Data from: Carbon sequestration and soil restoration potential of grazing lands under exclosure management in a semi-arid environment of northern Ethiopia

Tsegay Gebregergs, Zewdu K. Tessema, Negasi Solomon & Emiru Birhane
Exclosures are used to regenerate native vegetation as a way to reduce soil erosion, increase rain water inīŦltration and provide fodder and woody biomass in degraded grazing lands. Therefore, this study assessed the impact of grazing exclosure on vegetation biomass, carbon sequestration and soil nutrients under five and ten years of grazing exclosures and freely grazed areas in Tigray, northern Ethiopia. Vegetation biomass, carbon stocks and soil nutrients increased with increasing grazing exclusion. However, open...

Registration Year

  • 2019

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  • Mekelle University
  • Haramaya University