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Comprehension of different types of novel metaphors in monolinguals and multilinguals

Ana Werkmann Horvat & marianna bolognesi

Features of lexical richness in children’s books: Comparisons with child-directed speech

Nicola Dawson, Yaling Hsiao, Alvin Tan, Nilanjana Banerji & Kate Nation

RepeatModeler and RepeatMasker output files

Reuben Nowell, Christopher Wilson, Pedro Almeida, Philipp Schiffer, Diego Fontaneto, Lutz Becks, Fernando Rodriguez, Irina Arkhipova & Timothy Barraclough
Transposable elements (TEs) are selfish genomic parasites whose ability to spread autonomously is facilitated by sexual reproduction in their hosts. If hosts become obligately asexual, TE frequencies and dynamics are predicted to change dramatically, but the long-term outcome is unclear. Here, we test current theory using whole-genome sequence data from eight species of bdelloid rotifers, a class of invertebrates in which males are thus far unknown. Contrary to expectations, we find a variety of active...

Singing Utopia: Body and Voice in Boys Don’t Cry, Orlando, and Una Mujer Fantástica

Eleonora Colli
In this article, I analyse how gender identity is represented and constructed in Kimberly Peirce’s Boys Don’t Cry (1999), Sally Potter’s Orlando (1992), and Sebastian Leilo’s Una Mujer Fantástica (2017). Taking from Muñoz’s theories of queer futurity and performance, I argue that the focus on the singing voice displayed in Orlando and Una MujerFantástica, particularly when it comes to transgender and/or gender-bending characters, indeed constitute a powerful representation of queer futurity, in its never tangible...

The relationship between body dissatisfaction and engagement and disengagement bias to low fat bodies

Thea House, Wong Keat, Ian Stephen, Kevin Brooks, Helen Bould, Angela Attwood & Ian Penton-Voak
In this observational study we aim to test the relationship between body dissatisfaction and attentional biases to low fat bodies using the Attentional Response to Distal versus Proximal Emotional Information (ARDPEI) task. Our predictor variables are engagement bias and disengagement bias to low fat bodies and our outcome variable is body dissatisfaction. We are also interested appearance comparisons and eating disorder-specific rumination as possible mediator variables.

Political Responsiveness to Pro-Gun vs. Gun Control Constituents

David Kirk

No country(side) for young queers: Three contemporary Italian urban-rural narratives

Alice Parrinello
The paper presents an overview of three Italian takes on the queer rural-to-urban flight, by analysing Generations of Love (1999) by Matteo B. Bianchi, La Generazione (‘Generations,’ 2015) by Flavia Biondi, and Febbre (‘Fever,’ 2019) by Jonathan Bazzi. In most LGBTQ+ narratives moving to a big city is central, as it is associated with finding an accepting ‘chosen’ family. However, the move has recently acquired homonormative connotations: it is embedded into narratives of economic success...

Data for: Plasmids do not consistently stabilize cooperation across bacteria, but may promote broad pathogen host-range

Anna Dewar
Horizontal gene transfer via plasmids could favour cooperation in bacteria, because transfer of a cooperative gene turns non-cooperative cheats into cooperators. This hypothesis has received support from theoretical, genomic and experimental analyses. In contrast, we show here, with a comparative analysis across 51 diverse species, that genes for extracellular proteins, which are likely to act as cooperative ‘public goods’, were not more likely to be carried on either: (i) plasmids compared to chromosomes; or (ii)...


Katrina Dulay & Sonali Nag

Interpersonal uncertainty and possibility represenations

Anne-Marie Nussberger, Andreas Kappes, Nadira Faber & Molly Crockett
In this pilot study we test the combination of two novel approaches aimed at investigating whether making interpersonal uncertainty explicit shifts people’s representation of what is possible towards the worst-case possibility.

