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Open Access Power-Grid Frequency Database

Leonardo Gorjão, Benjamin Schäfer, Galib Hassan & Lowie Deferme
Open database of power-grid frequency recordings from TSOs, independent measurements, and open research projects. The data is processed and ready for research usage.

Transcriptome assembly for: Genetic compensation rather than genetic assimilation drives the evolution of plasticity in response to mild warming across latitudes in a damselfly

Janne Swaegers, Katina Spanier & Robby Stoks
Global warming is causing plastic and evolutionary changes in the phenotypes of ectotherms. Yet, we have limited knowledge on how the interplay between plasticity and evolution shapes thermal responses and underlying gene expression patterns. We assessed thermal reaction norm patterns across the transcriptome and identified associated molecular pathways in northern and southern populations of the damselfly Ischnura elegans. Larvae were reared in a common garden experiment at the mean summer water temperatures experienced at the...

Conservation status assessment of banana crop wild relatives using species distribution modelling

Arne Mertens
Aim: Crop wild relatives (CWR) are an essential source of genetic material for the improvement of certain traits in related crop species. Despite their importance, increasing public, scientific and political support, large gaps exist in the amount of genetic material collected and conserved of many CWR. Here, we construct a dataset on the distribution of wild banana species (Musa spp.) and assess their risk and conservation status. We deal with the questions (1) what areas...

Aging and motor adaptation

Jean-Jacques Orban de Xivry & Koen Vandevoorde

Acute but Not Permanent Effects of Propranolol on Fear Memory Expression in Humans

Anastasia Chalkia, Tom Beckers & Jeroen Weermeijer
Dataset generated for this study. Demographics and questionnaires have been removed.

PROJECT_1: SCR_outlier_non-responder

Tina Lonsdorf, Shira Meir Drexler, Anna Gerlicher, Marta Andreatta, Jan Haaker, Gaëtan Mertens, Christian Merz, Jan Richter, Tom Beckers & Valerie Jentsch

Identification of a promoter polymorphism affecting GPAT3 gene expression that is likely related to intramuscular fat content in pigs

Cai Ma, Yi Sun, Jiying Wang, Li Kang & Yunliang Jiang
The intramuscular fat content (IMF) is an economically important trait in pigs and the Laiwu pig is famous for its excessively extremely high level of IMF. Our previous transcriptome study revealed that the dynamic expression of glycerol-phosphate acyltransferase 3 (GPAT3) is consistent with changes in the IMF of Laiwu pigs. In this study, we further analyzed the expression and polymorphism of GPAT3 in its promoter region. The results indicated that the expression of GPAT3 increased...

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