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Data from: In the foothill zone - Sabanejewia balcanica (Karaman 1922), in the lowland zone - Sabanejewia bulgarica (Drensky 1928): myth or reality?

Jakub Fedorčák, Peter Križek, Jan Mendel & Jan Koščo
The status of golden loaches (genus Sabanejewia) in the region of Central Europe and Balkans is still ambiguous. The greatest controversy is caused by species Sabanejewia balcanica and S. bulgarica, whose distinguishing features are often difficult to prove and their occurrence in some river sections is often mentioned as sympatric. Previous phylogenetic studies aimed at the resolving of their taxonomic status did not include samples from their type localities and so led to a lack...

Data from: Sperm quality, aggressiveness and generation turnover can facilitate unidirectional Y chromosome introgression across the European house mouse hybrid zone

Jaroslav Piálek, Milos Macholán & Barbora Vošlajerová Bímová
The widespread and locally massive introgression of Y chromosomes of the eastern house mouse (Mus musculus musculus) into the range of the western subspecies (M. m. domesticus) in Central Europe calls for an explanation of its underlying mechanisms. Given the paternal inheritance pattern, obvious candidates for traits mediating the introgression are characters associated with sperm quantity and quality. We can also expect traits such as size, aggression, or the length of generation cycles to facilitate...

Susceptibility of fire-bellied toad (B. bombina and B. variegata) tadpoles to predation

Beate Nürnberger, Radovan Smolinský & Vojtech Baláž
B. bombina and B. variegata are ecologically distinct taxa that nevertheless hybridise in nature wherever their distribution ranges adjoin. These data were collected to test the hypothesis that B. variegata tadpoles are more susceptible to predation than those of B. bombina. The former develop in ephemeral aquatic sites that can be predator-free, whereas the latter are found in predator-rich semi-permanent ponds. Tadpoles of both taxa were raised under under uniform laboratory conditions and their relative...

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