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Research metrics: expanding research impact

Rachel Borchardt

Carbon dioxide removal's role to the Paris Agreement's goals

Ben Rubin, Jennifer Brown &

Sustainable Carbon Removal

David R. Morrow & Simon Nicholson

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Open Educational Resources

Meredith Jacob, Peter Jaszi, Prudence S. Adler & William Cross

Projected climate risk of aquatic food system benefits

Michelle Tigchelaar, William Cheung, Essam Mohammed, Michael Phillips, Hanna Payne, Elizabeth Selig, Colette Wabnitz, Muhammed Oyinlola, Thomas Frölicher, Jessica Gephart, Christopher Golden, Edward Allison, Abigail Bennett, Ling Cao, Jessica Fanzo, Benjamin Halpern, Fiorenza Micheli, Rosamond Naylor, Rashid Sumaila, Alessandro Tagliabue & Max Troell
Aquatic foods from marine and freshwater systems are critical to the nutrition, health, livelihoods, economies and culture of billions of people worldwide – but climate-related hazards may compromise their ability to provide these benefits. This analysis estimates national-level aquatic food system climate risk using a fuzzy logic modeling approach that connects climate hazards impacting marine and freshwater capture fisheries and aquaculture to their contributions to sustainable food system outcomes, and vulnerability to losing those contributions....

Witchcraft Beliefs, Social Relations, and Development

Boris Gershman

The state, women and structural adjustment: A case study of Colombia

Maria Clemencia Davila

Who cares and who shares? Caregiving in the household

Elizabeth M. King, Hannah L. Randolph & Jooyeoun Suh

At a Crossroads: The impact of abortion access on future economic outcomes

Kelly Jones

Speculators, Prices and Market Volatility

Celso Brunetti, Bahattin Büyüksahin & Jeffrey Harris
We analyze data from 2005 through 2009 that uniquely identify categories of traders to assess how speculators such as hedge funds and swap dealers relate to volatility and price changes. Examining various subperiods where price trends are strong, we find little evidence that speculators destabilize financial markets. To the contrary, hedge funds facilitate price discovery by trading with contemporaneous returns while serving to reduce volatility. Swap dealer activity, however, is largely unrelated to both contemporaneous...

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