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Prediction and Control of Asymmetric Vortical Flows Around Slender Bodies Using Navier-Stokes Equations

Tin-Chee Wong
Steady and unsteady vortex-dominated flows around slender bodies at high angles of attack are solved using the unsteady, compressible Navier-Stokes equations. An implicit upwind, finite-volume scheme is used for the numerical computations. For supersonic flows past pointed bodies, the locally-conical flow assumption has been used. Asymmetric flows past five-degree semiapex cones using the thin-layer Navier-Stokes equations at different angles of attack, freestream Mach numbers, Reynolds numbers, grid fineness, computational domain size, sources of disturbances and...

Finite Element Frequency Domain Solution of Nonlinear Panel Flutter With Temperature Effects and Fatigue Life Analysis

David Yongxiang Xue
A frequency domain solution method for nonlinear panel flutter with thermal effects using a consistent finite element formulation has been developed. The von Karman nonlinear strain-displacement relation is used to account for large deflections, the quasi-steady first-order piston theory is employed for aerodynamic loading and the quasi-steady thermal stress theory is applied for the thermal stresses with a given change of the temperature distribution, ΔΤ (x, y, z). The equation of motion under a combined...

Studies of Radiation Effects in Three High Polymers

Heidi Rene-Mitchell Ries
Three high polymers, Mylar®, Ultem®, and Kapton®, were irradiated to total doses of 1, 5, and 9.5 gigarad using 1-MeV electrons. The glass transition temperatures (Tg) of the materials before and after irradiation were measured using an AC electrical dissipation factor technique. From the Tg data, it was found that the electron radiation at these total doses results in net chain scissioning in Mylar and net crosslinking in Ultem, while self-mending is predominant in Kapton....

The Routinization of Innovations in an Urban School System

Thomas McAnulty
he purpose of this study is to identify conditions which make the success of innovations in public education more likely, thus helping administrators make better use of scarce resources. Nine innovations in Norfolk Public Schools in Virginia were examined. These included an automated student information system, electronic mail, an alternative school for pregnant teens, and a special education parent center. A multiple case study methodology was employed in conducting this research. Data was gathered from...

The Biogeochemistry of Hydrogen Sulfide in the Open Ocean

Joël Radford-Knoery
Hydrogen sulfide is a poorly quantified component of the global sulfur cycle. In seawater, its dissolved species (dissolved sulfide) can react with trace metals to form dissolved complexes and insoluble compounds. Therefore, the study of dissolved° sulfide in the open ocean can yield a better understanding of the biogeochemical cycles of sulfur and trace metals. The biogeochemical cycling of dissolved sulfide was examined using specially developed sampling and analytical methods. In the western North Atlantic...

Inner Shelf Circulation in Coastal Virginia: A Data Assimilation Approach

Hector Hito Sepulveda
The primary objective of this dissertation is to describe the tidal and subtidal flow patterns over the inner shelf of the Delmarva Peninsula, located in the Mid-Atlantic Bight of the United States (36.6–38.0 N), north of the Chesapeake Bay. The objective is pursued with a combination of direct measurements and numerical assimilative techniques. The dynamic balance of the study area is little known, and the distribution of tidal properties has not been described for this...

Student Perceptions of Online Course Quality: A Comparison By Academic Discipline

Brian Riley Wilcox
The recent rapid proliferation of distance education necessitates the need for strong levels of academic accountability. An important factor found to influence and predict student success is students' perceptions of their online courses. Understanding how learners perceive their online learning environment is paramount to effective course design and implementation. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate community college students' perceptions of online education. IHEP benchmarks for quality in distance education were used develop...

Late Registration and Student Success in On-Campus and Online Classes

Patrick Tompkins
The study examined the effect of late registration into on-campus and online classes upon student performance when accounting for completion of a college success skills course and the demographic factors of sex, race/ethnicity, age, and full-time/part-time enrollment status. The data source was 2010-2013 ex post facto data from 23 colleges in a large community college system in the southeastern United States. The statistical method of binary logistic regression was applied to the data. The regression...

