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Aging and explicit component of motor adaptation

Koen Vandevoorde & Jean-Jacques Orban de Xivry

Pre-adaptation to climate change through topography-driven evolution of traits and their plasticity

Hanne De Kort, Bart Panis, Steven Janssens, Kenny Helsen & Olivier Honnay
1. Climate change will increase the level of drought stress experienced by plant communities, but the spatial distribution of projected changes in dryness remains highly uncertain. Species can, to some extent, deal with climate uncertainty through natural variation in adaptive responses to environmental heterogeneity and predictability. Biodiversity conservation could thus target populations pre-adapted to climatic heterogeneity to anticipate climate uncertainty. Disentangling evolution of trait means vs. trait plasticity, however, requires a sampling design with genetic...

Intentional distortion in personality assessment: Relationship with test format, culture, and cognitive ability

Eline Van Geert, Rui Mamede, Daniel Morillo, Iulia Cioca, Dragana Nedeljkovic & Danny Hinton
Research project started under the Junior Researcher Programme, cohort 2015-2016 (http://jrp.pscholars.org/)

Internal model recalibration and somatosensation

Jean-Jacques Orban de Xivry & Koen Vandevoorde

Disrupting emotional memory through directed forgetting: Proof-of-concept (Experiments 1 & 2)

Anastasia Chalkia & Tom Beckers
This project contains the data and the experimental tasks for all experiments included in the manuscript.

European soil seed bank communities across a climate and land-cover gradient

Jan Plue, Hans Van Calster, Inger Auestad, Sofia Basto, Reneé M. Bekker, Hans Henrik Bruun, Richard Chevalier, Guillaume Decocq, Ulf Grandin, Martin Hermy, Hans Jacquemyn, Anna Jakobsson, Rein Kalamees, Rob H. Marrs, Bryndis Marteinsdóttir, Per Milberg, Robin J. Pakeman, Gareth Phoenix, Ken Thompson, Vigdis Vandvik, Markus Wagner, Sara A.O. Cousins, Ove Eriksson, Jamshid Ghorbani, Małgorzata Jankowska-Błaszczuk … & Alistair G. Auffret
This is the data set used for the publication Buffering effects of soil seed banks on plant community composition in response to land use and climate, published in the journal Global Ecology and Biogeography. Aim. Climate and land use are key determinants of biodiversity, with past and ongoing changes posing serious threats to global ecosystems. Unlike most other organism groups, plant species can possess dormant life-history stages such as soil seed banks, which may help...

Reduced stress defense responses contribute to the higher toxicity of a pesticide under warming

Vienna Delnat, Janne Swaegers, Jana Asselman & Robby Stoks
There is a pressing need to identify the molecular mechanisms underlying the, often magnifying, interactive effects between contaminants and natural stressors. We here test our hypothesis that lower general stress defense responses contribute to synergistic interactions between stressors. We focus on the widespread pattern that many contaminants are more toxic at higher temperatures. Specifically, we tested the effects of an environmentally realistic low-effect and high-effect concentration of the pesticide chlorpyrifos under warming at the gene...

Socio-stylistic aspects of syntactic variation: the case of Spanish asyndetic complementation between the 15th and the 18th century

Giulia Mazzola, Bert Cornillie, Malte Rosemeyer & Stefano De Pascale
This quantitative corpus study investigates the relation between Spanish complementizerless clauses and sociostylistic variables, such as discourse traditions, document type, register and addressee's social status.

Reactivation-dependent amnesia for contextual fear memories in rodents: Assessment of publication bias

Natalie Schroyens, Eric Sigwald, Wim Van Den Noortgate, Tom Beckers & Laura Luyten
Research on memory reconsolidation has been booming in the last two decades, with numerous high-impact publications reporting promising amnestic interventions in rodents and humans. However, our own recently- published failed replication attempts of reactivation-dependent amnesia for fear memories in rats suggest that such amnestic effects are not always readily found and that they depend on subtle and possibly uncontrollable parameters. The discrepancy between our observations and published studies in rodents suggests that the literature in...

