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On the Dynamical Space-Times Which Contain a Conformal Euclidean 3-Space

Howard Percy Robertson
No abstract.

Design of a Standard Suspension Tower

Edmond Emile Winckel
No abstract.

Crystal Structure Determinations

Sterling Brown Hendricks
No Abstract.

The Comparative Physiological Action of Some Derivatives Of Guanidine

Gordon Albert Alles
Guanidine, methylguanidine and asymmetric dimethylguanidine are of extended biological interest. Guanidine itself has been isolated as a nitrogenous constituent of some plants, [1,2] while methyl and dimethyl guanidine probably play a part in intermediary nitrogen metabolism and have been isolated as physiological constituents in the urine of the dog, horse and man. [3,4,5]. Pathologically these compounds have considerable interest from many points of view. Koch [6] found methylguanidine in the urine of parathyroidectomized dogs and...

The Interionic Attraction Theory of Ionized Solutes. Testing the Theory of Alcohol Solvents and by Solubility Experiments at Higher Temperature

Warren Phelps Baxter
No abstract.

The Structure of Di-Substituted Derivatives of Phenyl Sulfone

Robert Barkley Bowman
Phenyl sulfone may be considered a dephenyl derivative of sulfuric acid, in which two of the DH groups of the acid are replaced by phenyl groups. It is also called dephenyl sulfone, and in German "sulfobenzid," but in this paper it will always be referred to as phenyl sulfone. It is formed in appreciable quantities as a by-product in the sulfonation of benzene, especially when very concentrated acid is used. Perhaps the best method of...

The Effect of Recombination on the Primary Photo-Electric Current From a Crystal

Willis Howard Wise
No abstract.

Commercial Testing of Concrete

Kenneth C. McCarter
The material included within this report is the result of a series of tests of concrete specimens taken during the construction of various buildings in the cities of Pasadena and Los Angeles over a period of eight months. The object of the problem is to determine the effect of the water ratio on the ultimate strength of the concrete as obtained from data observed and recorded from specimens taken from actual building practice rather than...

A Determination of the Cloud Expansion Method of the Direction of Emissions of B-Rays Produced by X-Rays

Donald Holt Loughridge
Cloud expansion photographs of the photoelectrons produced in hydrogen, air, and argon by means of the Kα radiation of Mo show that the most probable direction of emission is the same for all three gases, and forms an angle of about 70° with the x-ray beam. These angles have been measured by means of a stereoscopic comparator specially built for the purpose. The total number of tracks measured is 443. Distribution curves plotted with number...

The Catalytic Effect of Osmium Tetroxide on the Oxidation of Hydrazine by Potassium Chlorate

Donald Stuart Stone
No abstract.

The Determination of Carbon Dioxide in Fermenting Mixtures. Co-Zymase: a Study of Purification Methods

Howard Merlin Winegarden
No abstract.

Elucidating the Role of O-GlcNAc Glycosylation in Neurobiology and Neurodegeneration

Elizabeth Hwang Jensen
O-GlcNAc glycosylation is a dynamic, inducible post-translational modification (PTM) essential for neuronal homeostasis and found on proteins associated with neurodegenerative diseases such as α-synuclein, amyloid precursor protein, and tau. Intracellularly, O-GlcNAc modification is cycled by two enzymes in mammalian cells: O-GlcNAc transferase (OGT) appends O-GlcNAc to serine or threonine residues and O-GlcNAcase (OGA) removes O-GlcNAc. OGT modifies over 1000 different proteins, but the lack of a well-defined consensus sequence or substrate structural constraints has hampered...

Development of a Method for the Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Propargylation of Oxime Esters

Katie Marie Chan
Alkynes represent a significant motif in natural products and pharmaceutical drugs, and the wide variety of reactions they can undergo makes them a handy tool in total synthesis. They can be introduced readily in various manners, including via propargylations of ketones and aldehydes. However, one reaction that remains to be examined is the propargylation of oximes to give a propargyl hydroxylamine. Current enantioselective propargylations of oximes typically require a chiral auxiliary and/or rare metals such...

Three-Dimensional Nano-Architected Materials as Platforms for Designing Effective Bone Implants

Alessandro Maggi
The growing world population coupled with longer human life expectancy warrants the need for better medical implant development. Recent advances in lithographic techniques have opened the door to a variety of approaches to tackle the aforementioned issue. However, several scientific hurdles must be overcome before patients can use fully synthetic and effective implants. Identifying the optimal material, porosity, and mechanical properties of the scaffold to induce cell functionality are key obstacles. Limitations in established fabrication...

