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Designing for the One-Shot: Building Consensus on Design Processes for Academic Librarians

Kirsten Hostetler
Academic librarians have long been responsible for teaching information literacy competencies on college campuses, even as many are hesitant to accept the title of teacher. With inadequate instructional design preparation and one-shot sessions serving as a popular, if limited, instructional medium, librarians’ design processes are often developed on the job and infrequently explored in the literature. Previous research has examined specific design models and instructional strategies, but no studies were found that determined how academic...

Numerical Analysis of a Roadway Piezoelectric Harvesting System

Abdul Rahman Badawi
Highways, streets, bridges, and sidewalks with heavy traffic dissipate a considerable amount of waste mechanical energy every day. Piezoelectric energy harvesting devices are a very promising technology that can convert the waste mechanical energy to clean and renewable energy to enhance the sustainability of infrastructures. Research efforts in large-scale energy harvesting have led to the advancement of piezoelectric devices to the point that large-scale implementation is starting to become more feasible. The energy harvested by...

A Meta-Analysis of Group Treatment Outcomes for Veterans with Substance Use Disorders

Robert “Tony” Dice
Group therapy is commonly used in the treatment of substance use disorders (SUD). Many studies exist related to the efficacy of group interventions for veterans with SUDs. A meta-analysis and systematic review of the literature addressing the use of group therapy, specifically psychoeducational groups, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) groups and support groups, in the treatment of SUDs with veterans was conducted. The following questions guided the research: What are viable treatment outcomes for psychoeducational, CBT,...

Inference and Estimation in Change Point Models for Censored Data

Kristine Gierz
In general, the change point problem considers inference of a change in distribution for a set of time-ordered observations. This has applications in a large variety of fields and can also apply to survival data. With improvements to medical diagnoses and treatments, incidences and mortality rates have changed. However, the most commonly used analysis methods do not account for such distributional changes. In survival analysis, change point problems can concern a shift in a distribution...

Advances in the Understanding of Sourcing and Fate of Pyrogenic Organic Matter in the Environment

Aleksandar Ivaylov Goranov
With higher occurrences of forest fires worldwide, there has been an increase in scientific interest surrounding the chemistry of pyrogenic organic matter (pyOM). The main structural components of pyOM, the condensed aromatic compounds (ConAC), exhibit intriguing physico-chemical properties and have been one of the main focuses of biogeochemical research. The overwhelmingly large number of scientific articles regarding pyOM and ConAC are guided by the assumption that ConAC in the environment are exclusively of pyrogenic origin,...

Ixodes Scapularis SRC Kinase Is Required for Rickettsial Pathogen Survival in Ticks

Jeremy W. Turck
Anaplasma phagocytophilum is an obligate intracellular bacterium that causes disease in humans and animals. It is the causative agent for human anaplasmosis. A. phagocytophilum uses certain strategies to infect both vertebrates and invertebrates. It uses Ixodes scapularis ticks as a vector for spreading infection to other mammal species. This bacterium has a specific path for infection through the salivary glands of its vector host. It also suppresses certain functions such as the inhibition of apoptosis...

Space-Based Countermeasure for Hypersonic Glide Vehicle

Robert Joseph Fowler IV
The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the effectiveness of a space-based laser weapon system for countering a hypersonic glide vehicle. Hypersonic glide vehicles are an emerging type of weapon system which combine the range of ballistic missiles with the maneuverability of cruise missiles. These systems pose a unique threat to military assets not only for their expanded capabilities but also for the lack of an effective defensive countermeasure. Space-based laser weapon systems may...

A Parametric Analysis of a Turbofan Engine with an Auxiliary Bypass Combustion Chamber – the Turboaux Engine

Kaleab Fetahi
A parametric study of a novel turbofan engine with an auxiliary combustion chamber, nicknamed the TurboAux engine is presented. The TurboAux engine is conceived as an extension of a low-bypass turbofan engine with an auxiliary bypass annular combustion chamber around the core stream. The study presented in this thesis is motivated by the need to facilitate clean secondary burning of fuel at temperatures higher than conventionally realized, from air exiting the low-pressure compressor. The parametric...