Seventeenth Century Settlement of the Nansemond River in Virginia

Emmett Edward Bottoms
The estuarine Nansemond River in southeastern Virginia provided exploitable resources to Indians and English colonists during the seventeenth century. Colonization of the Nansemond, attempted in 1609, was resisted by the Nansemond Indians and was accomplished only after they were decimated and displaced. Anglicans and dissenting Puritans and Quakers established churches and meeting houses along the river. Richard Bennett, a Puritan and later a Quaker, brought the first Negro into the Nansemond River area and served...

Games and Gaming of the Stuart Aristocracy

Vicky Ann Sanderlin
Games and gaming provide insight into the lives of the people of the past. This thesis analyzes the games and gaming patterns of the aristocracy of Stuart England. This examination of gaming concentrates on the place of leisure games in the world of the elite. The study focuses on games suitable for inclement weather and includes both children's and adult's games from the period. This thesis addresses three basic questions: 1) who were the gamesters,...

Factors Effecting Phytoplankton Assemblages in the Lafayette River Estuary

Laurie Ann Kalenak
Chemical and physical parameters were measured with phytoplankton species composition and abundance in the Lafayette River from August to October 1981. Stations located in four distinct areas of the river were statistically analyzed to determine data relationships. Environmental factors considered as potentially influencing the presence and numbers of phytoplankton were salinity, temperature, Secchi depth, tidal phase, orthophosphate, combined nitrates and nitrites, ammonia, and reactive silicates. The River mouth had higher salinity and nutrient values, with...

A Study of Increased Flow Off the Eastern Seaboard of the United States Within Four Synoptic Flow Patterns During the Winter Months

John Dale Liechty
A study of increased winds during the winter season off the United States Eastern Seaboard was made in each of four synoptic flow patterns: prefrontal; postfrontal; northeast; and southerly. Eight years of synoptic data for the months October through March from two pairs of stations were utilized. Each pair consisted of one land and one sea station; of the sea stations, Frying Pan Light was located in or near the warmer water of the Gulf...

An Examination of Section 504 in Practice: Dark Days for Student Rights

Ann S. Maydosz
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a broadly worded statement that addresses discrimination in schools and other settings. Enacted at about the same time as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Section 504 has been used sparingly in elementary and secondary schools. Section 504 presents an opportunity to redress educational inequities for struggling students because it can provide support for students with disabilities and impairments not covered by IDEA. However, due...

Does Teacher Behavior Change in Middle School Math Classes When Teachers Receive Instructional Coaching Using Bug-In-Ear Technology?

Ellen L. Browning
The purpose of this study was to investigate if there is a relationship between the use of immediate feedback provided through instructional coaching and teacher behaviors shown to improve student achievement. Specifically this study used a time-series nonequivalent control group design to explore the relationship between instructional coaching using Bug-In-Ear (BIE) technology and teacher frequency of the following behaviors: (a) teacher use of technology-enhanced choral response as part of completed three-term contingency trials, (b) the...

Effect of Alkali on the Efficiency and Reliability of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Solar Cells

Shankar Karki
The incorporation of alkali metal has contributed tremendously in a bid to realize greater than 20% efficient Cu(In,Ga)Se2(CIGS) solar cells. Achieving high efficiency is one key parameter for the success of a photovoltaic technology but so is its long-term stability. In this thesis, the relationship between the performance of alkali treated Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells and their physicochemical, electronic and structural properties are explored through a comparative study between standard devices and alkali (K, Rb) treated...

Prompting Self-Monitoring of Learning in Self-Paced Computer Based Training: The Effect on Self-Regulation and Learning

Christopher J. Coburn
The purpose of this dissertation was to investigate the effects of prompting students to monitor their use of learning strategies and comprehension while completing self-paced, work-related training in a computer-based learning environment. Study participants included 94 enlisted military volunteers, randomly assigned to one of three groups in the spring of 2012. Changes in strategy use and comprehension were evaluated within and between groups receiving either immediate, delayed or no prompts using multiple methods of measurement,...

