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Data from: Brood parasites lay eggs matching the appearance of host clutches

Marcel Honza, Michal Šulc, Václav Jelínek, Milica Požgayová, Petr Procházka, V. Jelinek, M. Pozgayova & M. Sulc
Interspecific brood parasitism represents a prime example of the co-evolutionary arms race where each party has evolved strategies in response to the other. Here we investigated whether common cuckoos (Cuculus canorus) actively select nests within a host population to match the egg appearance of a particular host clutch. To achieve this goal, we quantified the degree of egg matching using the avian vision modelling approach. Randomization tests revealed that cuckoo eggs in naturally parasitized nests...

Data from: Ecological causes of decelerating diversification in carnivoran mammals

Antonin Machac, David Storch & John J. Wiens
Clade diversification is a central topic in macroevolutionary studies. Recently, it has been shown that diversification rates appear to decelerate over time in many clades. What causes this deceleration remains unclear, but it has been proposed that competition for limited resources between sympatric, ecologically similar species slows diversification. Employing carnivoran mammals as a model system, we test this hypothesis using a comprehensive time-calibrated phylogeny. We also explore several conceptually related explanations including limited geographic area...

Data from: Is active management the key to the conservation of saproxylic biodiversity? Pollarding promotes the formation of tree hollows

Pavel Sebek, Jan Altman, Michal Platek & Lukas Cizek
Trees with hollows are key features sustaining biodiversity in wooded landscapes. They host rich assemblages of often highly specialised organisms. Hollow trees, however, have become rare and localised in Europe. Many of the associated biota is thus declining or endangered. The challenge of its conservation, therefore, is to safeguard the presence of hollow trees in sufficient numbers. Populations of numerous species associated with tree hollows and dead wood are often found in habitats that were...

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