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Association between junior and senior performance in sports: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis

Michael Barth, Arne Güllich, Brooke Macnamara & Zach Hambrick
INTRODUCTION Everything is set for the national junior championships in the 100-meter sprint – the children have adjusted their starting blocks, got into position and are waiting for the starting signal. “On your marks – set” – bang. The race is close, but as expected, it is won by the favorite. His high investment of time in training and the support by the national talent promotion system—with the goal of developing him into successful adult...

Stranger danger: A meta-analysis of the dear enemy hypothesis

Jo Werba, Adam Stuckert, Matthew Edwards & Michael McCoy
The dear enemy hypothesis predicts that territorial individuals will be less aggressive toward known neighbors than to strangers. This hypothesis has been well studied and there is a wealth of data demonstrating its prevelance among some taxa. However, a quantitative synthesis is needed to test the generality of the phenomenon, identify key mechanisms driving the behavior, and guide future research. Here we made a comprehensive collection of Dear Enemy data from 138 studies representing 105...

Thermal physiology of Drosophila tripunctata across an urbanization gradient

Sarah Diamond, Ryan Martin, Grace Bellino, Nicole Crown & Eric Prileson
In Drosophila spp., their often high number of annual generations, large population sizes, and large amounts of standing genetic variation should predispose them to undergo contemporary adaptation to climatic warming. However, a number of laboratory experimental evolution studies in this group of organisms suggest strong limits on the rate and magnitude of contemporary thermal adaptation. Here we explore this discrepancy by examining the potential for rapid evolutionary divergence between wild populations of Drosophila tripunctata (Loew...

Judgment of Crowds as Emotional Increases with the Proportion of Black Faces

Amit Goldenberg, Ziyang Huang, Mina Cikara, Erika Weisz & Kyle LaFollette
Does the racial composition of a crowd affect judgments about the group’s emotionality? In Experiments 1-2, we showed participants crowds of faces expressing different degrees of happiness or anger, manipulating the ratio of lighter-skinned faces racialized as White and darker-skinned faces racialized as Black. Greater proportion of Black faces increased the likelihood that the crowd was perceived as emotional. In Experiment 3 we confirmed that this effect was not merely driven by the contrast between...

An Exploration into Disclosure of After-Death Communication

Kathleen Pait & Julie Exline
Despite general stigma in the West related to spiritual or otherworldly experiences, many individuals believe that they have been contacted by a departed loved one. This phenomenon is called after-death communication, or ADC. Estimates of ADC in the general population range from 20-60% and indicate the widespread nature of these encounters. Yet, research has shown that individuals often feel reluctant to share these experiences due to stigma and fears of negative reception, so precise prevalence...

Supplemental Registration: An Exploration into Disclosure of After-Death Communication

Kathleen Pait & Julie Exline
This project includes ongoing work regarding beliefs and attributions of After-Death Communication. This registration also includes some supplemental hypothesis tests not included as part of the original registration.

Beliefs about COVID-19 and Vaccines: Preregistration before Data Collection, with Focus on Divine and Demonic Attributions

Julie Exline, Joshua Wilt, Kathleen Pait & William Schutt
This is the first preregistration for a new Qualtrics survey about COVID-19 and vaccine-related beliefs, attributions, and struggles. This preregistration is being registered BEFORE data collection. See attached file with details about the study and preregistration.

Datasets for: The HIV-1 viral protease is activated during assembly and budding prior to particle release

Caroline Tabler, Sarah Wegman, Jiji Chen, Hari Shroff, John Tilton & Najwa Alhusaini
HIV-1 encodes a viral protease that is essential for the maturation of infectious viral particles. While protease inhibitors are effective antiretroviral agents, recent studies have shown that prematurely activating – rather than inhibiting – protease function leads to the pyroptotic death of infected cells, with exciting implications for efforts to eradicate viral reservoirs. Despite 40 years of research into the kinetics of protease activation, it remains unclear exactly when protease becomes activated. Recent reports have...

Data from: Asynchrony, density dependence, and persistence in an amphibian

Freya Rowland, Elizabeth Schyling, L. Kealoha Freidenburg, Mark Urban, Jonathan Richardson, A.Z. Andis Arietta, Susan Rodrigues, Adriana Rubinstein, Michael Benard & David Skelly
The wood frog (Rana sylvatica = Lithobates sylvaticus) is a common, early-spring breeding anuran species in the United States and Canada. Females typically lay their egg masses in concentrated areas of a few meters over several days. Most female wood frogs mature after two years. Each female lays one egg mass in a given year, and most show high (~100%) site fidelity after first breeding, although a small portion of juveniles disperse up to 2000...

Contact After Adoption or Guardianship: Child Welfare Agency and Family Interactions

Nancy Rolock, Kevin White, Heather Ringeisen, Rose Domanico, Rong Bai & Leyla Stambaugh
The purpose of the Understanding Postadoption and Guardianship Instability for Children and Youth Who Exit Foster Care project is to examine rates of instability, factors associated with instability, and the supports and resources that promote post-permanency stability. Ultimately, the project aims to support efforts to build the capacity of federal, state, and local agencies to get accurate information about instability for children who exit foster care to adoption or guardianship. In order to examine these...

Conventional polymers may unintentionally refill in vivo with unassociated drugs

Kathleen Young

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