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Simkania negevensis

Atlas of Bacterial and Archaeal Cell Structure

Hylemonella gracilis

Atlas of Bacterial and Archaeal Cell Structure

Caulobacter crescentus

Atlas of Bacterial and Archaeal Cell Structure

Electron-Phonon Interactions and Charge Transport from First-Principles Calculations: Complex Crystals, Higher Order Coupling, and Steps Toward the Small Polaron Regime

Nien-En Lee
Electron-phonon (e-ph) interactions quantify the strength of interplay between charge carriers and lattice vibrations and critically determine the transport properties in materials near room temperature. Depending on the coupling strength, charge carriers can exhibit behaviors ranging from propagating waves extending across crystals to trapped particles localized in space. Therefore, accurately describing e-ph interactions plays a central role in quantitative transport studies on real materials. Over the last few years, first-principles methods combining density functional theory...

Photocatalyzed Destruction of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons

Scot Turnbull Martin
Semiconductor photocatalysis with a primary focus on TiO₂ as a durable photocatalyst has been applied as a method for water and air purification. In this thesis, the basic electronic and chemical processes underlying the quantum efficiencies of the TiO₂/UV process are investigated. Time-resolved microwave conductivity experiments provide the recombination lifetimes and interfacial charge transfer rate constants of eight different TiO₂ catalysts. Their quantum efficiencies towards the photooxidation of chlorinated hydrocarbons vary from 0.04 to 0.44%....

Combining High- and Low-Level Electronic Structure Theories for the Efficient Exploration of Potential Energy Surfaces

Sebastian James Rice Lee
The efficient exploration and characterization of potential energy surfaces paves the way for the theoretical elucidation of complex chemical processes. A potential energy surface arises from the application of the Born-Oppenheimer approximation when solving the Schrödinger equation for a molecular system. The extraction of energies and nuclear gradients from the Schrödinger equation is typically cost-prohibitive, which has inspired a plethora of approximations. In this thesis, we present the development of embedding and machine learning methodologies...

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Changes in this release: * Fixed issue #2: errors about database lookups were unclear about which file was involved. * Added info to installation instructions about using `--upgrade` option to `pip`. * Fixed some minor code errors that had few, if any, external implications. * Made some very minor documentation changes and elaborations. * Started adding unit tests. * Made other minor internal fixes and changes.

Composite and Generalized Stratigraphic Cross-section of Sedimentary Rocks Exposed Locally Near the Moses Rock Intrusion, San Juan County, Utah (Sheet 1): Supplement 4 from \"The Moses Rock Dike: Geology, Petrology and Mode of Emplacement of a Kimberlite-Bearing Breccia Dike, San Juan County, Utah\" (Thesis)

Thomas Richard McGetchin
NOTE: Text or symbols not renderable in plain ASCII are indicated by [...]. Abstract is included in .pdf document. The Moses Rock dike is a well-exposed, four-mile long, kimberlite-bearing breccia intrusion in the east central Colorado Plateau, one of eight known kimberlite-bearing diatremes in the province. The dike occurs in gently dipping beds of the Permian Cutler Formation, 2 miles west of the Comb Ridge monocline in eastern Monument Valley, Utah. Contacts are little altered...

Phelan Fan trenches 1 and 2: Supplement 1 from \"Characterization of Large Earthquakes on the San Andreas Fault in the Carrizo Plain: Implications for Fault Mechanics and Seismic Hazard\" (Thesis)

Lisa Baugh Grant
Despite the widespread use of geomorphic offset measurements for calculating earthquake probabilities, little attention has been paid to either the uncertainties in the interpretation of offset geomorphic features, or the effects of these uncertainties on fault models and estimates of seismic hazard. Interpretation of offsets along the San Andreas fault in the Carrizo Plain have been the basis of hypotheses of a strong Carrizo fault segment which regularly breaks in great earthquakes several centuries apart...

Cross sections through the Magdalena core complex, showing measured strain profiles: Supplement 5 from \"Geological Evolution of Two Crustal Scale Shear Zones: Part I: The Rand Thrust Complex, Northwestern Mojave Desert, California. Part II: The Magdalena Metamorphic Core Complex, North Central Sonora, Mexico \" (Thesis)

Jonathan Alan Nourse
The geology and structure of two crustal scale shear zones were studied to understand the partitioning of strain within intracontinental orogenic belts. Movement histories and regional tectonic implications are deduced from observational data. The two widely separated study areas bear the imprint of intense Late Mesozoic through Middle Cenozoic tectonic activity. A regional transition from Late Cretaceous-Early Tertiary plutonism, metamorphism, and shortening strain to Middle Tertiary extension and magmatism is preserved in each area, with...

BARGE Line 6: Supplement 13 from \"The Geology of the Gold Butte Breakaway Zone and the Mechanical Evolution of Normal Fault Systems\" (Thesis)

Robert John Brady
The Gold Butte breakaway zone is the easternmost and oldest of the major Tertiary normal fault systems in the central Basin and Range province of the southwestern U.S. The normal faults of the breakaway zone crop out across the South Virgin Mountains (SVM), and define a narrow boundary zone between the Colorado Plateau and the highly extended central Basin and Range Province. Geochronologic data, including 40Ar/39Ar muscovite ages, (U-Th)/He apatite ages, and (U-Th)/Pb monazite ages,...

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The following are the main changes in this release: * Check that URLs obtained from EPrints records appear to be valid URLs, before trying to send them to web archives. (This is mostly to catch bad values in the `official_url` record field.) * Be more careful about which `/view/X/N.html` pages are sent. * Do a better job with HTTP code 400 from Internet Archive. * Do some more internal network code refactoring. * Add some...

