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Codes and data from: The effect of habitat choice on evolutionary rescue in subdivided populations

Peter Czuppon, François Blanquart, Hildegard Uecker & Florence Débarre
Evolutionary rescue is the process by which a population, in response to an environmental change, successfully avoids extinction through adaptation. In spatially structured environments, dispersal can affect the probability of rescue. Here, we model an environment consisting of patches that degrade one after another, and we investigate the probability of rescue by a mutant adapted to the degraded habitat. We focus on the effects of dispersal and of immigration biases. We find that the probability...

Adaptation at different points along antibiotic concentration gradients

Mato Lagator, Hildegard Uecker & Paul Neve
Antibiotic concentrations vary dramatically in the body and the environment. Hence, understanding the dynamics of resistance evolution along antibiotic concentration gradients is critical for predicting and slowing the emergence and spread of resistance. While it has been shown that increasing the concentration of an antibiotic slows resistance evolution, how adaptation to one antibiotic concentration correlates with fitness at other points along the gradient has not received much attention. Here, we selected populations of Escherichia coli...

Comparison of the temporal efficacy of Aquatain surface films for the control of Anopheles arabiensis and Ochlerotatus caspius larvae from Sudan

Richard Reeves
Aquatain Mosquito Formulation (AMF) is a surfactant that spreads across the surface of water bodies to produce a monomolecular film. This study experimentally evaluates the temporal efficacy of AMF against aquatic stages of Anopheles arabiensis and Ochlerotatus caspius under laboratory conditions. Using the recommended application does of 1ml/m2, a large species specific difference in the median lethal time for L3-L4 larvae was observed. The median lethal time to 50% mortality (LT50) and 90% mortality (LT90)...

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  • 2021

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