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Data from: Unexpected but welcome. Artificially selected traits may increase fitness in wild boar

Domenico Fulgione, Daniela Rippa, Maria Buglione, Martina Trapanese, Simona Petrelli & Valeria Maselli
Artificial selection affects phenotypes differently by natural selection. Domestic traits, which pass into the wild, are usually negatively selected. Yet, exceptionally, this axiom may fail to apply if genes, from the domestic animals, increase fertility in the wild. We studied a rare case of a wild boar population under the framework of Wright's interdemic selection model, which could explain gene flow between wild boar and pig, both considered as demes. We analysed the MC1R gene...

Data from: Like a pig out of water: seaborne spread of domestic pigs in Southern Italy and Sardinia during the Bronze and Iron Ages

Clelia Lega, Domenico Fulgione, Angelo Genovese, Lorenzo Rook, Marco Masseti, Meirav Meiri, Antonella Cinzia Marra, Francesco Carotenuto & Pasquale Raia
Southern Italy has a long history of human occupation and passage of different cultures since the Early Holocene. Repeated, ancient introductions of pigs in several geographic areas in Europe make it difficult to understand pig translocation and domestication in Italy. The archeozoological record may provide fundamental information on this, hence shedding light on peopling and on trading among different ancient cultures in the Mediterranean. Yet, because of the scanty nature of the fossil record, ancient...

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