ARTEM-IS Web App OHBM Brainhack 2021

Suzy Styles, Anđela Šoškić, Vanja Kovic, Han Ke, Remi Gau, Yuri Pavlov, Fei Ting Woon, Yu-Fang Yang, Nastassja Fischer, Guiomar Niso, Ekansh Sareen, Johannes Algermissen, Shamala Sundaray, Jasmine Tan, De Fu Yap, Giorgio Ganis & Alec Shaw

The relationship between sternum variation and mode of locomotion in birds

Talia M. Lowi-Merri, Roger B. J. Benson, Santiago Claramunt & David C. Evans
Background: The origin of powered avian flight was a locomotor innovation that expanded the ecological potential of maniraptoran dinosaurs, leading to remarkable variation in modern birds (Neornithes). The avian sternum is the anchor for the major flight muscles and, despite varying widely in morphology, has not been extensively studied from evolutionary or functional perspectives. We quantify sternal variation across a broad phylogenetic scope of birds using 3D geometric morphometrics methods. Using this comprehensive dataset, we...

Data from: Ancestral ecological regime shapes reaction to food limitation in the Least Killifish, Heterandria formosa

Anja Felmy, Jeff Leips & Joseph Travis
Populations with different densities often show genetically-based differences in life histories. The divergent life histories could be driven by several agents of selection, one of which is variation in per-capita food levels. Its relationship with population density is complex, as it depends on overall food availability, individual metabolic demand, and food-independent factors potentially affecting density, such as predation intensity. Here we present a case study of two populations of a small live-bearing freshwater fish, one...

Has the Quality of Evidence for Medical Interventions Improved? Protocol for a Meta-Epidemiological Study

Jeremy Howick, Despina Koletsi, Padhraig Fleming, Stefan Schmidt, Martin Loef, Harald Walach, NIKOLAOS PANDIS & john Ioannidis
Protocol for a meta-epidemiological study examining whether Cochrane Reviews published in 2014 have been updated, and, if so, whether the GRADE quality of evidence has changed.

PAP Local E-Government in Chile

Bastián González-Bustamante
This research project analyses the e-government and the administrative capacity in 345 Chilean municipalities in 2019. The main objectives of this research are to evaluate the major determinants of e-government, in particular administrative capacity, and to identify patterns of spatial distribution. I generate an E-Government Index (EGi) which allows me to evaluate the provision of local digital services to citizens. Subsequently, I work on three levels of analysis: (i) I describe and georeference the index;...

Emotion dysregulation, self-harm and disordered eating: A protocol for a mechanistic investigation

Naomi Warne, Jon Heron, Becky Mars, Francesca Solmi, Paul Moran, Anne Stewart, Marcus Munafo, Ian Penton-Voak, Lucy Biddle, Andy Skinner, David Gunnell & Helen Bould
Protocol for analysis investigating emotion dysregulation, self-harm and disordered eating in data from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC).

Neural correlates of inhibitory control in 10-month-old infants: A functional near-infrared spectroscopy study

Abigail Fiske, Carina de Klerk, Gaia Scerif & Karla Holmboe
This study uses functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) to investigate the neural correlates of inhibitory control in 10-month-old infants. Response inhibition, a type of inhibitory control, is measured using the Early Childhood Inhibitory Touchscreen Task (ECITT); a novel touchscreen task that has been designed to measure the inhibition of prepotent motor responses in infants and young children (https://psyarxiv.com/k7g4a/). The aim of the current study is to examine the neural activation associated with inhibitory control in 10-month-old...

