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High-energy scattering processes with cuts in the angular momentum plane

John D. Reichert
The experimental consequence of Regge cuts in the angular momentum plane are investigated. The principle tool in the study is the set of diagrams originally proposed by Amati, Fubini, and Stanghellini. Mandelstam has shown that the AFS cuts are actually cancelled on the physical sheet, but they may provide a useful guide to the properties of the real cuts. Inclusion of cuts modifies the simple Regge pole predictions for high-energy scattering data. As an example,...

An investigation of forced flexural torsional oscillations of a wing and the phenomenon of flutter

Andrew McBurney Jackson
In this thesis the torsional-flexural response of a two-dimensional airfoil to forced oscillations of various frequencies and at various airspeeds is investigated. The airfoil chosen has characteristics which are typical of modern American transport wings, and the speeds cover the range from zero airspeed up through the speeds for torsional-flexural flutter and torsional divergence. In the latter part of this thesis, curves are plotted showing the effects which changes in the assumed wing parameters have...

Dynamical model of the sigma hyperon

Boris Kayser
NOTE: Text or symbols not renderable in plain ASCII are indicated by [...]. Abstract is included in .pdf document. In the spirit of the bootstrap hypothesis, a dynamical model is developed for the [sigma] hyperon, taking into account the [...] and [...] channels. Born amplitudes for the exchange of [...] (1385 Mev), [...] (1405 Mev), and [...] form the inputs to dynamical calculations which utilize an extension of the matrix ND-[superscript 1] method. The properties...

Theoretical studies of chemisorption

Stephen Perry Walch
PART A: GVB and GVB-Cl wavefunctions (using a double zeta basis) have been obtained as a function of internuclear distance for the lowest three states of NiCO. The wavefunctions lead to a qualitative description in which the Ni atom is neutral with a (4s)^1(3d)^9 atomic configuration. The CO lone pair delocalizes slightly onto the Ni, leading to the 4s-like orbital hybridizing away from the CO. The dir pairs on the Ni are slightly back-bonding to...

I. Enantioselective synthesis of (+)-zaragozic acid C. II. Nitridomanganese(V) complexes: design, preparation, and use as novel nitrogen atom-transfer reagents

Justin Du Bois
NOTE: Text or symbols not renderable in plain ASCII are indicated by [...]. Abstract is included in .pdf document. An enantioselective synthesis of the potent squalene synthase inhibitor (+)-zaragozic acid C is described. Zaragozic acid C constitutes one member of a family of natural products which possess a unique, highly functionalized 2,8-dioxabicyclo[3.2.1]octane core. An efficient route has been delineated which allows for the preparation of multigram quantities of this structural unit. Conversion of the bicyclooctane...

On the hydrodynamic stability of two viscous incompressible fluids in parallel uniform shearing motion

Saul Feldman
A new problem in hydrodynamic stability is investigated. Given two contiguous plane sheets of viscous incompressible fluids, bounded on one side by a solid wall and unbounded on the other, the problem is to study the hydrodynamic stability when the fluids are in longitudinal, laminar, uniform shearing motion. The mathematical analysis, based on small disturbance theory, leads to a characteristic vague problem in a system of two linear ordinary differential equations. The case for which...

The Structural Elucidation of a Proposed Intermediate in the Stereoselective Synthesis of dl-Desoxypodocarpic Acid

Paul Sheldon Grand
The hydroxyketone C-3, an intermediate in the stereo-selective total synthesis of dl-Desoxypodocarpic acid (ii), has been shown by both degradative and synthetic pathways to rearrange in the presence of base to diosphenol E-1 (5-isoabietic acid series). The exact spatial arrangements of the systems represented by formulas C-3 and E-1 have been investigated (as the p-bromobenzoates) by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analyses. The hydroxyketone F-1, the proposed intermediate in the rearrangement, has been synthesized. Its conversion to...

Discrete exterior calculus

Anil Nirmal Hirani
This thesis presents the beginnings of a theory of discrete exterior calculus (DEC). Our approach is to develop DEC using only discrete combinatorial and geometric operations on a simplicial complex and its geometric dual. The derivation of these may require that the objects on the discrete mesh, but not the mesh itself, are interpolated. Our theory includes not only discrete equivalents of differential forms, but also discrete vector fields and the operators acting on these...