Iron, Cobalt, and Nickel Metalloboranes: Reactivity, Catalysis, N2 Activation and Stabilization of Reactive N2Hx Ligands

Mark Allen Nesbit
The reactivity of Fe and Co compounds supported by a bisphosphinoborane (DPB) ligand ([(DPB)Fe]2(N2) and (DPB)Co(N2)) towards E-H bonds (E = C, N, S, O, Si) is reported along with the catalytic hydrosilylation of ketones and aldehydes. The Fe and Co compounds displayed a mix of 1-electron and 2-electron chemistry. In some cases [(DPB)Fe]2(N2) and (DPB)Co(N2) facilitated oxidative addition of the E-H bond across the M-B interaction, and in others evolution of H2 giving a...

The Low-Frequency Frontier: Cosmology with Future 21cm Experiments

Abhilash Mishra
This thesis presents theoretical and observational investigations in two areas of cosmology: the detection of inflationary gravitational waves using the circular polarization of the redshifted 21cm line from neutral hydrogen during the Dark Ages, and the study of galactic foregrounds at low-frequencies using the Owens Valley Radio Observatory Long Wavelength Array (OVRO LWA). In the theoretical part of this thesis, we propose a new method to measure the tensorto-scalar ratio r using the circular polarization...

Antiferromagnetic Quantum Phase Transitions: Continuous Tuning and Direct Probes of Competing States

Yishu Wang
Antiferromagnets are choice systems to study quantum critical behavior. Unlike ferromagnets, they can experience continuous quantum phase transitions when tuned by pressure. However, the lack of a net magnetization renders experimental approaches difficult and often indirect. Here I demonstrate that both non-resonant and resonant x-ray magnetic diffraction under pressure provide the highly-desired direct probe for microscopic insights into the disappearance of the magnetic order, as well as the evolution of the charge and structural degrees...

Harnessing Biological Tools of Protein Transport and Catalysis

Camille Zandra McAvoy
This work covers two projects related to protein structure and function. The first focuses on studies of chloroplast signal recognition particle 43 (cpSRP43), its interaction with substrate (the light-harvesting, chlorophyll-binding proteins, or LHCP), the role of conformational change in its activity, and the use of cpSRP43 as a tool for handling nonnative proteins. This work utilizes a variety of biochemical and biophysical approaches including light scattering and electron paramagnetic resonance to probe the structure-function relationship...

Definability and Classification of Equivalence Relations and Logical Theories

Ruiyuan Chen
This thesis consists of four independent papers. In the first paper, joint with Kechris, we study the global aspects of structurability in the theory of countable Borel equivalence relations. For a class K of countable relational structures, a countable Borel equivalence relation E is said to be K-structurable if there is a Borel way to put a structure in K on each E-equivalence class. We show that K-structurability interacts well with various preorders commonly used...

Essays on Early-stage Financing and Firm Behavior

Jun Chen
The first chapter of this thesis studies the role of angel finance in the early-stage capital market. Despite anecdotal evidence connecting angel and venture capital (VC) financing, there is little systematic evidence on how the two early-stage capital sources interact. To study this topic, I assemble the first comprehensive dataset on angel financing and characterize its size, scope, and role in the early-stage capital market. I use the population of newly incorporated startups located in...

Gravity Informed

Aidan Émile Chatwin-Davies
Formulating a universally satisfactory theory of quantum gravity is a long-standing open problem in theoretical physics. Relatively recently, the use of techniques from quantum information has emerged as a powerful tool for analyzing phenomena that lie at the intersection of quantum theory and gravitation. This thesis describes several advances and novel proposals that were made regarding information theoretic aspects of quantum gravity in three broad areas: holography, cosmology, and the black hole information problem. Regarding...

Quantum Computation and Information Storage in Quantum Double Models

Anna Kómár
The results of this thesis concern the real-world realization of quantum computers, specifically how to build their "hard drives" or quantum memories. These are many-body quantum systems, and their building blocks are qubits, the same way bits are the building blocks of classical computers. Quantum memories need to be robust against thermal noise, noise that would otherwise destroy the encoded information, similar to how strong magnetic field corrupts data classically stored in magnetic many-body systems...

Copper Carbazolides in Photoinduced C–N Couplings

Jun Myun Ahn
Photoinduced, copper-catalyzed reactions of organohalides have emerged in recent years as a powerful tool to construct a wide array of C–N bonds, which are prevalent in organic materials and polymers, pharmaceuticals, natural products, and ligands in transition metal catalysts. Described herein is the study and applications of copper complexes ligated by carbazole and its derivatives in photoinduced, copper-catalyzed C–N bond-constructing transformations. Various areas of synthetic inorganic and organic chemistry are explored, including in-depth mechanistic elucidation,...

Essays on Investor Beliefs and Asset Pricing

Pengfei Sui
This dissertation is composed of three chapters addressing the connections between investor beliefs and asset pricing. Specifically, I focus on one prevailing pattern of investor beliefs in the finance literature, return extrapolation. The idea is that investor expectations about future market returns are a positive function of the recent past returns. In this dissertation, I use this concept to understand a number of facts in the asset pricing literature. Return extrapolation attracts growing attention in...

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