Risk-benefit and cost-utility analysis for COVID-19 lockdown in Belgium: the impact on mental health and wellbeing.

Frederik Feys, Sam Brokken & Steven De Peuter

Data from: Oxidative stress mediates rapid compensatory growth and its costs

Lizanne Janssens & Robby Stoks
1. While oxidative stress has been hypothesized to function both as a constraint on and a cost of growth, its mediatory role in shaping life history is still highly debated. Empirical studies about the role of oxidative stress in shaping growth responses and the associated costs are scarce and the two hypotheses have never been combined in one study. 2. By directly manipulating oxidative stress we tested its role in determining compensatory growth responses and...

Identification of a queen pheromone mediating the rearing of adult sexuals in the pharaoh ant Monomorium pharaonis

Ricardo Caliari Oliveira
Division of labour between reproductive queens and mostly sterile workers is among the defining characteristics of social insects. Queen-produced chemical signals advertising her presence and fertility status, i.e. queen pheromones, are normally used to assert the queen’s reproductive dominance in the colony. Most queen pheromones identified to date are chemicals that stop the daughter workers from reproducing. Nevertheless, it has long been suggested that queen pheromones could also regulate reproduction in different ways. In some...

Wind farm parametrization in COSMO5.0_clm15

Naveed Akhtar & Fabien Chatterjee
The module allows for taking into account wind farms in atmospheric modelling via the wind farm parametrization by Fitch et al, 2012 in the regional climate model COSMO-CLM. Prerequisite is a wind farm mask file.

What Peer-review Experiences Can Offer To Early Career Scientists And To The Scientific Community

Gwenaëlle Gremion, Mathieu Casado, Kelsey Aho, Jilda Alicia Caccavo, Nicolas Champollion, Emily Choy, Sarah L. Connors, Rahul Dey, Alfonso Fernandez, Gerlis Fugmann, Juan Höfer, Shridhar Jawak, Martine Lizotte, Sarah Maes, Kyle Mayers, Katja Mintenbeck, Jhon Fredy Mojica Moncada, Prashant H. Pandit, Elvira Poloczanska, Paul Rosenbaum, Elisa Seyboth, Sarah Shakil & Maud van Soest

Validation of a smartphone embedded inertial measurement unit for measuring postural stability in older adults

Jean-Jacques Orban de Xivry & Friedl De Groote

Data from: Markov-modulated continuous-time Markov chains to identify site- and branch-specific evolutionary variation in BEAST

Guy Baele, Mandev Gill, Paul Bastide, Philippe Lemey & Marc Suchard
Markov models of character substitution on phylogenies form the foundation of phylogenetic inference frameworks. Early models made the simplifying assumption that the substitution process is homogeneous over time and across sites in the molecular sequence alignment. While standard practice adopts extensions that accommodate heterogeneity of substitution rates across sites, heterogeneity in the process over time in a site-specific manner remains frequently overlooked. This is problematic, as evolutionary processes that act at the molecular level are...

Prägnanz in visual perception

Eline Van Geert & Johan Wagemans

Low circulating levels of miR-451a in girls with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: different effects of randomized treatments

Lourdes Ibanez, Marta Diaz, Judit Bassols, Abel Lopez-Bermejo & Francis De Zegher
Context: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a prevalent disorder in adolescent girls, purportedly driven by hepato-visceral fat excess, and often followed by subfertility and type 2 diabetes. Objective:we studied the baseline miRNA profile of girls with PCOS, and the effects of a randomized treatment with an oral contraceptive (OC) or with spironolactone-pioglitazone-metformin (SPIOMET, aiming at loss of hepato-visceral fat excess) for 1 year. Design & Patients:The miRNA profile was assessed by RNA sequencingin girls with...

Relaxed random walks at scale

Alexander Fisher, Xiang Ji, Zhenyu Zhang, Philippe Lemey & Marc Suchard
Relaxed random walk (RRW) models of trait evolution introduce branch-specific rate multipliers to modulate the variance of a standard Brownian diffusion process along a phylogeny and more accurately model overdispersed biological data. Increased taxonomic sampling challenges inference under RRWs as the number of unknown parameters grows with the number of taxa. To solve this problem, we present a scalable method to efficiently fit RRWs and infer this branch-specific variation in a Bayesian framework. We develop...

