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Regional wetland plant responses to sulfur and other porewater chemistry in calcareous rich fens

Samuel M. Simkin, Barbara L. Bedford & Kathleen C. Weathers
Many wetland environmental gradients structure plant community composition, yet controls of plant community composition within rich fens, botanically diverse groundwater-fed wetlands, are still incompletely understood. Porewater chemistry and plant community composition were recorded for eight calcareous rich fens encompassing both calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate geological inputs in the Central New York State region. As expected, porewater sulfate and sulfide concentrations were on average higher for wetlands overlying calcium sulfate than for wetlands overlying calcium...

The experimental manipulation of atmospheric drought: Teasing out the role of microclimate in biodiversity experiments

Beatriz Aguirre & Alexandra Wright
Drought occurrence is increasing due to anthropogenic climate change. Drought can negatively affect plants via reduced water belowground and increased evaporative demand or vapor pressure deficit (VPD) aboveground. Past work has shown that plant diversity can ameliorate the negative effects of drought in plant communities, but these results are inconsistent between experimental and natural drought studies. Further, while studies on the negative effects of reduced soil moisture on plant growth in drought experiments are abundant,...

Bird records and habitat covariates databases (11 species; Oaxaca 2016-2018)

Rubén Ortega-Álvarez, Esteban Berrones Benítez, Israel Medina Mena, Viviana Ruiz-Gutiérrez & J. Jaime Zúñiga-Vega
Assessing the impact of working landscapes on biodiversity and defining locally contextualized management guidelines for productive activities are key for sustainability. Occupancy dynamics provide information about sites in the landscape that are either avoided or preferred by populations through the estimation of extinction and colonization probabilities, respectively. We identified the habitat traits that affected colonization and extinction probabilities of target birds (forest-dependent, endemic, or conservation-concern species) within a Neotropical working landscape by using multi-season occupancy...

Emission rates of species-specific volatiles vary across communities of Clarkia species: evidence for multi-modal character displacement

Katherine Eisen, Monica Geber & Robert Raguso
A current frontier of character displacement research is to determine if displacement occurs via multiple phenotypic pathways and varies across communities with different species compositions. Here, we conducted the first test for context-dependent character displacement in multi-modal floral signals by analyzing variation in floral scent in a system that exhibits character displacement in flower size, and that has multiple types of sympatric communities. In a greenhouse common garden experiment, we measured quantitative variation in volatile...

Life history and environment predict variation in testosterone across vertebrates

Jerry Husak, Matthew Fuxjager, Michele A. Johnson, Maren Vitousek, Jeremy Donald, Clinton David Francis, Wolfgang Goymann, Michaela Hau, Bonnie Kircher, Rosemary Knapp, Lynn B. Martin, Eliot Miller, Laura Schoenle & Tony Williams
Endocrine systems act as key intermediaries between organisms and their environments. This interaction leads to high variability in hormone levels, but we know little about the ecological factors that influence this variation within and across major vertebrate groups. We study this topic by assessing how various social and environmental dynamics influence testosterone levels across the entire vertebrate tree of life. Our analyses show that breeding season length and mating system are the strongest predictors of...

Drop condensation

Sunghwan Jung

Fertilizer quantity and type alter mycorrhizae-conferred growth and resistance to herbivores

Zoe Getman-Pickering, George Stack & Jennifer Thaler
1. Plants face a constant struggle to acquire nutrients and defend themselves against herbivores. Mycorrhizae are fungal mutualists that provide nutrients that can increase plant growth and alter resistance to herbivores. The beneficial effects of mycorrhizae for nutrient acquisition can depend on the quantity and type of soil nutrients available, with plants usually benefiting more in terms of growth from mycorrhizae when nutrients are limited. However, it is unclear how the addition of different nutrients...

Consumer perceptions of antibiotic use in animal agriculture in the United States, Canada, and the European Union: A scoping review

Alison Stout, Jaime Barrett, Gabriel Innes, David Lansing, Kelly Weigand, Guillaume Lhermie, renata ivanek & Amelia Greiner-Safi
Given the global rise of antibiotic resistance, many industries have been called on to minimize antibiotic use. The purpose of this review is to specifically understand consumer opinions surrounding the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture.

