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An Examination of Differences Between Occupational-Technical Student and Transfer Student Engagement at Small Community Colleges in Virginia

Janet T. Laughlin
This study examined the differences in levels of student engagement between occupational-technical students and transfer students in an attempt to gain insight into why so many students fail to attain their educational goals. Students' engagement or involvement with their educational institution and program of study is considered a major contributor to persistence and graduation. Research on student engagement as it relates to persisters and leavers includes the five student engagement variables benchmarked by the Community...

Examining Retention and Academic Success Among Community College Developmental Algebra I Students

Patricia B. Huber
An increasing number of community college matriculants enter college needing remediation in mathematics. This study examined factors that may affect student retention and academic success in a developmental Algebra I course at a community college, including demographic variables, life demand variables, pre-enrollment academic characteristic, self-regulated learning characteristics, and instructional methodology. The study ran for two consecutive semesters and included 154 participants. Self-report measures were used to gain demographic information and information about students' beliefs about...

The Relationship Between Rural Middle School Student Mathematics Achievement and Classroom Sense of Community

John E. Donlan
This study addressed the need for more information about academic growth and achievement in mathematics, and how it relates to sense of community in middle school settings. This was accomplished by applying the Classroom and School Community Inventory (CSCI) construct (Rovai, Wighting, & Lucking, 2004) to all three middle schools in one rural county. The CSCI was utilized to measure sense of community in mathematics classes to determine if differences existed between grades six, seven,...

A Phenomenological Case Study Concerning Science Teacher Educators' Beliefs and Teaching Practices About Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Preparing K-12 Science Teachers to Engage African American Students in K-12 Science

Janice Bell Underwood
Due to the rising diversity in today's schools, science teacher educators (STEs) suggest that K-12 teachers must be uniquely prepared to engage these students in science classrooms. Yet, in light of the increasing white-black science achievement gap, it is unclear how STEs prepare preservice teachers to engage diverse students, and African Americans in particular. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to find out how STEs prepare preservice teachers to engage African American students in...

The Impact of an Intensive Experience on Prospective Teachers' Perception of the Uses of Digital, Interactive Text Among K-12 Students

Francis W. Stonier
The purpose of this study was to measure pre-service teacher perception, awareness, and potential use of digital literacies, media, and digital interactive text in their future classrooms. The study grew from the theoretical rationales of new literacies, technological pedagogical content knowledge, and constructivism. New literacies are essentially the skills teachers and students need to utilize and develop in order to interact with novel digital sources. Research was aimed not simply at exposing pre-service teachers to...

Can Practice Calibrating by Test Topic Improve Public School Students' Calibration Accuracy and Performance on Tests?

Rose M. Riggs
The effect of a calibration strategy requiring students to predict their scores for each topic on a high stakes test was investigated. The utility of self-efficacy towards predicting achievement and calibration accuracy was also explored. One hundred and ten sixth grade math students enrolled in an urban middle school participated. Students were assigned to either a calibration practice group or a no practice condition. Students in the practice condition completed a self-efficacy scale specific to...

Secondary English Teachers' Attitudes Toward disciplinary and Literacy Learning Implications for Pedagogical Praxis and Reform

Stephanie Kay Sugioka
The purpose of this study was threefold: (1) to examine the epistemological stances of the two teacher participants, that is, to determine their attitudes toward student literacy and their beliefs about the purposes of English as a discipline; (2) to describe the interplay between their epistemological stances and their pedagogical practices, in particular with respect to their use of research-based literacy strategies; and (3) to arrive at a means of supporting them in their use...

Addressing the Needs of Students With Color Vision Deficiencies in the Elementary School Library

Karla Bame Collins
Color vision deficiencies affect approximately eight percent of the male population (Birch & Chisholm, 2008; Cole, 2007; Jenny & Kelso, 2007; Neitz & Neitz, 2000), yet the condition is often overlooked in the educational setting despite the pervasiveness of color in the school (Suero et al., 2004). The purpose of this study was to explore how elementary school librarians provide instruction and prepare the library environment to meet the needs of students with color vision...