In Vivo Activity of Rhodium Metalloinsertors and Exploration of Drug Delivery Systems

Stephanie Denise Threatt
Rhodium metalloinsertors are octahedral complexes developed to selectively target the mismatches and insertions/deletions (indels) that result from mismatch repair (MMR) deficient cancers. By incorporating particularly wide, aromatic, inserting ligands, these complexes are able to detect thermodynamically destabilized mismatch sites via a binding mode known as metalloinsertion, in which the inserting ligand binds DNA via the minor groove and results in ejection of the destabilized mismatched base pair. In vitro analyses of metalloinsertors have found that...

Nanometer-sized Aerosol Particles in the Atmosphere: Measurement, Analysis, and Impact

Weimeng (Stephanie) Kong
New particle formation (NPF) from gaseous precursor vapors is frequently observed in the ambient environment and contributes to a major source of global cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). The survival and CCN activation of newly formed particles are highly dependent on particle growth below 10 nm. Characterizing and understanding nanoparticle early growth will therefore help to quantify the impact of NPF on cloud reflectivity and global energy budget. In this work, I first present a recently...

Mapping the Diffuse Universe: Integral Field Spectroscopy of Galaxy Environments

Dónal Brendan O'Sullivan
The population of galaxies we see today is the result of billions of years of gas inflows, outflows, mergers, and feedback. To develop any holistic picture of the origin and evolution of galaxies, we thus need to understand their environments. The circumgalactic and intergalactic media (CGM and IGM) - the gas around and between galaxies, respectively - represent a large part of this environment. However, this gas is extremely faint and thus difficult to observe,...

Mechanical Properties of Small-Scale Sputtered Metallic Glasses

Anthony Herman Fu-Hao Kwong
Sputtered metallic glasses (MGs) represent a unique class of materials because their nonperiodic arrangements are far from equilibrium. This microstructure gives rise to their exceptional mechanical properties; for example, experiments and simulations on the deformation of small-scale sputtered Zr-based MGs demonstrate their exceptional compressive and tensile strengths in excess of 1 GPa and exceptional tensile ductility of ~150%. We report a new property that emerges in sputtered MGs: age-induced strengthening. We measured the compressive strengths...

Modeling the Impact of Biomass Combustion on Atmospheric Aerosol

Brigitte Lee Rooney
Biomass burning is a significant source of atmospheric particulate matter less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter (PM2.5) and encompasses a variety of activities, fuels, and emissions profiles. A significant portion of the world population relies on solid biofuels for cooking and other household activities. Residential use of solid biofuels can have negative impacts on human health, particularly in southeast Asia, and contribute to ambient air quality. In addition, wildfires are of increasing concern as climate...

Towards Single Molecule Imaging Using Nanoelectromechanical Systems

Adam Patrick Neumann
We incorporate nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) into a state-of-the-art commercial mass spectrometer (Q Exactive Plus with Orbitrap detection). This unique hybrid instrument is capable of ionizing molecules up to 4.5 MDa in their intact native state, isolating molecules of interest according to their mass-to-charge ratio, performing high resolution mass spectrometry (MS), and delivering those molecules to the NEMS. We use NEMS optimized for detecting the inertial mass of adsorbed species directly, which contrasts with indirect measurements...

Reduced volume and reflection for bright optical tweezers with radial Laguerre-Gauss beams

3D illustration of atom delivery to the Alligator Photonic Crystal Waveguide (APCW) by way of a moving optical tweezer. Left: Gaussian beam distribution, and Right: Coherent superposition of Laguerre-Gauss beams

Therapeutic Microparticles and Biolistic Drug-Delivery to the Cornea

Benjamin Joseph Laccetti
The ability to deliver therapeutic compounds to the cornea using high-velocity microparticles is assessed and a method to synthesize therapeutic particles suitable for the cornea is demonstrated. Using a commercial gene gun (BioRad; PDS1000), a pneumatic capillary gun, and custom biolistic technology, microparticles were accelerated and made to embed in target materials: either homogeneous gels or corneal tissue. In homogeneous gels, penetration was shown to be directly proportional to particle size and density. In contrast,...

LAS1 wave velocity model for the central Los Angeles Basin

Zhe Jia
LAS1 wave velocity model for the central Los Angeles Basin presented in Jia and Clayton (2020).

Freeze Casting of Ceramics: Pore Design from Solidification Principles

Noriaki Arai
Freeze casting is a porous material processing method which allows the creation of directionally aligned pores by the solidification process. Pores are generated by sublimation of solidified crystals which reject suspending particles or dissolved solutes during freezing. Although freeze-cast ceramics have been identified for applications such as filtration and bioceramics, the lack of understanding of the process often results in a discrepancy between the desired pore structure and the fabricated structures. Since solidification is the...

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ClickTag Fastqs for Clytia Stimulation Dataset

Brady Weissbourd Tara Chari
Concatenated fastqs from HiSeq/MiSeq sequencing of ClickTags for DI, KCl, and seawater treated Clytia medusae

Data showing the elevation of granitic basement in the Mojave Desert: Supplement 6 from \"The neotectonics of the San Bernardino Mountains and adjacent San Andreas Fault : a case study of uplift associated with strike-slip fault systems\" (Thesis)

James Anthony Spotila
The San Bernardino Mountains have uplifted over the last few million years at the hub of structural systems along the southern San Andreas fault zone and represent an excellent opportunity to study the interplay between orogeny and transpressive strike-slip faulting. To attain a better understanding of the complex architecture of deformation in this range, I have constrained several basic kinematic aspects of its development. First, the timing and magnitude of rock uplift and exhumation of...

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