St. Louis College Kids Quick-enroll

Stephanie Tepper, Nicholas Tucker, Joseph Sherlock & Michelle Zong

Moral Foundations and Attribution to Person or Situation

Laura Niemi, Jesse Graham, John Doris, Marko Kljajic & Cristina Leone

Baby Tetris

Aaron Beckner, Annika Voss, Lisa Oakes & Marianella Casasola
Mental rotation, or the ability to recognize different views of an object and predict how it should look from a new perspective, is an important spatial ability that develops during infancy (Constantinescu et al., 2018) and predicts later mathematical aptitude (Lauer & Lourenco, 2016). However, we cannot directly probe infants’ mental rotation. Instead, we infer infants’ mental rotation from their discrimination of different rotations of the same object versus views of a distinct object, a...

Perceptions of trustworthiness in AI-mediated communication

Maurice Jakesch, Megan French, Jeffrey Hancock & Mor Naaman

Morality, Expectation of Privacy, and Online Background Checks as Factors in Judgments of College Students

Sterling Williams-Ceci, Michael Goldstein & Michael Macy
We are investigating how photos of college students commonly found online are evaluated based on their morality and expectation of privacy. We are looking at how these two dimensions of photos predict perceived likelihood of retrieval during background checks and perceived impacts on college students' chances of employment. Additionally, we are observing possible effects of students' gender and the time at which the photos were taken, as described in vignettes. Lastly, we are gauging public...

Collaboration and Synchrony in Virtual Reality, Novel and Realistic Avatar Appearance

Yilu Sun & Andrea Won

CommInfo4800 - Belonging

Ian Wilkie Tomasik
The purpose of this research is to study the willingness of college students to connect to others in their community.

Food Choices

Charlotte Borgers, Isobel Heck & Tamar Kushnir
A project investigating children's evaluations of the desirability, health, and permissibility of foods.

Associations Between Affect Variability and Perceived Regard

Betul Urganci, Anthony Ong & Anthony Burrow
In this pre-registration, we will examine whether actor and partner affect variability (both positive and negative affect) are associated with T2 perceived regard, controlling for T1 perceived regard.

Merit & Privilege

Stephanie Tepper, Rachel King & Amy Krosch

Exploring Individuals’ Beliefs, Attitudes, and Experiences

Blayne Stone, Anthony Burrow, Tamar Kushnir & Felix Thoemmes

Perceived fairness of housework in the time of COVID

Betul Urganci, Anthony Ong, Rhonda Balzarini, Giulia Zoppolat & Richard Slatcher
In this pre-registration, we will examine whether perceived partner responsiveness (PPR) as a relational strength moderates or mediates the association between household labor — which is considered to be a stressor— and well-being. Specifically, we will use the stress buffering model of PPR (Pressman, Jenkins, & Moskowitz, 2018; Slatcher & Selcuk, 2017), which hypothesizes that health benefits arise out of the ability of PPR to reduce unfair division of household labor and its detrimental effect...

Effects of obesity prevalence information

Jiawei Liu & Jeff Niederdeppe

Arresting the spread of invasive species in continental systems

Daniel Hofstadter, Nicholas Kryshak, Connor Wood, Brian Dotters, Kevin Roberts, Kevin Kelly, John Keane, Sarah Sawyer, Paula Shaklee, Anu Kramer, Rocky Gutiérrez & Zach Peery
Invasive species are a primary threat to biodiversity and are challenging to manage once populations become established. But removing them is further complicated when invasions occur in continental, mixed-ownership systems. We demonstrate a rare conservation success: the regional-scale removal of an invasive predator – the barred owl (Strix varia) – to benefit the spotted owl (S. occidentalis) in California, USA. Barred owl site occupancy declined six-fold from 0.19 to 0.03 following one year of removals,...

Potential local adaptation in populations of invasive reed canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea) across an urbanization gradient

Stephen Hovick, Leah Weston, Kali Mattingly & Charles Day
Urban stressors represent strong selective gradients that can elicit evolutionary change, especially in non-native species that may harbor substantial within-population variability. To test whether urban stressors drive phenotypic differentiation and influence local adaptation, we compared stress responses of populations of a ubiquitous invader, reed canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea). Specifically, we quantified responses to salt, copper, and zinc additions by reed canary grass collected from four populations spanning an urbanization gradient (natural, rural, moderate urban and...

Americans' Views of US Transportation Policy

Kelcie Ralph, Nicholas Klein, Calvin Thigpen & Anne Brown
The purpose of this project is to analyze public views about transportation policy and potential reforms. We ask the following research questions: (1) What are common “legitimizing narratives” or beliefs about transportation? (2) How widespread is support for or opposition to changing the transportation status quo? (3) How malleable are views—particularly opposing views—about congestion and transportation funding?

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