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Assessing the impact of multicomponent diffusion in direct numerical simulations of premixed, high-Karlovitz, turbulent flames: toluene data

Aaron Fillo, Jason Schlup, Guillaume Blanquart & Kyle Niemeyer
This data contains results from direct numerical simulations of premixed, three-dimensional, turbulent toluene/air flames, using the multicomponent and mixture-averaged diffusion models. In particular, this dataset contains information about diffusion flux angles and magnitudes. We performed the simulations using the finite-difference code NGA; simulation details are described completely in the associated article.

cDNA Fastqs for Multiplexed Clytia Stimulation Experiment R1

Jase Gehring Tara Chari
cDNA Fastqs for Multiplexed Clytia Stimulation Experiment R1 from HiSeq 4000

Marker and Differentially Expressed Genes for Clytia Multiplexed Experimentation

(G-zipped) Excel file with marker genes and differentially expressed genes for Clytia multiplexed experimentation under starvation and various stimulation perturbations

Studies of Some Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms

Albert Edward, Jr. Schweizer
Part I The compound dihydridotetrakis (diethylphenylphosphonite)-iron(II) is known to undergo rapid rearrangement in solution. Considerable discussion has been presented to formulate a mechanism for this rearrangement. This discussion is based on a rearrangement between cis and trans dihydride isomers of octahedral stereochemistry. We present here some experimental evidence which shows the identification of one isomer (as the trans dihydride) is incorrect and also that the changes that occur are more complicated than the earlier workers...

caltechlibrary/topi: Release 0.0.2

Renamed the project to Topi (TIND Object Python Interface) to avoid a name clash on PyPI for the name "Potion".

Diverse Roles of RNA-protein Interactions: From Viral Antagonism to Mammalian Development

Abhik Kumar Banerjee
RNA is a widely utilized and integrated component of core cellular function because of its abilities to recognize and hybridize to nucleic acid templates, spatially localize to different compartments within the cell, bind combinatorially to effector molecules, and in some cases directly catalyze chemical reactions. In this thesis, I describe three cases, illustrating the biomolecule’s unique importance in several different aspects of cellular homeostasis. Chapter 1 provides historical context for studying RNA-protein interactions within RNA...

Prebiotic Fingerprints

Laura Marie Chimiak
Meteorites contain organic compounds that occur in all known life. These compounds, commonly referred to as prebiotic compounds, include α-amino acids and are most prevalent on carbonaceous chondrites. As carbonaceous chondrites are pristine samples from early in the solar system that have not had living organisms on them, we can study the chemistry that produced α-amino acids on them to better understand the processes by which they might have formed on early Earth or on...

Local Control of Synaptic Strength: Neurotrophic and Dopaminergic Modulation of Dendritic Protein Synthesis

W. Bryan Smith
Understanding the cell biological mechanisms responsible for the plasticity of central neurons is key to our understanding of brain function. In an effort to better characterize the cell and molecular biology of individual neurons, we have studied the role of local, dendritic protein synthesis in hippocampal synaptic plasticity. Such a localized control of protein synthesis provides a means of achieving input-specificity, the observation that synapses on a given neuron are able to independently scale the...

caltechlibrary/commonpy: Release 1.3.0

Changes in this release: * Fixed issue #2: httpx Timeout needs a default value. * Bump the required version of [httpx](https://www.python-httpx.org) to 0.16. * Changed name `filter_by_extension(...)` to `filtered_by_extension(...)` to follow the style of other functions that return values. * Made trivial changes to the Makefile

cDNA Fastqs for Multiplexed Clytia Starvation Experiment R1_02

Jase Gehring Tara Chari
cDNA Fastqs for Multiplexed Clytia Starvation Experiment R1 from HiSeq4000

First Observation of the Production of Three Massive Vector Bosons and Search for Long-Lived Particles using Delayed Photons in pp Collisions at √s = 13 TeV

Zhicai Zhang
This thesis presents the first observation of the production of three massive vector bosons (VVV with V= W, Z) in proton-proton collisions at the LHC at √s = 13 TeV. The search was performed in final states with two same-sign charged leptons (electrons or muons) plus one or two jets, and three, four, five, or six leptons from WWW, WWZ, WZZ and ZZZ decays, with a data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 137...

Density Fluctuations and Machine Learning in Active Matter

Austin Ryan Dulaney
Active matter is a class of materials that has constituents capable of self-propulsion through the conversion of energy into mechanical motion. The origin or specific details of their method of locomotion is a rich area of research, but is not important for understanding some aspects of their dynamics. Our interest is in the single-particle dynamics and the large-scale collective motion observed in these systems. Thus, we use the minimal active Brownian particle (ABP) model to...

