Parameters and Application to Stock Returns

Paul G. Staneski
The problem addressed in this dissertation is the existence and estimation of the parameters of a truncated Cauchy distribution. It is known that when a number of distributions with infinite support are truncated to a finite interval that the maximum likelihood estimator of the scale parameter fails to exist with positive probability. In particular, necessary and sufficient conditions which give rise to instances of non-existence have been found for the exponential (Deemer and Votaw (1955)),...

Best Approximation With Geometric Constraints

Yuesheng Xu
This is a study of best approximation with certain geometric constraints. Two major problem areas are considered: best Lp approximation to a function in Lp (0,1) by convex functions, (m, n)-convex functions, (m, n)-convex functions and (m, n)-convex splines, for 1 < p < ∞ , and best uniform approximation to a continuous function by convex functions, quasi-convex functions and piecewise monotone functions.

Optimal Row-Column Designs for Correlated Errors and Nested Row-Column Designs for Uncorrelated Errors

Nizam Uddin
In this dissertation the design problems are considered in the row-column setting for second order autonormal errors when the treatment effects are estimated by generalized least squares, and in the nested row-column setting for uncorrelated errors when the treatment effects are estimated by ordinary least squares. In the former case, universal optimality conditions are derived separately for designs in the plane and on the torus using more general linear models than those considered elsewhere in...

Translational Regulation of the C-Jun Proto-Oncogene

Anil Sehgal
The v-jun oncogene was originally isolated from the ASV17 virus in 1987. Ever since its isolation, extensive work has been done to understand the role of the v-jun oncogene in cell transformation. The c-Jun protein is a transcription factor which binds to the DNA target TGACTCA. The c-Jun protein binds to DNA in the form of dimers. It can form homodimers with itself and heterodimers with Jun family (JunB and JunD), Fos family (FosB, Fra1...

Vitellogenesis in Hyalomma dromedarii (Acari: Ixodidae): A Model for Analysis of Endocrine Regulation in Ixodid Ticks

Martin E. Schriefer
The egg yolk proteins, vitellins, and their hemolymph precursors, vitellogenins, were characterized in the ixodid tick Hyalomma dromedarii. Three vitellins were identified. The high molecular weight vitellins, VN A and VN B, were composed of seven homologous molecular weight subunit polypeptides, VN 1-7. VN A appears to be a dimeric form of VN B. VN C was composed of single polypeptide. Low levels of vitellogenin, were identified in western immunoblots utilizing antibody raised against purified...

Determination of Pancreatic and Salivary Amylase By Enzyme Immunoassay and Their Prevalence in Hyperamylasemic Patients

Sabdra Borgens Ward
Currently, amylase determinations are nonspecific for the organ source and are based entirely on the enzymatic properties of amylase to produce a measurable product or byproduct. The determination of pancreatic amylase is important in the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis. Most commercially available tests for amylase employ the measurement of the change in NADH absorbance at 280 nm or of the p-nitrophenol released from a maltotetrose substrate. These are nonspecific measurements of pancreatic amylase and often...

Subunit Interactions of Recombinant HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase With Mutations at L289

Jacquelyn R. Smith
Reverse transcriptase (RT) is a dimeric enzyme required for replication of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). If the subunits of the RT dimer are dissociated, the enzyme is no longer active; therefore, identification of subunit binding sites could lead to potential targets for antiviral therapy. In order to identify where subunit binding of RT occurs, mutations were made at leucine (L) 289, a residue believed to be involved in dimerization through hydrophobic interactions with other...

Transplantation of the Mammalian Pineal Gland: Studies of Survival, Revascularization, Reinnervation and Recovery of Function

Wutian Wu
The survival, revascularization, reinnervation, and recovery of function of transplanted newborn rat pineal glands were studied following grafting into four different locations in pinealectomized rats. These locations were the third cerebral ventricle, in situ (where the pineal gland is normally located), the renal capsule, and the anterior chamber of the eye. Pinealocytes in the grafts maintained high metabolic activity as evidenced by the presence of euchromatic nuclei, prominent nucleoli, infolded nuclear envelopes, numerous mitochondria and...

Analysis of Random Structure-Acoustic Interaction Problems Using Coupled Boundary Element and Finite Element Methods

Carl S. Pates III
A coupled boundary element(BEM)-finite element(FEM) approach is presented to accurately model structure-acoustic interaction systems. The boundary element method is first applied to interior, two and three-dimensional acoustic domains with complex geometry configurations. Boundary element results are very accurate when compared with limited exact solutions. Structure-interaction problems are then analyzed with the coupled FEM-BEM method, where the finite element method models the structure and the boundary element method models the interior acoustic domain. The coupled analysis...