Testing the utility of alternative metrics of branch support to address the ancient evolutionary radiation of tunas, stromateoids, and allies (Teleostei: Pelagiaria)

Dahiana Arcila, Lily C. Hughes, Fernando Meléndez-Vazquez, Carole C. Baldwin, William T. White, Kent E. Carpenter, Jeffrey T. Williams, Mudjekeewis D. Santos, John J. Pogonoski, Masaki Miya, Guillermo Ortí & Ricardo Betancur-R.
The use of high-throughput sequencing technologies to produce genome-scale datasets was expected to settle some long-standing controversies across the Tree of Life, particularly in areas where short branches occur at deep timescales. Instead, these datasets have often yielded many well-supported but conflicting topologies, and highly variable gene-tree distributions. A variety of branch-support metrics beyond the nonparametric bootstrap are now available to assess how robust a phylogenetic hypothesis may be, as well as new methods to...

American Diplomacy Toward China, 1945-1948

Margo E. Horner
America's relationship toward China during the postwar years was aptly described by President Truman's summary of his China policy: “The role of this government in its relations with China has been subjected to considerable misrepresentation, distortion, and misunderstanding. Some of these attitudes arose because this government was reluctant to reveal certain facts…."8 Admiral William Leahy, Chief of Staff to presidents Roosevelt and Truman, acknowledged that America’s “post-war attitude toward the Government of China is completely...

Communities of Practice and Legitimate Peripheral Participation: Teacher Learning in Social and Situated Contexts

Ryan Patrick O’Meara
Learning through social interactions in situated contexts represents a significant means by which teachers in schools learn their craft (Brown & Duguid, 1991; Lave & Wenger, 1991; Orr, 1996, Scribner, 1999). While research into the phenomenon of situated teacher learning exists, research into teacher’s learning and evolving expertise with the context of high stakes accountability environments is lacking to date (Boylan, 2010; Davies, 2005; Hodkinson & Hokinson, 2003; Pyrko, Dörfler, & Eden, 2017). This case...

Holy Stitches Batman, or, Performative Villainy in Gothic/am

A. Luxx Mishou
Holy Stitches, Batman, or, Performative Villainy in Gothic/am is an interdisciplinary examination of gothic affect and deviant fashion in the narrative construction of villainy. It asks not just what a villain looks like, but what it means to look like a villain. A villain is a character who consciously and purposefully deviates from standards of normativity in order to pursue their own, often criminal, interests. The signifier of “villain” articulates a different purpose – an...

Using Interacting Multiple Model Filters to Indicate Program Risk

Amy Sunshine Smith-Carroll
Technology development has increased exponentially. Program managers are pushed to accelerate development. There are many resources available to program managers that enable acceleration, such as: additional resources in the form of funding, people and technology. There are also negative impacts to acceleration, such as: inclusion, inexperience program managers, and communication. This research seeks to identify the limit to which a program or project can be accelerated before the program manager begins to accept an unacceptable...

The Relationship Between Virginia Title 1 Spending and Minority Male Graduation Rates: A Longitudinal Study

Anastacio B. Marin
Over the past two decades, education funding in the United States has been redistributed to schools that lack sufficient financial resources to meet the needs of students (Boyle & Lee, 2015). The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001, the reauthorized Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), was enacted to increase academic accountability and achievement throughout the nation’s public-school systems. Nationwide, there is a persistent achievement gap between historically marginalized students and their affluent...

A Systemic Review and Meta-Analysis of Psychoeducational Groups for the Treatment of Psychopathology Resulting from Child Sexual Abuse

Alexis Lynnette Wilkerson
It is estimated that 16% of men and 26% of women have experienced child sexual abuse (CSA), and studies have shown a strong association with long-term psychosocial consequences. The use of psychoeducational groups with survivors of CSA has been found to produce favorable outcomes; however, no meta-analyses have been conducted on studies assessing the use of psychoeducational groups to treat victims of CSA. The purpose of this systematic review and random-effect meta-analysis was to examine...

The Relationship Between the Earning of Career and Technical Industry Credentials and the Virginia Economy

Anjanette McFadden Hendricks
Nationally, the labor market is calling out for workers to fill the increasing number of job vacancies, but those qualified, skilled, and able to fill them are limited in supply or retiring in large numbers. As America’s key industries offer high salaries in return for candidates with the necessary skills and credentials to fill their vacancies, the skills learned and third-party industry credentials earned in secondary Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs seem to make...

Wicked Ideas for Wicked Problems: Marine Debris and the Complexity of Governance

Dawn Helene Driesbach
Myriad challenges regarding earth's common spaces, those unregulated by sovereign state authorities, mount and intensify as resources diminish and competition for commercial, scientific and security advantages increases; the pollution and degradation of those spaces simultaneously expands. Threats to the global commons complicate efforts to achieve international consensus which impedes attempts to develop effective governance. As an example, marine debris is a growing problem and is an existential threat to the global commons. This dissertation aims...