Applications of Model Theory to Complex Analysis

Keith Duncan Stroyan
We use a nonstandard model of analysis to study two main topics in complex analysis. UNIFORM CONTINUITY AND RATES OF GROWTH OF MEROMORPHIC FUNCTIONS is a unified nonstandard approach to several theories; the Julia-Milloux theorem and Julia exceptional functions, Yosida's class (A), normal meromorphic functions, and Gavrilov's Wp classes. All of these theories are reduced to the study of uniform continuity in an appropriate metric by means of S-continuity in the nonstandard model (which was...

Steady Deep-Water Waves on a Linear Shear Current

Jeffrey Alan Simmen
The behavior of steady, periodic, deep-water gravity waves on a linear shear current is investigated. A weakly nonlinear approximation for the small amplitude waves is constructed via a variational principle. A local analysis of those large amplitude waves with sharp crests, called extreme waves, is also provided. To construct solutions for all waveheights (especially the limiting ones) a convenient mathematical formulation which involves only the wave profile and some constants of the motion is derived...

Geology of the pre-Cretaceous rocks in a portion of the Santa Ana Mountains

Return Francis Moore
The Santa Ana Mountains, a northern extension of the Penninsular Range, lie between the Elsinore Trough on the East and the coastal plain on the West. The area concerned in this investigation is in a northern part of the range in Orange County, California. Both igneous and metasedimentary rocks are present. Metasediments include the Santa Ana formation, which has been subdivided into two members, and the Hough formation. The oldest rocks have been dated as...

Stationary waves and antidunes in alluvial channels

John Fisher Kennedy
NOTE: Text or symbols not renderable in plain ASCII are indicated by [...]. Abstract is included in .pdf document. A theoretical and laboratory investigation was made of antidunes and associated stationary waves. The objectives were to determine the factors involved in the formation of antidunes, the characteristics of the stationary waves, and the effects of antidunes and waves on the friction factor and sediment transport capacity of streams. In the potential flow solution for flow...

Scanning Activity Gravimetric Analysis (SAGA) of Aqueous Polyethylene Oxide

Adam Paul Olsen
This thesis introduces a new technique—scanning activity gravimetric analysis (SAGA)—for investigating phase transitions in semicrystalline polymers. Isothermal growth and dissolution of polymer crystallites within picogram to milligram samples are manifested by mass changes in response to changes in the activity of sorbed solvent vapor. Single charged particles are levitated and weighed in an electrostatic field, providing access to highly supersaturated states. Phase transitions are inferred from simultaneous equilibrium sorption and light scattering measurements. Analogous to...

Physics and applications of resonant tunneling devices

Sidney Chunping Kan
This thesis addresses several important issues of the physics and applications of double barrier resonant tunneling devices on which the author worked during his graduate study at Caltech: (1) Epitaxial growth of AlAs/GaAs double barrier resonant tunneling structure on both GaAs and Si substrate (Chapter 2). (2) Investigation of terahertz modulation of resonant tunneling effect (Chapter 3). (3) Study of the imaginary potential in double barrier resonant tunneling (Chapter 4). (4) Development of the first...

Geology and quicksilver deposits of the Coso Hot Springs area, Inyo County, California

Noel Williamson Hendry & Harry David Bruce Wilson
This thesis presents the results of a geological examination of the Coso Hot Springs region, including a discussion of the areal geology and a description of the hot springs and mercury deposits in the area. The thesis is presented as a partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science at the California Institute of Technology. The field work on which the report is based covered parts of the academic year of...

Photoproduction of eta mesons from hydrogen at 0 degrees and 180 degrees for energies between 0.7 and 1.1 GeV

William Atwood McNeely
NOTE: Text or symbols not renderable in plain ASCII are indicated by [...]. Abstract is included in .pdf document. We have measured, using the Caltech 1.5-GeV electron synchrotron, the cross section for [...] at 0[degrees] and 180[degrees] in the energy range 0.7 to 1.1 GeV. Two totally-absorbing lead glass Cherenkov counters detected both photons from the decay [...], while the recoil proton went undetected. Eta events produced a peak in the di-photon energy spectrum of...

Electromagnetic Scattering Properties of a Resonant Plasma

Haskell Shapiro
A column of ionized mercury vapor is placed in a parallel plate transmission line and the resulting reflection coefficient observed. From the measurement of reflection coefficient as a function of discharge current, plasma resonance is demonstrated. In accordance with the theory applied, but in contrast to the results of other investigators, resonance is found at only one value of discharge current. The discharge current required to produce resonance is measured as a function of frequency....