Data from: Molecular square dancing in CO-CO collisions

ZhongFa Sun, David H. Parker, Marc C. Van Hemert, Jérôme Loreau, Ad Van Der Avoird & Arthur G. Suits
Knowledge of rotational energy transfer (RET) involving carbon monoxide (CO) molecules is crucial for the interpretation of astrophysical data. As of now, our nearly perfect understanding of atom-molecule scattering shows that RET usually occurs by only a simple “bump” between partners. To advance molecular dynamics to the next step in complexity, we studied molecule-molecule scattering in great detail for collision between two CO molecules. Using advanced imaging methods and quasi-classical and fully quantum theory, we...

Reconciling seascape genetics and fisheries science in three co-distributed flatfishes

Sara Vandamme, Joost Raeymaekers, Filip Volckaert, Gregory Maes, Karl Cottenie, Eveline Diopere & Federico Calboli
Uncertainty hampers innovative mixed-fisheries management by the scales at which connectivity dynamics are relevant to management objectives. The spatial scale of sustainable stock management is species-specific and depends on ecology, life history and population connectivity. One valuable approach to understand these spatial scales is to determine to what extent population genetic structure correlates with the oceanographic environment. Here we compare the level of genetic connectivity in three co-distributed and commercially exploited demersal flatfish species living...

MSc Thesis Dataset and Workflow

Hans Kainz, Ilse Jonkers, Bryce Killen, Sien Vingerhoets & Elien Vlaeyen
The Impact of Subject-Specific Bone Geometry on Femoral Bone Growth Simulations in Children with Cerebral Palsy: Sensitivity Analysis of an Adaptive, Multi-Scale, Image-Based Workflow. The download package includes the thesis, short paper, Matlab code and results from the MSc thesis project from Elien Vlaeyen and Sien Vingerhoets, who were supervised by Hans Kainz and Ilse Jonkers.

Deep brain stimulation in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis: a symptom provocation study in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder

Laura Luyten
Here you can find the data related to the Luyck, Bervoets, Deblieck, Nuttin & Luyten paper “Deep brain stimulation in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis: a symptom provocation study in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder”. Please note that the data related to this publication are available via figshare (see link below) under a restrictive license (CC BY-NC-ND). Use of the data for academic purposes should be approved by the study authors (L. Luyten, B....

Gut microbiota in non-obese adolescent girls with polycystic ovary syndrome: effects of randomized treatments

Lourdes Ibáñez, Cristina Garcia-Beltran, Rita Malpique, Belen Carbonetto, Pedro González-Torres, Desirée Henares, Pedro Brotons, Carmen Muñoz-Almagro, Abel López-Bermejo & Francis De Zegher
Context: Women and obese adolescent girls with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) have altered gut microbiota. Objective: To study the gut microbiota composition of non-obese adolescent girls with PCOS and the effects of randomized pharmacological treatments. Design: Randomized, open-label, single-center controlled trial. Settings: Endocrinology Department, University Hospital. Participants: 30 girls with PCOS [age 15.8 years; body mass index (BMI) 25 kg/ m2] and 31 controls [age 15.9 years; BMI 22 kg/ m2]. Intervention: PCOS girls were...

Disentangling ecological and taphonomic signals in ancient food webs

Jack Shaw, Emily Coco, Kate Wootton, Dries Daems, Andrew Gillreath-Brown, Anshuman Swain & Jennifer Dunne
Analyses of ancient food webs reveal important paleoecological processes and responses to a range of perturbations throughout Earth’s history, such as climate change. These responses can inform our forecasts of future biotic responses to similar perturbations. However, previous analyses of ancient food webs rarely accounted for key differences between modern and ancient community data, particularly selective loss of soft-bodied taxa during fossilization. To consider how fossilization impacts inferences of ancient community structure we (1) analyzed...

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