Assessment of Factors Influencing Migratory Landbird Use of Forested Stopover Sites Along the Delmarva Peninsula During Autumn Migration

J. Andrew Arnold
Autumn migration is a time when billions of birds move from breeding grounds in North America to wintering grounds in Central and South America, with many individuals relying on stopover habitats en route for resting and refueling purposes. These stopover sites are critical to the survival of the hundreds of species of migratory landbirds that migrate annually, and thus identifying important stopover sites is a high priority for conserving such taxa. The Delmarva Peninsula; a...

Cyber Defense Remediation in Energy Delivery Systems

Kamrul Hasan
The integration of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) has resulted in increased efficiency and facilitated real-time information acquisition, processing, and decision making. However, the increase in automation technology and the use of the internet for connecting, remote controlling, and supervising systems and facilities has also increased the likelihood of cybersecurity threats that can impact safety of humans and property. There is a need to assess cybersecurity risks in the...

The Effects of Military Sexual Trauma and Depressive Symptoms on Reintegration

Rachel L. Davies
Reintegration is a challenge for many veterans returning to civilian roles after military service. Difficulties range from an assortment of issues such as self-care to community participation. Military sexual trauma may be an experience that alters or changes veterans and result in difficulty in reintegration. Specifically, it was predicted that military sexual trauma would indirectly affect reintegration, via depressive symptoms. In addition, locus of control was predicted to play a role in how military sexual...

In the Margins: Reconsidering the Range and Contribution of Diazotrophs in Nearshore Environments

Corday R Selden
Dinitrogen (N2) fixation enables primary production and, consequently, carbon dioxide drawdown in nitrogen (N) limited marine systems, exerting a powerful influence over the coupled carbon and N cycles. Our understanding of the environmental factors regulating its distribution and magnitude are largely based on the range and sensitivity of one genus, Trichodesmium. However, recent work suggests that the niche preferences of distinct diazotrophic (N2 fixing) clades differ due to their metabolic and ecological diversity, hampering efforts...

Attitudes of Virginia Dental Hygienists Toward Dental Therapists

Helene Mesina Burns
Problem: The purpose of this study was to determine the opinions and attitudes of Virginia dental hygienists toward dental therapists (DTs) and to determine if current education level and years of practice affected opinions regarding education requirements for DTs. Methods: After IRB approval, a 22-item questionnaire was distributed online to a convenience sample of 910 Virginia dental hygienists. Questions assessed attitudes of participants toward the DT using a seven-point Likert-type scale ranging from 1 (strongly...

Synthesis, Characterization, and Kinetics Studies of New Cobalt Complexes for the Production of H2 in Acidic Media

Michael John Celestine
The kinetics and mechanism of the oxidation of [Co(dmgBF2)2(OH2)2] (where dmgBF2 = difluoroboryldimethylglyoximato) by sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), sodium bromate (NaBrO3), and bromine (Br2) was investigated by stopped-flow spectrophotometry at 450 nm over a wide temperature range. The pKa1 value for [Co(dmgBF2)2(OH2)2] was calculated as 5.27 ± 0.14 at I = 0.60 (NaCl). From the variation in pH studies, the activation parameters were derived from the proposed mechanisms for NaOCl, ΔH1*, ΔH2*, ΔS1*, and ΔS2* were...

An Investigation on the Effectiveness of a Problem Structuring Method in a Group Decision-Making Process

Ying Thaviphoke
There is no shortage of methods to address messy problems. A messy problem is a system of problems with multiple stakeholders who may hold different views of what is feasible or desirable. Decision-makers in a messy problem are prone to committing an error – especially the Type III error. One of the ways to mitigate the chance of committing the error in a messy problem is to reach a group consensus. Problem Structuring Methods (PSM)...

Synthesis and Characterization of Carbohydrate Based Molecular Gelators and Macrocycles Through Cycloaddition Reactions

Dan Wang
Carbohydrate based low molecular weight gelators (LMWGs) are biocompatible and have many potential applications. They have been used for drug delivery, environmental clean-up, and for reaction catalysis. In recent years, copper catalyzed azide alkyne cycloaddition reactions (CuAACs) also termed “Click reactions” have shown great applications in the synthesis of various glycoconjugates and carbohydrate derivatives. In this research, three diverse classes of glycoconjugates (I, II, III) have been designed and synthesized. The first class of compounds...

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