\"The Poor Kid Finds the Pirate Treasure\": Depictions of Social Class in Newbery Medal and Honor Books 2004-2013

Danielle Eileen Forest
Background: Given events of recent years like the economic recession, issues related to social class are more important than ever before. Although educational scholars have devoted increasing attention to social class, it has not been widely studied in curricular materials like children's literature. Because books can influence children's views of the world, understanding what values and ideologies are communicated about class in literature is important. Focus of Study: Grounded in the theoretical perspectives of critical...

A Comparison of Academic Outcomes in Courses Taught with Open Educational Resources and Publisher Content

Diane N. Ryan
The academic outcomes of retention, completion, persistence and final exam scores between courses taught with open educational resources (OER) and courses taught with publisher content (non-OER) were investigated in this mixed method sequential study. The perceptions and experiences of the instructors who taught the courses were also explored. The participants were 215 community college students enrolled in an online section of Introduction to Communication (CST 110), Western Civilization (HIS 111), Applied Calculus (MTH 270) or...

Katharine's Dream

Karen Maceira
Katharine's Dream is about a girl born into a family of great passion and great fear. Not all members of the family survive this devastating combination. These poems tell of who survived and how, and of who did not. The poems are predominantly free verse lyrics which use standard diction and syntax. More often than not, they employ a short line, dense imagery and "white space," which frames the images and ideas, in the words...

Hold as a Monosemic Verb

Amy D. Camp
The verb hold is normally presumed to be highly polysemous; dictionaries ascribe to it several senses and sub-senses. This treatment is supported by the polysemous bias in current semantic research. In this thesis, I claim that hold is monosemic, with ascribed meanings resulting from pragmatic modulation. My treatment of hold is based on Charles Ruhl's work with monosemy in his book On Monosemy: A Study in Linguistic Semantics. This study isolates hold's constant semantic contribution...

At the Hands of Fate: The Political Economy of Islamic Insurance in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Pakistan, C. 1980 to the Present

Muhammad S. Rahman
Why have Islamic insurance systems developed well in some countries, but not in others? Malaysia is considered as Islamic insurance elite due to its relatively large number of operators it houses as well as the sustained growth of Islamic insurance sales within the country, while Indonesia and Pakistan are still in early stages of development. Analyzing the political and social history of Islamization of insurance systems in these three Muslim majority countries in Asia since...

Two Essays on Bitcoin Price and Volume

Mohammad Bayani Khaknejad
Bitcoin is a decentralized peer to peer digital transactions system that was introduced in 2009 in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Since its introduction, it has had a volatile journey, being adopted by computer programmers, cyber punk enthusiasts, criminals, and financial investors. While the future of bitcoin is still not clear, it has been widely adopted by many, not necessarily as a new method of transactions, but rather as a new investment vehicle. Being...

Usefulness of an Expanded Health Belief Model With Added Constructs (Self-Efficacy And Ecological System Measures) in Modeling Compliance With Healthy Lifestyle Recommendations in Women With a Recent History of Gestational Diabetes

Phyllis M. Woodson
Problem Statement: Gestational diabetes (GDM) has been reported to affect as many as 18% of all pregnancies in the U.S. This diagnosis is costly and presents health risks to both baby and mother. The main risk to the mother with a history of GDM is her increased risk for diabetes which has been estimated at 35% to 60% in the following 10 to 20 years; more recent studies report a 7 to 8 times occurrence...

Who Receives More Family Related Support in the Workplace? A Meta-Analysis of Gender Differences in Family Related Support

Daroon M. Jalil
The purpose of the current study was to meta-analytically estimate if gender differences exist in the provision of family related support in the workplace. Gender differences are of particular interest in the realm of family related support in the workplace because they lie at the intersection of prescribed gender roles for both men and women at home and work. Family related support plays an integral role in an employees’ willingness to utilize family friendly policies...