Analysis scripts

Angharad de Cates, Cassandra Gould van Praag, Lucy Wright, Daisy Gibson, Wendy Howard, Susannah Murphy, catherine harmer, Ingrid Martin, Amy Gillespie & Jessica Scaife

Data from: A burning issue: Savanna fire management can generate enough carbon revenue to help restore Africa’s rangelands and fill protected area funding gaps

Timothy Tear, Nicholas Wolff, Geoffrey Lipsett-Moore, Mark Ritchie, Natasha Ribeiro, Lisanne Petracca, Peter Lindsey, Luke Hunter, Andrew Loveridge & Franziska Steinbruch
Many savanna-dependent species in Africa including large herbivores and apex predators are at increasing risk of extinction. Achieving effective management of protected areas (PAs) in Africa where lions live will cost an estimated USD >$1-2 B/year in new funding. We explored the potential for fire management-based carbon-financing programs to fill this funding gap and benefit degrading savanna ecosystems. We demonstrated how introducing early dry season fire management programs could produce potential carbon revenues (PCR) from...

Anthropogenic land‐use change shapes bird diversity along the eastern Himalayan altitudinal gradient

Ugyen Penjor, Rinzin Jamtsho & Sherub Sherub
Globally, the conversion of natural forest into agricultural land and human settlement has altered avian diversity and structure often leading to functional and/or phylogenetic homogenisation. While the effects of land-use change on avian functional and phylogenetic diversity is well studied in the tropics, it is poorly understood and scarcely studied in the Himalayas, let alone in the eastern Himalayan bird communities. This dataset comprises observations of 336 bird species from a replicated point-count transect survey...

Both consumptive and non-consumptive effects of predators impact mosquito populations and have implications for disease transmission

Marie C Russell, Catherine M Herzog, Zachary Gajewski, Chloe Ramsay, Fadoua El Moustaid, Michelle V Evans, Trishna Desai, Nicole L Gottdenker, Sara L Hermann, Alison G Power & Andrew C McCall
Predator-prey interactions influence prey traits through both consumptive and non-consumptive effects, and variation in these traits can shape vector-borne disease dynamics. Meta-analysis methods were employed to generate predation effect sizes by different categories of predators and mosquito prey. This analysis showed that multiple families of aquatic predators are effective in consumptively reducing mosquito survival, and that the survival of Aedes, Anopheles, and Culex mosquitoes is negatively impacted by consumptive effects of predators. Mosquito larval size...

Sanctions Support and Effectiveness (updated)

Anton Peez
In recent decades, sanctions have been frequently used as an instrument in international politics (Hufbauer et al. 2007; Biersteker et al. 2016, 2018; Jones 2015). Sanctions include a wide set of measures by which states or international organizations aim at coercing target governments into making political changes or adhering to international rules. However, they remain a controversial policy measure, as their efficacy and legitimacy are frequently put into question (Cortright/Lopez 2000; von Soest/Wahman 2015; Peksen...

Pathways from bullying victimisation experiences to paranoid thinking: the mediating role of neurotic symptoms.

Hannah Gray, Lucy Bowes & Mirela Zaneva
Stressful or traumatic life events are associated with subsequent emergence of psychotic symptoms, and there is evidence to suggest that the nature of particular events may be reflected in the development of specific symptoms. Previous research has indicated that victimisation experiences, such as that of bullying from peers, encourage a view of the self as vulnerable to a hostile and threatening world, triggering paranoid thinking. It also seems that negative affect may be a key...

Genotype data not consistent with clonal transmission of sea turtle fibropapillomatosis or goldfish schwannoma

Máire Ní Leathlobhair, Kelsey Yetsko, Jessica A. Farrell, Carmelo Iaria, Gabriele Marino, David J. Duffy & Elizabeth P. Murchison
Recent discoveries of transmissible cancers in multiple bivalve species suggest that direct transmission of cancer cells within species may be more common than previously thought, particularly in aquatic environments. Fibropapillomatosis occurs with high prevalence in green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) and the geographic range of disease has increased since fibropapillomatosis was first reported in this species. Widespread incidence of schwannomas, benign tumours of Schwann cell origin, reported in aquarium-bred goldfish (Carassius auratus), suggest an infectious...

Systematic Review Protocol

Abigail Bradshaw, Dorothy Bishop & Zoe Woodhead

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