Multiscale, Data-Driven and Nonlocal Modeling of Granular Materials

Konstantinos Karapiperis
Granular materials are ubiquitous in both nature and technology. They play a key role in many applications ranging from storing food and energy to building reusable habitats and soft robots. Yet, predicting the continuum mechanical response of granular materials continues to present extraordinary challenges, despite the apparently simple laws that govern particle-scale interactions. This is largely due to the complex history dependence arising from the continuous rearrangement of their internal structure, and the nonlocality emerging...

Thermal Ignition by Vertical Cylinders

Silken Michelle Jones
Accidental thermal ignition events present a significant hazard to the aviation industry. There is scarcity of experimental data on ignition by external natural convection flows for surface areas larger than 10 cm². In this work, thermal ignition of external natural convection flows by vertical cylinders is investigated. The effect of geometry is studied by resistively heating stainless steel cylinders of various sizes in a stoichiometric n-hexane and air mixture at 298 K and 1 bar....

cDNA Fastqs for Multiplexed Clytia Starvation Experiment R2_04

Jase Gehring Tara Chari
cDNA Fastqs for Multiplexed Clytia Starvation Experiment R2 for HiSeq 4000

Escherichia coli

Movie from the Atlas of Bacterial and Archaeal Cell Structure

Competition and Equilibration in Financial Markets

Elena Nikolaeva Asparouhova
The research presented in this thesis aims at understanding some of the principles by which aggregate patterns in competitive markets emerge as a result of the interactions between economic agents. Experiments are used in every step as a bridge between theory and its target applications. Each of the three self-contained chapters focuses on a different aspect of equilibrium or equilibration in a competitive framework. The objective of the first chapter is to examine the validity...

anahlobo/IO: Initial release

Icy Worlds Ocean Model

cDNA Fastqs for Multiplexed Clytia Starvation Experiment R1_05

Jase Gehring Tara Chari
cDNA Fastqs for Multiplexed Clytia Starvation Experiment R1_05 from HiSeq 4000

ClickTag Counts for Clytia Stimulation Dataset

h5ad file for Scanpy analysis of ClickTag counts from Clytia stimulation experiment

CLARS-FTS XCH4 and XCO2 retrievals (June 2013 - May 2014) from GFIT3 algorithm

Zhao-Cheng Zeng &
Remote sensing of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in cities, where high GHG emissions are typically associated with heavy aerosol loading, is challenging due to retrieval uncertainties caused by imperfect characterization of scattering by aerosols. We investigate this problem by developing GFIT3, a full physics algorithm to retrieve GHGs (CO2 and CH4) by accounting for aerosol scattering effects in polluted urban atmospheres. In particular, the algorithm includes coarse (including sea salt and dust) and fine (including organic...


John W. Thompson Katsuya L. Colon
FASTQ files for transcriptome

The structure of compact radio sources at 606 MHz

George H. Purcell
Long-baseline interferometry has been used to study the structure of thirteen compact radio sources at 606 MHz. The baseline was 3324 kilometers long and nearly east-west in orientation, so that the maximum angular resolution was about a hundredth of a second of arc for each source. There were two series of observations, made on June 29 to July 1, 1971, and February 3 to 6, 1972. For most of the sources observed in each session,...

Dissolution of Fe(III)- and Mn(III,IV)- (hydr)oxides by deferrioxamine B

Thomas Lloyd
NOTE: Text or symbols not renderable in plain ASCII are indicated by [...]. Abstract is included in .pdf document. Microbially produced siderophores are thought to have evolved to increase the availability of iron in oxic aqueous systems. Historically, it has been assumed that siderophores interact with iron found in Fe(III)-(hydr)oxides, removing iron from the solid to form ferrated aqueous species of the siderophore available for uptake by the microorganism. However, this proposed interaction of siderophore...

Search for GUT magnetic monopoles and other supermassive particles with the MACRO detector

Jiangtao Hong
Magnetic monopoles naturally arise in grand unified gauge theories and are believed to carry a mass of ~ 10^(17) GeV/c^2. Strange quark matter (nuclearites) may be the true QCD ground state and its mass could vary from ~ 100 GeV/c^2 to the neutron star mass. Both of them could travel at any velocities from 3.7 x 10^(-5)c to ~ 10^(-2)c. Experimental discovery of either one would have profound implications. This thesis presents a search with...

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