Persistence of Depositional Features in a Strongly Seasonal, Tide-Dominated Delta

Kallie Flaxington Brown
The Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna (GBM) Delta is one of the largest deltas in the world, covering more than 100,000 km2. The GBM River system transports over one billion tons of sediment annually and delivers ~750 million tons to the Bay of Bengal, ~25% of which is advected by tides into the fluvially abandoned western delta plain. The Sundarbans National Forest (SNF) is located within the GBM Delta and, covering more than 10,000 km2, is the world’s largest...

Developing Algorithms to Detect Incidents on Freeways From Loop Detector and Vehicle Re-Identification Data

Biraj Adhikari
A new approach for testing incident detection algorithms has been developed and is presented in this thesis. Two new algorithms were developed and tested taking California #7, which is the most widely used algorithm to date, and SVM (Support Vector Machine), which is considered one of the best performing classifiers, as the baseline for comparisons. Algorithm #B in this study uses data from Vehicle Re-Identification whereas the other three algorithms (California #7, SVM and Algorithm...

A Design of Inductive Coupling Wireless Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicle Applications

Sarika Reddy Daida
This research focuses on the study of using an inductive-coupled Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) system for electric vehicle charging applications in Medium Voltage DC (MVDC) power networks. Implementing WPT in Electric Vehicles (EVs) can provide a convenient alternative charging option, versus static charging in a station that would take hours. Also, it can prevent the potential of electrocution hazards that might occur due to the usage of physical medium like wires in EV charging. Even...

The Resilient City: A Platform for Informed Decision-Making Process

Jarutpong Vasuthanasub
As over half of the world’s population lives in cities, the rapid growth in urbanization has made cities become more and more exposed and vulnerable to a broad spectrum of threats and hazards. In order to respond to such difficulties, a concept of resilience is considered a significant component for the long-term planning and sustainable development of cities. “Resilient City” is a new paradigm that challenges the idealistic principle of stability and resistance to change...

Reform and Democracy: British and American Reactions to the French Revolution, 1789-1801

Martha Lingua Wheless
The outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789 had a profound effect on the countries of the western world. In Great Britain and America initial reaction to the Revolution was overwhelmingly positive, but as the events in France became increasingly violent opinions began to diverge. This thesis examines the diverse popular reactions to the French Revolution in both Great Britain and America. The role played by the governments of these nations in shaping public opinion...

U.S.S. New Ironsides: The Seagoing Ironclad in the Union Navy

William Howard Roberts
Of the ironclads completed by the Union during the Civil War, only the U.S.S. New Ironsides was a seagoing, high-freeboard design. Her seagoing qualities and heavy battery made her uniquely valuable to the Union in combat. Although New Ironsides was highly successful and her high-freeboard design squarely in the European mainstream, she represented the last of her direct line in the U.S. Navy. The lessons learned from her construction and wartime service, which should have...

John Bankhead Magruder and the Defense of the Virginia Peninsula, 1861-1862

Leonard W. Riedel Jr.
The viability of the Confederacy depended on its ability to organize a government and military defense force. Two early concerns were the operation of Gosport Naval Shipyard and protection of the Confederate capital at Richmond. Poised between them was Fortress Monroe. With undisputed Union mastery of the Chesapeake Bay, Fortress Monroe was a constant reminder of the tentative security of these critical points. The man chosen to protect the Peninsula was Virginian, John Bankhead Magruder....

The American Influence on the Mindanao Resistance During the Second World War

Michael Anthony Balis
This thesis examines the American participation in the development of resistance against the Japanese on Mindanao Island in the Philippines, 1942-1945. Americans directed the overall resistance movement and commanded most of the provinces. As leaders Americans played a key role in the evolution of the resistance from an independent guerrilla force to a partisan force that gave U.S. forces combat and intelligence assistance. The most important information for the thesis came from the MacArthur Archives,...

United States Tactical Doctrine, 1855 to 1861: The Mismeasure of Technology

Marion Vincent Armstrong Jr.
This thesis illuminates the state of United States Army tactical doctrine at the beginning of the Civil War. In 1855, the weapons available to the United States Army left much to be desired in terms of firepower. Their limited range and lack of accuracy meant that they could not be relied upon to render the final decision in battle. The tactical system of 1855, however, blended this firepower with the shock action effect of bayonets...

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