Space-charge-limited current in germanium

Alex Shumka
NOTE: Text or symbols not renderable in plain ASCII are indicated by [...]. Abstract is included in .pdf document. An experimental verification of the theory of space-charge-limited hole current in germanium is presented. Alloyed p-np solid-state diodes of various base widths W are fabricated. The V-I characteristic of each diode is measured at an ambient temperature of 78[degrees]K. These results are compared with theory. Dacey (4) predicts: J = 1.43[epsilon][epsilon][subscript omikron] [mu][subscript omikron] E[subscript c][superscript...

Peptidyl acylating agents in the pupae of Drosophila melanogaster and their possible relationship to protein synthesis

Thomas Alan Cole
The effects of hydroxylamine and tyrosine on homogenates of early Drosophila pupae have been studied by several criteria. Both low speed and high speed supernatants of the homogenized pupae give positive tests for hydroxamic acids after incubation with hydroxylamine. A comparison of the hydroxamic acid forming abilities of the supernatants shows that the low speed supernatant is the more active and that tyrosine increases hydroxamate formation in the low speed but not in the high...

Study of Optical Phase Lock Loops and the Applications in Coherent Beam Combining and Coherence Cloning

Wei Liang
Optical Phase-Lock loops (OPLLs) have potential applications in phase coherent optics including frequency synthesis, clock distribution and recovery, jitter and noise reduction, etc. However, most implemented OPLLs are based on solid state lasers, fiber lasers, or specially designed semiconductor lasers, whose bulky size and high cost inhibit the applications of OPLLs. Semiconductor lasers have the advantages of low cost, small size, and high efficiency. In this thesis, I report on a study of OPLLs using...

Experimental investigation of oilfilm behaviour in short journal bearings

Boris Auksmann
This report contains the description of the test apparatus that was designed and built for experimental investigation of oilfilm behaviour in short full-journal bearings of circumferential feed groove type. An account of the engineering problems solved in connection with the design and development of the apparatus is also given. Complete pressure distributions were obtained for a two inch diameter, one inch long bearing operating at 3500 rpm under 30 and 60 lb. applied loads and...

Continuum dynamics of solid-solid phase transitions

Xiaoguang Allan Zhong
This work focuses on the applications in dynamics of recently developed continuum-mechanical models of solid-solid phase transitions. The dynamical problems considered here involve only one space coordinate, and attention is limited to hyperelastic materials that involve two phases. This investigation has two purposes. The first is to determine the predictions of the models in complicated situations. Secondly, the present study attempts to develop analytical and numerical approaches to problems that may be relevant to the...

Shock-Induced Damage in Rocks: Application to Impact Cratering

Huirong (Anita) Ai
Shock-induced damage beneath impact craters is studied in this work. Two representative terrestrial rocks, San Marcos granite and Bedford limestone, are chosen as test target. Impacts into the rock targets with different combinations of projectile material, size, impact angle, and impact velocity are carried out at cm scale in the laboratory. Shock-induced damage and fracturing would cause large-scale compressional wave velocity reduction in the recovered target beneath the impact crater. The shock-induced damage is measured...

Flying-hot-wire study of two-dimensional turbulent separation of an NACA 4412 airfoil at maximum lift

Alan J. Wadcock
Hot-wire measurements have been made in the boundary layer, the separated region, and the near wake for flow past an NACA 4412 airfoil at maximum lift. The Reynolds number based on chord was about 1,500,000. Special care was taken to achieve a two-dimensional mean flow. The main instrumentation was a flying hot wire; that is, a hot-wire probe mounted on the end of a rotating arm. The probe velocity was sufficiently high to avoid the...

Electron beam measurements of the shock wave structure. Part I. The inference of intermolecular potentials from shock structure experiments. Part II. The influence of accommodation on reflecting shock waves

Eric A. Steinhilper
NOTE: Text or symbols not renderable in plain ASCII are indicated by [...]. Abstract is included in .pdf document. A technique has been developed in which accurate measurements of shock wave structure and an exact molecular theory of shock waves are used to determine intermolecular potentials. Shock wave density profiles in neon, argon, krypton, and xenon are measured in the GALCIT 17-inch diameter shock tube. The theory is a numerical molecular simulation technique (developed by...

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