Applying Reflection and Self-Assessment Practices to Integrative STEM Lessons: A Design-Based Research Study to Develop an Instrument for Elementary Practitioners

Diana V. Cantu
This study utilized design-based research (DBR) to develop an empirically substantiated local instruction theory about the use of self-assessment and reflection in creating and assessing integrative STEM lessons. The research goals that guided this study are: 1. Determine the initial STEM self-efficacy level for the study's participants. 2. Utilize theories of reflection and self-assessment to create an instrument for preparing and assessing an integrative STEM lesson. 3. Refine the instrument through two Design-Based Research macro...

Middle School Parents' Perceptions of Career and Technical Education

Virginia R. Powers Jones
This study explored middle school parents' perceptions of the contributions career and technical education could make to their child's educational or workforce plans. It also examined what actions parents undertake to influence their child's plans, specifically the impact of the career exploration tool, Coin Career Community©, on their actions. Last, the study explored the correlation between the course choices students made in ninth grade relative to their parents' perceptions. This study took place at Halifax...

Community of Inquiry Framework and Learning Outcomes

Jennifer Ann Maddrell
First described by Garrison, Anderson, and Archer (2000), the Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework suggests social presence, teaching presence, and cognitive presence are essential elements to foster successful educational experiences in computer-mediated higher education distance learning environments. While hundreds of CoI-based articles have been published since 2000, those critical of the framework and related research suggested a lack of empirical evidence to support the framework's central claim that a CoI leads to deep and meaningful...

The Effect of Preferred Visual Aesthetic on Focused Attention, Use Intention, and Persistence in an Instructional Simulation

Don Grady Robison
Three experiments were conducted investigating the motivational effects of attractive visual aesthetic on focused attention, future use intentions, and discretionary use of a desktop instructional simulation. Participants included 90 ship-handling students from a Merchant Marine academy in the northeastern United States; 91% of the participants were male, and 9% were female, the mean age for participants was 20.97 years. Employing a pc-based desktop ship-handling training simulation, a "preferred aesthetic" was identified using paired comparisons with...

Improving Metacomprehension and Calibration Accuracy Through Embedded Cognitive and Metacognitive Strategy Prompts

Alan J. Reid
A societal shift from print-based to digital texts has afforded the ability to embed reader support within an instructional text. Numerous factors make eBooks an attractive option for colleges and universities, though undergraduates consistently reaffirm a preference for print-based materials. Given that many undergraduates arrive to college with a deficiency in reading comprehension skills and metacognitive awareness, digital text is able to offer an additional layer of support. A sample population of college undergraduates (N...

High School Engineering/Technology Education Course Impact on Georgia Standardized Achievement Scores

Rodney N. Ragsdale
This research explores whether a student completing a two course sequence in engineering/technology education is more successful on the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) assessments in mathematics, science, social studies, and English/language arts. The findings provide additional insight into whether the current focus on STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) could also improve student achievement in core academic areas. Student data were provided through the Georgia Department of Education database, from all public...

Naomi Spickard Rock
The purpose of this study was to develop a model for employer training to manage employees who possess counter-productive behaviors. With the increasing encouragement for employers to hire without discriminating, the number of individuals with disabilities in the workforce will rise. There is limited training in universities and businesses to teach how to deal with difficult individuals. Qualitative research in the form of focus groups was conducted. The following research objectives were developed: 1) Identify...

The Effect of Self-Regulated Learning Strategy Training and Question Generation on Metacognitive Awareness and Achievement Among College Students Enrolled in Science Courses

Transitioning from high school students to college students can be a difficult task for students who do not know how to regulate their own study processes. Literature in the areas of metacognition, self-regulated learning (SRL), and question generation suggest a correlation between metacognitive awareness, SRL, and achievement. The present study was guided by efforts to improve college students' achievement by promoting generative learning strategies and metacognitive awareness. Fifty-one undergraduate students enrolled in a general education...

A Mixed Methods Case Study of the Levels of Interactive Whiteboard Use by K-12 Teachers

Jo Ann Thomas
The growing presence of educational technology in our nation's K-12 schools has had little effect on teacher practices to enhance student learning (Once, Delialioglu, & Brown, 2008). Sophisticated levels of educational technology use are believed to influence student learning (Hall, Loucks, Rutherford, & Newlove, 1975) yet research on effective levels of use is almost non-existent. The Concerns Based Adoption Model (CBAM) assesses a teacher's level of educational technology use across eight stages, ranging from the...

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