Unsteady Euler and Navier-Stokes Computations Around Oscillating Delta Wing Including Dynamics

Ahmed Abd-El-Bar Ahmed Salman
Unsteady flows around rigid or flexible delta wings with and without oscillating leading-edge flaps are considered. These unsteady flow problems are categorized under two classes of problems. In the first class, the wing motion is prescribed a priori and in the second class, the wing motion is obtained as a part of the solution. The formulation of the first class includes either the unsteady Euler or unsteady Navier-Stokes equations for the fluid dynamics and the...

Analysis of Moisture Absorption and Diffusion in Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Resin-Matrix Composite Materials

Stephen Stern Tompkins
The diffusion of moisture through fiber reinforced polymeric-matrix composite materials has been studied analytically. The diffusion in the orthotropic, nonhomogeneous material was modeled, in detail, with a two-dimensional transient diffusion analysis. An effective diffusivity for the composite was determined in terms of the fiber volume fraction and the resin diffusivity. This effective diffusivity is in better agreement with recent data than those previously determined using less complex models. The influence of both material and environmental...

Strong Magnetic Field Effects and Molecular Processes with Applications to White Dwarfs

Phillip C. Stancil
Radiative transitions of hydrogenlike atoms in external magnetic fields of strength applicable to magnetic white dwarfs, i.e. B < 103 megagauss, have been investigated for field-free principal quantum numbers n < 6. Finite proton mass corrections are included. Relativistic corrections are also investigated. Transition probabilities are determined using the length, velocity, and acceleration forms of the electric dipole operator. Discrepancies between previous calculations and magnetic white dwarf observations of low-lying boundbound transitions have been studied....

The Perceived Role of High-Level Black Urban Managers in Virginia

Karen Ann Johnson
Focusing on sixteen cities in Virginia, the researcher studied the perceived managerial and career roles that high level black urban managers play in local government. From June to August 1991, black managers in the study completed self-assessments in the following areas: (1) socio-demographics, (2) perceived managerial and career role, (3) behaviors associated with managerial activism, pursuing the needs of the black community and career development, and (4) characteristics of their work environment. Based on their...

Controlling Adult Oriented Businesses in Norfolk, Virginia, 1943–1998: A Descriptive Case Study

Janet Gail Nicula
The purpose of this case study is to analyze methods used in the city of Norfolk, Virginia to control adult oriented businesses (AOBs). Evidence is derived from several sources: interviews, analysis of government records, documents, historical photographs, and current observations. The research examines approaches taken by the city to control AOBs in three locations: Main Street-Granby Street, the north end of Hampton Boulevard, and Little Creek Road-Shore Drive. Research questions addressed (1) how AOBs in...

Identifying and Quantifying Personnel Skills Gaps

Martin Joseph McKenney
One of the issues organizations face is identifying the required skills needed for a position and then evaluating whether their personnel have these skills or if there is a “skills gap”. The skills gap is the distance between the position requirements and the skills currently possessed by the worker in that position. While multiple models have been created over the years to address facets of the problem, none of them provide a comprehensive framework to...

Flow Kinematics and Dynamics of the Gulf Stream From Composite Imagery

Caitlin Patrice Mullen
A unique set of contemporaneous satellite-tracked drifters and five-day composite satellite images of the North Atlantic is studied in order to infer the near-surface flow kinematics and dynamics of the Gulf Stream. Using fractal and spectral analyses, two kinematic models, and a potential vorticity model, detailed comparisons are made between these data sets. Fractal and spectral analyses show that the data set is not fractal, there is no geographic variability, and there is not a...

Modeling Nutrient and Plankton Processes in the California Coastal Transition Zone

John Roland Moisan
Two time- and space-dependent, physical-bio-optical models have been developed for the California Coastal Transition Zone (CTZ) region with the overall objective of understanding and quantifying the processes th at contribute to the spatial and temporal development of nutrient and plankton distributions in the CTZ. The first of these models considers only time- and vertical processes at specific locations in the CTZ. The model food web components include: silicate, nitrate, ammonium, two phytoplankton size fractions, copepods,...

Determinants for the Timing of Escapement From the Sockeye Salmon Fishery of the Copper River, Alaska: A Simulation Model

Howard A. Schaller
A model to estimate determinants for migratory timing of catch and escapement in a terminal salmon fishery is presented. A method was developed to estimate average seasonal migration rates of salmon through a harvest area from catch and escapement data. The time series for the total population of Copper River sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) was reconstructed in the reference frame of the commercial harvest area from catch and escapement data. The catchability coefficients (q), derived...

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